About Us

GetGoing – we make it easier & cheaper to discover the world

Welcome! You've just discovered a brand new way to make your next vacation getaway easier to find and cheaper to book! We are working with many of the world's top airlines to help you find a better deal on flights. How can we get you up to 40% off your flights? Simple. We offer a discount exclusively to fun-seeking leisure travelers and help the airlines fill empty seats.

GetGoing was founded in 2011 and is based in San Francisco, California. We are currently flying from six cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Washington DC and Miami) to over 500 destinations worldwide.

How does it work?

Find great (affordable) destinations
Plug in your dates and tell us what you want to do. Beach? Skiing? Museums in Europe? A trek through South America? Only non-stops, leaving in the morning? No problem. We search hundreds of destinations to quickly find flights that meet your criteria, including to places you haven't even thought of.

Pick the flights that work for you
We ask that you pick flights to two different destinations, say Paris AND Rome. You get to select your flight times, stops and arrival & departure times. You see the price, and you can check that it's hundreds of dollars cheaper than anywhere else.

The second you pay, you find out which one of the two destinations you are going to. You get your booking confirmation and tickets right away. Your flexibility saves you up to 40%!

Are there compromises?

GetGoing doesn't work for business travel, and doesn't work if you need to see your grandma in Tampa this weekend. For some, these seem like sacrifices. For the rest of us, they're not – GetGoing is designed for the rest of us.

How do you choose the destination?

We throw darts at a board.

What if I don't see the destination I'm interested in?

Contact us! We're constantly adding destinations, airlines and itineraries, help us prioritize and reach out for more of your dream destinations. Just send an email to feedback@getgoing.com – we love hearing from you!

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