DIY: Homemade Air Freshener


Baking Soda Air Freshener at

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I don’t know about your house, but after having our house closed up all summer from all the record breaking heat, the air in our house could use a little “freshening up”.  I was able to throw open the windows for a few days last week and it felt great!!

While I was cleaning out the refrigerator one afternoon and replacing the box of baking soda I though about how well that orange box keeps my fridge fresh.  Knowing what a great all natural deodorizer baking soda is, I decided to set some around the house.

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I’m Lovin’ It: My Favorite Lip Gloss


Sephora Glossy Gloss Galore at

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it’s official. I’ve found my new favorite lip gloss, and I found it at Sephora.

I wasn’t even really looking for a new lip gloss {I’m kind of a lip gloss hoarder}.  My daughter and I popped into the magical store the other day so she could pick up a few things.  The incredibly helpful sales girl had THE MOST beautiful lips, and I may have told her that at least a half a dozen times {not at all stalker like, right?}

When I asked her what she had on her lips and she showed me this hot pink tube of sparkly Glossy Gloss- Galore I thought “no WAY” that is NOT what you have on! 

“Let’s try it!” she begged me!

and guess what?! I LOVED it!

wearing my favorite lip gloss

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Bloggers: Women Who Influence #BlogFrogRocks

Creative Tribe Blissdom '11

Tweet   I was recently asked by BlogFrog to write about who influences me online and in blogger communities. If you’ve ever chatted with me one on one about blogging, you know how important I think blogger communities are to make it in this amazing space of the world wide web! As a blogger, I [...]

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Salted Caramel Cupcakes for a Virtual Baby Shower

Salted Caramel Cupcakes at

Tweet   These caramel cupcakes are topped with a rich salted dulce de leche caramel frosting and happen to be the perfect virtual baby shower treat for my blogging  friend Jenny of Picky Palate. Pin It There seems to be something running in the blogging water these days, when you consider all the pregnant bellies [...]

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I’m Lovin’ It Wrap Up: Creative Ideas to Inspire

12 creative ideas to inspire you at

Tweet   Pin It After the record breaking summer heat we’ve had here in St. Louis, we have finally had a week of beautiful temperatures! I’ve even had the windows open for a few days!  For some reason, the gorgeous weather puts me in the mood to create! Whether it’s a craft, a room make [...]

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I’m Lovin’ It: French Macarons

French Macaron Recipes at

Tweet   So last week I told you how Amanda introduced me to good Italian gelato in New York City. But gelato isn’t the only thing Amanda led me to in New York City…………she took me to Bouchon Bakery and invited me to try the ‘anti cupcake‘ ……. a macaron. Like the gelato, I had [...]

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Back to School and Windows Phone Giveaway

Win Lumia 900 Pink Windows Phone at TidyMom

Tweet   Ummmm, could someone PLEASE tell me how this happened? Our baby, our youngest, started her Junior year of high school yesterday!  That can’t be possible. This year, we no longer have have to rush out the door with her in the morning, or stop what I’m doing at 2pm to go pick her [...]

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Rise and Shine Breakfast Burritos

Rise and Shine Egg and Bean Breakfast Burrito at

Tweet   Pin It Now that school is about to start back up, I like to make sure I have some good breakfast ideas to offer, other than cold cereal.  Breakfast burritos provide a ton of protein and staying power, perfect before school or work.  We had out of town family come stay with us [...]

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I’m Lovin’ It Wrap Up: Back to School Treats

16 Back To School Treats at

Tweet   Pin It It’s that time of year, where many parents are buying notebook paper and pencils getting ready for back to school! Allison goes back to school this Tuesday!  Hard to believe another summer is coming to an end. This week’s I’m Lovin’ It party was crammed full of back to school ideas!  [...]

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I’m Lovin’ It: NYC Pistacchio Gelato

Pistacio and chocolate chip gelato in NYC

Tweet   There once was a girl from the midwest, she thought she had tasted gelato, but wasn’t too impressed. She took a trip to New York City.  There she encountered the sweet manifesto, of her friend who was obsessed. Gelato you have not tasted until you’ve had one of the BEST! With enthusiasm she [...]

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