New Microsoft Logo

New Microsoft Logo Revealed

For the first time in 25 years, Microsoft is changing its corporate logo. Microsoft has used it’s previous solid, bold-faced, italicized logo since 1987, and is now blowing your mind. The more colorful, new Microsoft logo was unveiled Thursday at the opening of the 23rd Microsoft store in Boston. It is already featured on the home page.

New Microsoft Logo

The new logo, which incorporates a multicolored Windows symbol in addition to the “Microsoft” name in straightforward, lighter type, and is intended to “signal the heritage but also signal the future — a newness and freshness,” said Jeff Hansen, Microsoft’s general manager of brand strategy. To me, it just looks like the word Microsoft next to a straight-laced Windows color logo that’s been around since I’ve been alive.

Someone got paid serious dough to design… this? I mean, come on now. This is nothing new.

New Microsoft Logo

I’d love to meet the trail-blazer who designed this revelation!

The new Microsoft logo comes when the company is getting ready to release new and significantly updated versions of nearly every one of its products, from Windows to Office to a the new Xbox 720. These products are supposed to feature a new look and feel that will be cleaner and contain fewer borders and less clutter… as well as be more colorful.

Given all that, “we felt it was a good time to express the newness in the Microsoft logo as well,” Hansen continued excitedly.

Mindblowing shit about the new Microsoft logo

The new logo features the name “Microsoft” in the Segoe font — a font Microsoft owns and has used in its products and marketing for several years. The font also figures prominently in the new Windows 8 user interface.

The “f” and “t” in the name “Microsoft” are connected in the new logo, just as they were in the old. “It was one of the subtleties we thought we could bring forward,” Hansen bullshitted.

Dude, nobody cares! Stop acting like you guys are breaking new ground by connecting an F and a T! I kid with you all, it’s a snazzy looking logo and definitely something that was long-overdue, but Microsoft has had an identity crisis with it’s logo for a very long time, so standardizing something new was probably a great idea.

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4 Responses to “New Microsoft Logo Revealed”
  1. Eric says:

    Sure, it’s nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, but I like it. I think it retains the familiarity of the old logo while giving it an updated and sleeker edge.

  2. Yeah, I’d have to agree. To be honest, my point was… had I not been told it was a new logo, I likely would not have noticed.

  3. I’m not one to use my experience to impress, but I thing the new logo is in keeping with the history. It is certainly better than the AT&T ball…

  4. Brian says:

    There is literally nothing there, it’s totally sterile and generic. IOW, a perfect reflection of Microsoft itself.

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