Sunday, August 19, 2012

The continuing attempt

... to "de-oldladyfy" the living room is causing me some consternation.


Because of the tchotchkes.

I really, really WANT one of those streamlined, edited, tchotchke-free rooms where everyone who comes in says "whoa...this is so cool." 
(This is the point where I will brutally honest and admit that I was never, ever cool.  I was dorky and weird.  When you are 13?  Dorky and weird are not cool.  When you are 52, you can get away with it.)
But as I was explaining to my friend Karianne, there is nothing I can do. 

I am the keeper of the tchotchkes and the stories that they tell.

Doesn't everyone have a Queen Plate?

My children laugh at me for having a "old lady" room.  But it's not really MY old lady's the room of many old ladies.

My tchotchkes?  Are the tchotchkes of those who came before.

So what do you do when faced with tchotchke elimination?  Do you get rid of Grandma Flossie's Royal Doulton's 'Autumn Breezes' and 'Top 'o the Hill'?

Do you get rid of Lyons crocks--after all, you were born there, in a hospital that has been turned into a unisex hair salon--and the crock company closed its doors in 1902, so who cares? 

Well, I guess I do.

And when your elderly mom says "I want you to come pick up a few things" and you drive 714 miles to pick up a lamp and some you throw it out at the side of the road?

I would love to be someone with the "cool" living room--like Jessica --but apparently, I am the keeper of the flame.  Or, in my case, the keeper of the old ladies' stuff.

And I take that job seriously.


  1. Lol, can't help giggle because I have the same dilemma. I say I'm gonna throw us the "grandma junk" yt can't quite get the nerve to actually do it

  2. Maybe you have a tribute room in a bedroom and reserve the living room, but I am a fan of the history in tschotkes! I love your crocks too!

  3. Ha! I had the same problem...Grandmother's tea cups, Aunt so and so's favorite whatever.....and I had no room for stuff I loved. One day I had enough...I took note cards, wrote down what it was and where/who it came from, packed it carefully in boxes and tucked the note cards inside. I put my kids names on the boxes and put them up in the attic. Someday, it's going to be their problem!! In the mean time, I have less tchotkes and some space for the things I really love! And...I know those treasured items are safe and sound and out of sight, overhead.....except for that wouldn't fit in the attic.

  4. I have a friend exactly like you Kirbi. She has every item the royal family ever had it's members emblazoned on. She hides it - kind of, but it's ALL there. And I was dorky and weird as a kid too but on top of that, I didn't know it and THOUGHT I was extremely cool. Which is worse.

  5. I'm seeing my mom today and I'm using that expression. Genius!

  6. Very old ladyesque. You should throw out all the crocks, preferably in a box with a stamp and my address on it. ASAP

    -Alecia the 24-year-old old-lady

  7. Don't you dare get rid of the crocks, and you know you need that ironstone. But the queen? The queen has got to go.


  8. I'm with Bliss -- find another home for the queen, but the crocks and ironstone are totally cool... probably "trending" in fact. :)
    Happy first day back! Hope the hubs has a drink waiting for you this evening!
    xo Heidi

  9. I don't think I would know ironstone if I tripped over it, the royal memorabilia really should go, those little figurines would look cute in the garden, but thoose crocks are cool (even if they are currently located in the fireplace).

  10. Can I be added to the crock list, if you ever decide to give it away (I'll pay my own postage).
    I think, put some stuff in your attic for a while. If you don't miss the items after 6 months, then just leave them up there for your kids to discover.