1367 Effect of an Arc Light on Office Bleaching

Objective: To clinically evaluate effect of a plasma arc light (Sapphire Light, DenMat) on 4 in-office bleaching systems. Method: Eight patients with 6 maxillary teeth without significant restorations were evaluated. Minimum shade for entry was ≥B54 (Trubyte). Other parameters measured were gingival health, plaque index, subjective tooth sensitivity. Evaluated were Opalesence Ultra, Luma White, Zoom, Rembrandt. Patients were randomly assigned to bleaching. Teeth of 4 patients were bleached without use of the light and the teeth of the other 4 patients with use of the light. Kits were used per manufacturers' directions, with exception of directions related to light. The maxillary central and lateral incisors were used to measure bleaching using a visual scale (V). Maxillary central incisors shade was also evaluated colorimetrically (DE, DL, DB) (Shade Vision, X-Rite). A t-test was used to analyze gingival and plaque index. Results: The gingival and plaque index showed no statistically significant differences in either group comparing before and after values (p>0.05). Analysis of the bleaching effect showed the following shade value changes from baseline with first number being shade value change without light and the second number the shade change with light. Also, the DE values follow the visual shade number: Opalesence V (5) (7.25), DE(2.5) (2.6); Luma White V (4.75) (10), DE(0.8) (2.0); Rembrandt V (7.25) (13.75), DE(3.7) (6.1); Zoom V (7) (12.5), DE(2.7) (4.5). Exposure of the bleaching kits to the arc light increased the bleaching effect of the kits by 2-6.5 visual shades (mean 4.9). Colorimetric values also were improved with the arc light. Conclusion: Shade changes of 4 bleaching kits were improved an average of 5 shades using a visual scale. DE, DL, and DB values also showed improvement by exposure of the in-office whitening systems to a plasma arc light.

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