In Action

  • First of all, it doesn't matter if you don't see the other videos, but you have to see this one introduction.
    This video will show you how to use the tileMapper. Thanks to Makki for uploading it. (3:32)
    AVI 13.5Mb

  • How to Start. How to create a map, import some tiles and draw them on the map, among other things... (5:51)
    AVI 15.3Mb

  • Importing a mappy map, and adding a layer and how to use it. (2:03)
    AVI 4.74Mb

  • How to create an animation. (1:58)
    AVI 5.1Mb

  • How to duplicate and use animations. (2:56)
    AVI 8.16Mb

  • How to create a new map from an image. (1:27)
    AVI 8.53Mb

  • Creating brushes from images. (3:20)
    AVI 16Mb

  • Exporting your tiles as one big bitmap. (0:27)
    AVI 2.78Mb

  • Playing with the layout. (0:50)
    AVI 5.14Mb

  • A visit among the menus of the aplication. (1:06)
    AVI 2.42Mb

Copyright (c) Ivan Anton Albarracin - Xavier Pallicera Malivern, 2008

Coded with Code::Blocks, wxFormBuilder and wxWidgets
Coded with SDL Libraries for the gaming engine

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