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Other Promethean Works: Articles, Notes and Essays 2000–2010

This page hosts Promethea's original publications on particular subjects, extending the philosophy of Prometheanism beyond the scope of The Promethean Trilogy. The list is presented in order of publication or major revision. Dates indicate the most recent update. Except as noted, these compositions were written by Phoenix. Additional credits are given here.

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essays in series/ebooks: Promethean Capitalism | Fighting Future War | Critiques of Democracy
short-form anthologies: The Renewing Dissident's Notebook... | Scintillae... | Interludes from a Philosopher of the Future
other notable subjects: Self-Expression | UNification | Conformity | Consistency | Doublethink | 9-11 | Objectivism | Metaphysics | Intelligence

Power Makes Stupid
Reich, Kultur, and Bildung
in Imperial Germany and America

printing version

The expatriate dissident Nietzsche, writing at the rise of the Reich, has much to teach us about culture and education today. In contrast to social criticism which amounts to vague negativity, this major work builds on his argument and lays out a particularized explanation of cultural decline reflected in politics, schools, and media.

July 3, 2010

Intellect as a Discipline

printing version

The education of intellectuals has extraordinary importance. Yet few know or seek to do what is necessary to forge the true intellectual, who continues to decline. Meanwhile, the social consequences of the anti-intellectual are dire.

May 19, 2010

Time and Tide
Eroding Civilization

printing version

We create civilization, and champion its old causes anew, or we allow it to erode and perish.

March 30, 2010

A Concise Guide to Social Control
An Overview of the Fivefold Methodology Implicit in Social Hierarchy

printing version

An unauthorized guide to the naked reality of social control, for the skeptic and the rebel.

April 29, 2008

The Fall of the Culture of Mind

printing version

A polemic against superficial free thought, shallow intellectualism, inconsistent respect for ideas, and the demise of the vibrant culture of ideas inherited by modern people; a call for free and deep debate, vigorous and responsible intellectual culture, and authentic open minds.

Revised February 5, 2008 for inclusion in the anthology Rising in Words

The Inspiration of Prometheus

printing version

Short article on the source of the term Promethean, a modern recasting of ancient heroic myth, and its significance.

Revised May 20, 2006

Culture as Horticulture

printing version

This tutorial note utilizes an extended systemic metaphor for cultural development and influence, and communicates the naturalness of superfluity, different roles, and the reproduction of founding ideas, and the interdependence of all within the cycles of cultural ecology.

March 17, 2006

The Renewing
Dissident's Notebook
of Antipolitics, Autopoiesis and other Forethoughts

printing version

A collection of short-form writing, following the eclectic Scintillae and Interludes. Dissident�s Notebook however is a thematic anthology, focusing on social change via personal change as an antidote to politics, authoritarianism, collectivism, orthodoxy, imperialism, oppression and war. Includes the short essays The Primeval Politics in Human Hierarchy, Branding "Freedom" on America, and Empire as Orthodoxy.

Updated February 5, 2008 for inclusion in the anthology Rising in Words

Our Resource of Dreams and Deceits
Strategies for Practical Metaphysics
in Past, Present, and Future

printing version

Can human beings simply accept "facts as they are" and should they? This essay examines the existential need for belief in metaphysical constructions and the consequences of two approaches, to live in hope, or to accept unpleasant realities.

Updated February 5, 2008 for inclusion in the anthology Rising in Words

The Test of Consistency

printing version

A short article on evaluating and living ideas through a very important principle, including a method for everyday epistemology.

August 13, 2005

An Open Letter
re: Promethea's Five Year Anniversary


May 20, 2005

The Crisis of Unity
One World, Politicized or Promethean

printing version

An article on changing your world through yourself. World unification will lock down a dystopian future or unlock the next stage of cultural evolution, a globe of connected individuals. We are inventing our doom or our greatest opportunity.

Updated February 5, 2008 for inclusion in the anthology Rising in Words

An Evolving Notebook
of Promethean Scintillations

Collection of brief explorations in Prometheanism inspired by Nietzsche's aphorisms and other short forms, addressing the need of evolved shorter forms of philosophy designed for the web.

Expanded September 16, 2004

from a Philosopher of the Future

printing version

Notebook of short-form philosophy in homage to Nietzsche's. Like Nietzsche's aphoristic collections, Interludes indulges in excursions tangential to more central ideas. Compared to the Scintillae collection, Interludes concerns signature Nietzschean topics or follows styles especially reminiscent of his work. And on average, Interludes is even more intricate, more challenging, more esoteric and even arcane.

Expanded September 16, 2004

Critiques of Democracy

printing version

A series of essays that dissect democracy systematically, for all things should be examined according to their impact on life, and popularity by itself is not enough endorsement.

Updated April 21, 2004

1. Democracy, The Equivocal Standard

An introduction to the theme of the series, and its two faces.

2. Past Alternatives Versus Democracy:
Autocracy and Aristocracy

"The best form of government except for all the others" ... really? This paper actually explores that question so rarely asked by comparing democracy to two governmental alternatives, autocracy and aristocracy, in an educational thought experiment. Includes sober discussion of elitism.

3. Democracy Versus Freedom:
The Mythos of Mass Liberty

The problems of the modern "liberal democracies" begin at their shaky foundation. This multi-part essay reconsiders the assumed relationship between democracy and freedom, and questions the chimeric ideal of liberal democracy. Includes exposure of enfranchisement, republics and rights.

Stuck In The System:
Noticing Our Own Labyrinths and Tracing Possibilities

printing version

You live in an unseen web of systems, enclosed, protected, restrained and isolated from other possibilities. This network of gossamer bonds woven by ideas both guides you and traps you like a maze. Learn to see your own invisible conduits and consider alternatives, with practice. This article deconstructs "the system" and shallow criticism of systems, and introduces noticing systems and systemic possibilities.

January 10, 2004

Fighting Future War

printing version

A deep study of war in the past, present and future from the perspective of ameliorating its effects, and achieving the end of war as we know it.

August 15, 2003

1. Know Your Enemy

Introduces the themes of the series and the importance of understanding war.

2. The Effects of War

Nothing could encapsulate the terrible, complex and unseen effects of warfare, but this in-depth analysis attempts to summarize the deadly and destructive, psychological, socioeconomic, personal and universal, long-term and future repercussions of warfare as it is really experienced in our age. [Note: graphic, of course.]

3. Fighting Future War

On the history of developing war traditions and antiwar traditions, and the future prospects of both coming together toward a synthesis, for the sake of a Promethean military evolution.

An Easter Parable

printing version

Unorthodox lessons of history and empire on Easter Island.

Revised February 5, 2008 for inclusion in the anthology Rising in Words


printing version

A supplemental yet seminal expansion of The Promethean Manifesto�s discussions of self-expression concerning its importance, its fundamental aspects will and action, its relationship to the important concepts self-interest and capability, social influences upon it, and much more. This work teaches about Promethean self-expression — the heart of the Promethean individual — from fundamentals to more advanced lessons. A favorite project written by Phoenix and Darios.

updated July 21, 2003

Power and the Corrupted

printing version

Perspective on one snapshot of politics in its epoch: the atavism and imperium of George Bush II. Proposed "the amended principle power draws the corrupted, absolute power would draw the absolutely corrupted."

February 12, 2003


printing version

The short essay about looking beyond simple "intelligence" which answers the question: is "stupidity" really a bane of human existence?

updated June 26, 2003

Staunch the Parasite's Lifeblood

An old project to raise awareness of tax opposition and check the lifeblood of the parasitic state system, providing an opportunity to openly oppose mandatory taxation and its (ab)uses by signing the Registry Disavowing Tax Compulsion and Abuses of Taxation (expired).

April 15, 2002


printing version

The first essay in a planned series Information and Control written in E-Prime by Darios.

February 3, 2002


printing version

Discussion of the important Orwellian concept doublethink and how we can use an awareness of it to guard ourselves from undue conformity of thought, enabling us to more capably dissent.

January 24, 2002

Post Mortem

Aftershocks and Afterthoughts
Following a Day of Death

printing version

Originally written and published in the days following September 11th, 2001. An in-depth examination of the causes and potential implications of the 9-11 killings, Post Mortem focused on the conceptual world surrounding that iconic day of death. This collection of eight sections was devoted to making the aftermath an opportunity for learning.

Updated February 5, 2008 for inclusion in the anthology Rising in Words

The Worldwide Contagion:
The World After Black Tuesday

printing version

From Airstrip One came these thoughts on the repercussions of the World Trade Center disaster, written the day after it happened by Promethean Danny Weston, aka Darios.

September 13, 2001

Independence Day

printing version

Radical thoughts on independence, freedom, and the meaning behind this American holiday and the Declaration, following the example of Frederick Douglass.

July 4, 2001

Depart in Peace

printing version

In this article, the remembrance of a conversation becomes an occasion for reflecting on the state of the "Holy Land," political conflict between religions, the significance of history, and life and death.

June 29, 2001

On Conformity

printing version

What does conformity mean in the context of Prometheanism? How should we interpret it? How should we deal with it? When and how is it a problem — or might it serve as an advantage? This essay attempts to discuss with some depth and subtlety a subject that usually receives only superficial reference.

Updated February 5, 2008 for inclusion in the anthology Rising in Words

Nietzsche's Antipolitique

printing version

This paper follows Nietzsche's fundamental concept of the will-to-power as a guide to make sense of his anti-political views, along the way justifying Nietzsche as a precursor of Prometheanism. By Danny Weston, aka Darios.

November 29, 2000

The Lesson of Ramallah

printing version

A commentary on ominous news from the Middle East, regarding collectivism, revenge, and war.

October 14, 2000

Promethean Capitalism

printing version

A multi-part series which reconsiders economic issues from a fresh perspective, advocating the Promethean capitalism of a Promethean society.

October 6, 2000


Introduces the purpose of the series and why it advocates the system it describes: Promethean capitalism.

1. A Reintroduction to Capitalism

Explores meanings of the word "capitalism" and begins to define how Promethean capitalism is distinguished from the rest.

2. Value, Capital, and Currency

Reconsiders what money means and what role it serves versus what it should serve, and examines what value and capital have been considered to mean versus the significance they can have.

3. Exchange and Markets

Addresses the complexity of economies as subsets of all interpersonal cultural exchange, as well as the difference between voluntary and involuntary exchanges, and how they distinguish real free markets from other economies.

4. Property and Arbitration

A discourse on different kinds of ownership, and why official definition and arbitration of property by government actually runs contrary to the interests of a system of private property, with intellectual property as one illustration.

5. Environments and Resources

Why the stewardship possible in Promethean capitalism is most conducive to a pursuit of progress and personal interest which includes resource conservation and environmental protection.

6. Monopolies

Contrasts accountability and competition in free exchange with the consequences of interference and monopoly, particularly by "the largest, most complete, and worst monopoly."

7. Economic Fascism

Identifies the characteristics of related controlled systems termed socialism and fascism, and links these characteristics, especially those of fascism, to the realities of modern so-called "free market" economies.

8. Symptoms of Controlled Economies

Identifies the severe problems in economies with varying degrees of control by the state, including the limited but significant controls practiced within those modern economies commonly identified as "capitalist."

9. The Minimal State and Fascism

Explains why a minimal state with a laissez-faire economy is not a real free market and inevitably leads to increased fascism, as occurred in American history; the well-intentioned advocates of such an economy have misplaced hopes.

10. Charities

Discusses the idea of charity, the consequences of unwilling charity instead of voluntary charity, and the important place for voluntary charitable organizations in a Promethean society.

11. Corporations and Corporatism

Dissects the corporation as an entity of both business and government, and the dependence of corporatism on legal constructions, explaining how Promethean capitalism progresses beyond that system's limitations.

12. Commercialism

Addresses fears of negative economic impact on cultural depth and diversity in modern economies as compared with Promethean capitalism.

13. The Economic Zero-Sum Fallacy

Why a standard critique of a free market's supposed limitation is based on a misconception, and why the free market of Promethean capitalism is not based on either exploitation or limitations.

14. Nature and Promethean Capitalism

The final appraisal of Promethean capitalism as the most natural and best economic system.

A Personal and Promethean
Response to Objectivism

printing version

An essay for those acquainted with the writings of Ayn Rand, especially addressed to Objectivists and ex-Objectivists.

Updated January 10, 2004

Collectivism in Japan

printing version

A brief re-examination of Japanese identity.

May 20, 2000


printing version

A note on Kosovo reconsidering the term "body politic" in the context of modern war.

May 20, 2000

Violence and The State

printing version

An eclectic essay drawing on the distant and recent past: barbarian raiders and a very poor logician named Fanon.

May 20, 2000

The Essence of a Promethean

printing version

A short commentary, clarifying a few essential points from The Promethean Manifesto. This should be considered an addendum for the purpose of clarification, rather than "Prometheanism in a nutshell."

May 20, 2000

Latest Publications | Future Projects List || articles | Promethean Writings list
essays in series/ebooks: Promethean Capitalism | Fighting Future War | Critiques of Democracy
short-form anthologies: The Renewing Dissident's Notebook... | Scintillae... | Interludes from a Philosopher of the Future
other notable subjects: Self-Expression | UNification | Conformity | Consistency | Doublethink | 9-11 | Objectivism | Metaphysics | Intelligence


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