Non-violence, find peace - World Peace Society of Australia

Non-violence, find peace - World Peace Society of Australia


A  great opportunity to share with the world your own heartfelt feelings in inspirational peace poetry - the language of the soul. We would love you to take the time to write something about peace. We value soulfulness and not technical ability. So get to it now and email us here..


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Featured Poem

'No room for hate' by David Gould

Wrote in response to our daughter being killed in the London Bombings of 7 July 2005


There is no room within my heart

for revenge, fire or hate

there is no room within my mind

for any thoughts like these.


I cannot find the words to say

just how it is I feel

but I know from deepest hurt

I must forgiveness find.


The hurt thats been done to us

cuts sore like a knife,

but we must not, repay in kind

what has been done to us.


Instead we must try and find

the way that is so hard,

and reach out our loving hands

to find some friendship now.


There can be no more healing thing

than opening wide our eyes

and seeing that most other folk

are really just like us.


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A random selection from our database

A Healing Prayer

On that bleak day September eleven,
Many Souls departed and went to Heaven,
My mind was a witness, I heard myself scream, God please let this vision be only a dream,

For although I lived overseas and far away, I too wept and felt the terror of such human pain, Whilst viewing the scenes of all who were slain, I prayed that such suffering would not be in vain,

Perhaps it's a chance I heard a voice say, For mankind on earht to find a new way, An oportunity has arisen for man to unite, To put down their weapons instead of to fight,

For when hate abounds it stems from the dark, And prevents the light to shine within our heart, It's time for us all to surrender our fear, And unite with love in our hearts we hold dear,

So I send this my prayer to whoever you meet, Let it be my small gift toward world inner peace.

Susan Maree

The Door To Peace Opens Inward

I�ve lived in this house for forty years now,

Unable to experience what each room has to offer

When I wanted to be happy, the door to laughter would not open

When I wanted to be rich, the door to success was shut too

When I wanted to feel love, I�d knock, but no answer

So I was stuck in the room of self for a long time

Everyday I would venture out into the hall of hope

only to find these doors and many others still closed.

Then one day I ventured up the stairs of faith,

and came the door of Belief�

On the door was the following�

�When you seek happiness for yourself it will always elude you�

�When you seek Happiness for others, you will find it yourself�


So I pulled,

And lo & behold

The door opened!!

And the room was filled with Peace

I left that room a different Person,

No longer alone, nor scared

And downstairs I found a new life

All the doors would now easily open to welcome me in.

For they too opened inward,

And all I had to do was stop Pushing for me,

And Pull

For my brothers and sisters of this world

who live in this house too!!!

Bob Butler


On 911, 911 got the call, 110 storeys about to fall.
110 more were told on that day, freedom was attacked when trust gave away.
The 9th of September, Two Thousand and One,
The 11th day of Terror surely had come.
1000's of tears fell from the sky to the ground
Zero, the pit, the Souls never found.
Two weapons of Mass Destruction attacked Liberty's Land,
911 to the rescue, Courage the Weapon in hand.
And at the same moment the destruction began,
Another story was told to the President of the land.
The one of the scapegoat that did get away,
In a child's book, on that fateful day.
And the Brave ones of Rescue were then Sacrificed Goats,
The very day of Death on their Helmets and Coats.
The Pillars of Freedom then turned into Dust
Bravery choked on Intelligence Trust.
There's always a Patsy, sometimes a Goat,
A Lone Gunman, a Bomber, with a weapon in his coat.
But now the Oval Office appears corrupted around.
Tycoons in the corners, can't make a sound.
Freedom no longer Freedom, The House no longer White.
The Capital in lowercase. No WMD's in sight.
Cause old Weapons of Mass Deception started a new War.
Not against Terrorism, But one slippery to the core.
More patriots dying, over Weapons that never was.
In a War about Oil, selfish because.
More Sons and Daughters dying, Sacrificed Goats
Will we ever find justice for the Helmets and Coats?
The Free World is losing Freedom, for oil in the Middle East
Put down your arms for Tycoons, lift up your arms for Peace?
Don't forget your Sons and Daughters, Don't? forget the Helmets and Coats.
Put Passion back in Power, No more sacrifice of Goats.
So will there still be Chads hanging, on the Christmas tree this year?
Will the choice be Skull? or Bones? Will the count be even fair?
The Answers should be simple, So obvious to see.
Uproot Little Bush and Twiggy, In the Land of Liberty.

Bob Butler



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