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Subliminal Distraction

Begun in 2002 this site is an Internet scratch pad for an ongoing investigation.

No attempt is made to create a professional appearing site.

When my wife had a psychotic break after her office was changed eliminating Cubicle Level Protection,

 I learned a simple problem of human physiology discovered to cause believed-harmless temporary mental breaks for knowledge workers

 in too-crowded office situations is unknown in mental health services.

I had known of it since I was a 22 year old engineering student in 1966. But I had never seen it happen before.

In nine years sending emails and letters I found a single doctor who said he had seen the episodes while in residency.

No one screens for this problem before beginning treatment for believed mental illness.

I suggest you begin with the "Letters" page linked below. My 400 word introduction outlines the project.


The Air Force has agreed to investigate this phenomenon as the cause of service member suicides.

The national center for PTSD investigation has acknowledged the problem.

(I have letters from both.)

Remember, in the entire history of man on the planet Earth this problem was discovered just that one time.

Everyone aware of it believes it is a harmless nuisance in the design of crowded knowledge work conditions.


 If you use computers in small  business offices, dorm rooms, or at home save this page to your desktop.

That will allow you to read the  material and visit the psychology notes pages and their links to evidence later.

This material is from first semester psychology psychophysics. But no one has investigated this phenomenon before.

The first phase of this psychology project is complete.

This site is a difficult read. Pages are organized around investigation subjects.

The introduction below, 400 words over four screens, outlines the site.

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Letters   A smaller version of the  site presentation. The unrealized history of Subliminal Distraction and my methodology are explained. The page consists of a collection of short single page explanations of the phenomenon.  Not all the pages I use in postal mail communications are included because of copyright concerns. (Edited - June 10, 2012.)



Demonstration   This page is written for a sixth grader so you should not have trouble performing this exercise to experience subliminal sight and habituation in peripheral vision. You will actually witness something vanish while you observe it in peripheral vision. . But some people cannot learn to ignore movement in peripheral vision. If that is your case have someone else perform it then explain their experience to confirm it to you.



Colorado Movie Shooting Information is coming out that the shooter was a student. That raises and increases the possibility that he is a Subliminal Distraction victim. There is still not enough information for a page. Pictures of Holmes sitting in court show exaggerated eye opening. That is the only evidence that he had a deep brain incident.


LeRoy, New York Mystery Illness. Sudden onset bizarre symptoms which began with 12 girls at LeRoy High School.


Gabrielle Giffords Shooting  Early information that the shooter was a student with bizarre postings on-line suggest he had Subliminal Distraction exposure.


Ontario Elementary Schools: Fourteen  schools in Ontario Canada report children having medical problems after Wi-Fi transmitters were installed. The symptoms  stopped when children were away from school and left for summer vacation. But video shown on CBC News shows children sitting side by side in computer labs without Cubicle Level Protection.



Foxconn Factory/city Suicides - page under construction  As of August 6th there have been fourteen suicides of factory workers  in the Peoples Republic of China  where the workers live on site in apartments and dormitory style rooms with 8+ people in each room..


France Telecom Suicides   There have been 25 suicides of employees at France Telecom  in the last 20 months.  Video online shows that some work locations have modern low wall workstations but others have terminals lined up side by side without protection.


Site Outline   Jan 30, 2010 A rewrite of the site summary places the content of this site in a broad outline explaining what it is all about. Start your investigation reading this outline. Click Here. Wide spaced for easy reading from a computer screen it runs 26 pages in Microsoft Word. Remember this is from seven years research.


Subliminal Distraction a one page explanation of the physiology. If  you did not take college psychology or you don't remember the lecture on the physiology of sight, subliminlal sight, and peripheral vision reflexes start with this text page.


Computer locations in homes  New page showing homes with computers located both correctly and incorrectly.


Two Bizarre episodes uploaded to YouTube. In these cases, ignorant of Subliminal Distraction, "experts" blame exhaustion, dehydration, or other psychosocial psychobabble causes.


La Poste, French postal delivery service has disputed union claims that there have been 71 suicides of postal workers in recent years. Page is being constructed. 3/23/12


Introduction: 400  words 4 screens


Forty years ago designers and engineers accidentally discovered

that under special conditions normal features of the physiology of sight could cause a mental break.

The phenomenon is thought to be a harmless nuisance in the design of crowded office workspace.

The Cubicle was designed to deal with this problem and stopped the mental events after 1968.

It hasn't occurred to anyone that in today's world students and others can replicate those "special circumstances."

Seng-Hui Cho, the Virginia Tech shooter did that.

We all saw the paranoid psychotic rant Subliminal Distraction exposure produced.

(I have two letters from Virginia Tech promising an investigation but no action was taken.)

This phenomenon would make Virginia Tech responsible for the shooting.


Subliminal Distraction arises from normal features of physiology taught in first-semester college psychology.

Two of those features form a "conflict in the physiology of sight."

You can successfully ignore distracting movement in peripheral vision but you can't stop "subliminally seeing" it.

There are no "off switches" for the sensor cells on the rods and cones in your retina.

If stimulus reaches them neural impulses go to your brain no matter what you are doing.


When you learn to ignore distracting movement in peripheral vision, the expected startle will stop

but the subliminal functioning of the reflex system prevents you becoming aware

of your brain's continued efforts to warn you of threat-movement.


Those neural impulses and your brain's efforts to form a startle and vision reflex are a Subliminal Distraction.


When you create the "special circumstances" so that the startle is attempted several times each hour,

for several hours daily, and for many days, the subliminal appreciation of threat

eventually colors thought and reason.


In all of human history this phenomenon has only been discovered once.


In the 1960's designers, engineers, and human factor scientists were hired to modernize the business office.  Their first  prototypes were movable close-spaced workstations. Some of the workers using that design began to have mental breaks. Because they knew what they had done to start the problem they quickly solved it. But the investigation stopped there.  No one ever made the connection to mental illness. 

They made three basic mistakes.

This site gathers historical records to show that none of that is true. 

So few people are aware of it that it is never considered when there is a mass school shooting, college suicide, or strange student disappearance.


Through Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga the outcomes of exposure can be shown to be:






This phenomenon of physiology has always been present in any human population.

What is the exposure to cause psychiatric symptoms?

In the Landmark Seminar mental breaks happen after three days of ten hours per day exposure.

In ICU Psychosis mental breaks happen in five days of exposure every fifteen minutes around the clock as long as the patients eyes are open.

In Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga mental breaks usually happen on retreats or after many  group practice sessions in a compact time frame.

Regardless of the location there must be a site or sites where exposure happens. Exposure is cumulative since subliminal sight does not identify the object that moves to trigger a startle and vision reflex attempt.

Subliminal sight reacts to movement only. A stationary object in subliminal sight is invisible.

This means that in all the cases above those who have the mental breaks might have exposure before attempting the at risk activity. The activity pushes the subject over the threshold for significant exposure.

Computer use in the home or dorm room must be considered if that workstation does not have Cubicle Level Protection and there are sources of movement in peripheral vision.

Everyone has this exposure every day. Most of it is harmless.

The problem arises when you create the "special circumstances" for massive exposure in a compact time frame.

How to use this site.

Most pages here should be viewed as stacks of index cards, research notes.

You may use this material with some limitations, see the Copyright page.

To understand this phenomenon you should start with the Demonstration page to experience the phenomenon safely.

Then read the Everquest Connection page to understand how exposure can shape thought.


A recent casual discussion revealed that this phenomenon has also appeared on a "medical program" on Dish Network.

If you are aware of the name of that program email Researcher. (New contact form is available.)


Expanded Definitions of Subliminal Distraction, Subliminal Sight, and the Conflict of Physiology. (Bottom of page.)





Virginia Tech Mass Shooting

There is evidence in an interview on "Scarborough Country" and on Greta Van Susteren's "On The Record"  that Cho Seung-Hui created Subliminal Distraction exposure to cause the Virginia Tech shooting


Before you begin your investigation on this site, consider this question.

Can you cite a single case of someone blind from birth having Panic Attacks, or Schizophrenia?

I can't find one and volunteers searching the APA database could only find those with partial sight.

There were none among the completely blind.

An anonymous page on the Internet says there are only two such cases in all the literature.

Why is that true?

The subject of this site is a vision driven problem discovered when it caused mental breaks for office workers.

If mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances why would the blind be immune?


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New pages appear first then in alphabetical order.

New pages


Humor   South Park animators get it wrong in this tenth season episode "Make love, not Warcraft."


 Joseph Morse College Suicides 6/1/2010

New information demonstrates that college students are exposed when they study or use a computer without Cubicle Level Protection.

Does Mental Illness Exist?

This new page under construction Wednesday August 22, 2012 08:55 AM -0500 Explores this often questioned premise. Like the Site Summary page is is an article without links to source material. Normal features of the physiology of sight can cause both sudden psychotic episodes and fixed altered mental states.

Design Community Question

When I began this site I did not have the correct name for the problem.  This is a typical response to questions I asked on the Internet.


First draft of the long promised page on psychotropic drugs. This page is incomplete and there will be many revisions.

Dr Peter Breggin

Dr Breggin in YouTube video about psychotropic Drugs.



Mental breaks of Hollywood personalities happen all the time. Are they caused by substance abuse or Subliminal Distraction.


How Exposure Happens

A simple explanation of how exposure happens in places other than business offices.



NEW PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION  -     News anchor Jeff Bell's site on his OCD raises new insights on the possible involvement of Subliminal Distraction and this disorder.  I am interested in gathering a group of OCD subjects to test the theory that Subliminal Distraction creates the anxiety state that often begins OCD and BDD behaviors by the sixth grade.


Site Summary - The short version

This short article outlines the phenomenon on this site. It does not contain links to source material.

Subliminal Distraction -

At the request of a forum member on the Snopes Hoax site I am posting a single page explanation of Subliminal Distraction.

First Psychotic Episodes

Many reasons are given for first psychotic episodes. They usually involve the frailty of the human psyche. There is a simpler explanation.

Bizarre Behavior

Did you ever wonder why? Life is full of stories that just don't make sense. This week presidential aide Claude Allen was arrested for shoplifting. Given his position and income what he did is strange, bizarre behavior. In a normal mental state he would have known that Target stores have high security and have dealt with that type scam before. There is nothing new today. So why did he do it. For the same reason that Lt. Col. Holland believed his B52 could be banked sixty-five degrees at only 250 feet in the air. He did it for the same reason  Qi Gong masters believe they have superhuman strength and supernatural powers. .. He may never understand what happened.


NASA Astronauts, Space Station  New page August 24, 2005.

"Screaming Seaman" Have you served aboard modern US Navy submarines? Did you or someone you know have the sudden panic attack called Screaming Seaman.  Visit the Astronauts & Insanity page (link above) and click the email link to" Researcher."

Recent use of "Whois" revealed hits from NASA. I have previously emailed the Surgeon General of the Air Force and had messages forwarded to the Center for Space Medicine. The small compartments in a orbiting space station will place the crew in close proximity. The phenomenon of physiology could easily be engaged to cause problems. As long as the crew interact during the mission there will be no problem. When any crew member enters a state of concentration their Peripheral Vision Reflex system would subliminally detect movement of other crew members. There was a psychotic mental break aboard Salut 5 shortening the Soyuz 21 mission.

This has happen when a Belgian research ship was stranded in polar ice for several months, 1898/99.

Illustrations using NASA ISS photos have been added. Subliminal Distraction on the Space Station.


ICU Psychosis 

One in three hospital patients spending more than  five days in an ICU unit experience psychotic episodes including hearing voices. This page presents a method to test the cause of ICU Psychosis.

 A recent communication revealed this problem. The description from interviewing family of  a victim indicated that SPVP is a likely cause of apparent delirium in hospital ICU units. This would not include drug caused delirium. If the patient's eyes are open for a few days before a psychotic episode starts then SPVP is the likely cause. At least half of  all movement in the ICU would be toward the patient. Frequent visits to adjoining patients in open ICU's could also created Peripheral Vision Reflexes.

Indigo Children 

There is a movement to classify gifted children who exhibit bizarre belief systems as Indigo Children. This name stems from the "indigo aura" they are believed to radiate. The symptoms are similar to those of schizophrenia. But they retain the normal functioning that is missing for schizophrenics. They hear voices and believe they have psychic powers including speaking to the dead, spirits, angels.



Alphabetical listing


Accidental Operant Conditioning (First Draft)

This new page explains the theory of what causes the vastly different symptoms of mental illness. It posits that most mental illness is caused by a conflict of human physiology. That phenomenon allows the subliminal stimulation of the subconscious.  Each person's experience is different. Paranoia and un-attributed fear are the only frequent common outcomes.

ADD & ADHD (First Draft)

This page separates ADD and ADHD information from the Cause of Psychotic Mental Illness page.

Anxiety Panic Attacks

Un-attributed fear is a feature of this phenomenon of physiology.  At lower levels of stimulation in Subliminal Peripheral Vision would the phenomenon produce panic attacks rather than the full dissociative mental break?


Astronauts & Insanity

B52 Crash Fairchild AFB 

On June 24, 1994 Lt. Col. Holland was practicing maneuvers for an air show. While executing a "go-around" at 250 feet altitude, the plane stalled and fell out of the air. It was physically impossible for the plane to do what he tried.

Brainwashing and Mind Control

The Heaven's Gate mass suicide serves as a model for cult activity and explains mind control as exposure to Subliminal Distraction.

 Captain Button

On April 2, 1997 Captain Button drifted out of formation, flew five hundred miles, and crashed in Colorado. The Air Force concluded that he committed suicide. That is not inconsistent with his death having been caused by a mental break due to exposure from Subliminal Distraction in the cockpit of his A10.

Chaco Canyon (Page Link)

Pueblo cities of the American Southwest experienced an abandonment 1100/1300. Current scholarship indicates they left large cities to live in small groups. They had become wealthy manufacturing goods for a vast trade system. All their efforts would have involved close hand work at arm's length while engaging  mental investment, concentration. --- The concentration of trepanations, to let out the demons,  in other societies, exhibiting that behavior,  may mark the phenomenon causing mental illness, Inca. --  Pathology of the Bog Bodies - (article link)

Children and Violence in Schools 

Close-spaced seating in class rooms copies the close-spaced workstation problem discovered in the business office. Unlike    Knowledge workers students only engage deep mental investment for short periods each day. The level of exposure for students  would be lower but persistent and long term. Many problems including attention disorders or serious mental illness with onset in late adolescence may be connected to this phenomenon. (Unfinished page.)

College Suicides

There has been speculation that the increased college suicide rates are somehow connected to the parallel invention and increased use of the personal computer. It isn't the computer. It's the workstation where the computer is used.  High suicide rates at MIT and NYU indicate an engineering design problem with work and study space at such schools.

Joseph Morse disappearance suicide

Cults, Brainwashing, and Subliminal Distraction    

Cults are opposed and feared by the general population. But within the cult group they believe they have instructions from a superior force or being to convert non-believers. How does that belief arise?


Culture-Bound Syndromes 

The phenomenon explored on this site is a part of all human physiology. Cases should be appearing all over the world. Where are the cases? They may be misunderstood and disguised as Culture Bound Syndromes. If  you examine these syndromes with the filter of "sudden dissociative or psychotic episode which resolves with no treatment" one group stands out. If you examine the list again through a filter of "activity which has detectable movement in Subliminal Peripheral Vision" others  stand out. Brain Fog from West Africa and QiGong psychotic reaction, China, Icelandic Disease, and Windigo Psychosis . The challenge is to gather information  that will demonstrate the connection for all of the Culture Bound Syndromes. These syndromes are in the DSM but there is no information there on the cause.

Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome, Latah, Malaysia, Mirachit (Myrachit) , Siberia, provide a connection to Accidental Operant Conditioning. The symptoms of jumping diseases, startle matching behaviors, are so strange they cannot be mistaken for anything else. Current work attempts to establish that they are a neurological problem. But they only happen where there is exposure to Subliminal Distraction.

Demon Possession Explained

Spirit possession happens around the world. Most cultures and religious belief systems believe that this apparent paranormal possession actually happens as a supernatural event.


As a normal feature of physiology this phenomenon can be experienced with a simple demonstration. The fading to extinction of notice of stimulus, movement, in Subliminal Peripheral Vision is the goal.



Depression is seen as a cause of disorders because it is seen in many of them. But no one has proposed that depression is an outcome of exposure to Subliminal Distraction.


Dissociative Fugue Cases

An epidemic of Fugue cases happened in 1880's France then spread to other countries. Modern cases are listed as they are located.

EST Werner Erhard

A group seminar training program of the 1970's caused psychotic episodes for some who participated. Why did that happen and was it a manifestation of the reason the  seminar worked for others? Why do cults capture followers? Just as in Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga participants who concentrate on the lecture can subliminally detect movement near them.

The Everquest Connection

Shawn Woolley's mother sued Sony believing that the addictive qualities of the on-line game Everquest caused his suicide. There were about twenty cases of serious mental outcomes.( I found three plus two N64 lawsuits.) The games were different, the players different, the computers different, the workstations different. What was the common element? Each effected player had created the same defect in  their workstation and one of two things happened. There was detectable movement in the room or the hard drive busy light was incorrectly positioned so that it was mistaken for threat movement in Subliminal Peripheral Vision. The simple psychology of what happens to cause this effect is explained.

Flight 19

December 1945, five Avenger torpedo bombers disappeared while on a training mission from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The belief  by Lt. Taylor, a combat veteran with more than 2000 hours flying time, that they were in the Gulf of Mexico rather than the Atlantic was a stunning mistake. It was not physically possible given the time frame 1.5 hours into a 2 hour mission, and their position, about 100 miles east of Florida. How could a trained pilot make that mistake? It might happen if he had been in an altered mental state.

Guest Book 

The old Guestbook is not operational and we cannot keep it working due to repeated hack attempts. A new page titled Guestbook has been installed. A new email link to Researcher has been installed. Due to spam emails the address is now on a contact page. You can reach that page by clicking the "Researcher" link. A new contact form is now available. It should solve the problem of spam emails.


History of the site and the investigation. (May 20, 2007)

This group of pages tell the story of this site. They include responses from designers and others.

A question on an Architectural Forum has one response after five years.

An incident of mass insanity on the Belgian Polar Expedition 1898 demonstrates psychiatric outcomes of SD exposure.

Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga demonstrate different outcomes from exposure of different rates.

Jason Weed's mental break establishes that Subliminal Distraction exposure happens in classroom situations.

Personal Experiences - New material is being added to Connie Tucker's case history.

Additional pages will be added as the site is edited.


Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Believed to be a problem of brain chemistry and impulse control, the mention of amnesia of the events during an episode point to Subliminal Distraction and a Dissociative mental event.


"Interrupted Journey"  (John Fuller)

Forty-Four years ago aliens from the Zeta Reticuli Star System visited New Hampshire and abducted Barney and Betty Hill. This is the seminal case for alien abduction. Did it happen as remembered and reported? Are all non-hoax alien abductions the phenomenon at work? Should Alien Abductions be investigated as a sub-set of Culture-Bound Syndromes, created during the confusion of a sudden onset dissociative episode?

Jumping Frenchmen of Main Disorder

Discovered at Mooselake Maine in the 1880's among French Canadian Lumberjacks this strange disorder establishes that operant conditioning is featured in the cause of mental illness.

Kundalini - Yoga  

Unknown to people outside the practitioners of Yoga is a mental state called Kundalini, an awakening. It is believed to be an ultimate state of awareness. Some report serious somatic and psychiatric symptoms connected to this Yoga exercise form. Subliminal, Accidental, Operant Conditioning is the cause of both the beneficial and detrimental effects of this exercise form.

Mary Shotwell Little - Dianne Shields Disappearance Solution  

When I called the Atlanta Police Department cold case officer about this solution he remembered that the Atlanta Police Department had problems with the phenomenon before they switched to Cubicles. Little disappeared at 25 in 1965. She would be 65 if she is still alive. Most Dissociative Fugue victims just disappear. Mary Little arranged help to disappear.

Mass Shootings  (under construction-- incomplete page)

 Mark Barton shooting Atlanta 1999, Day Trader Shooting

There has been another Post Office shooting at Goleta California. A new page has been created. Link here.

Ratzman Shooting Brookfield Wi  --No Page--   Ratzman  was a computer tech. If he set up an unprotected workstation in his place of employment or at his home he could have experienced the expected dissociative/psychotic mental break. 

Pictures should be taken of his work place and any home computer installation. No one will remember small details weeks later. Anything that moves near the computer or light that blinks is suspect. Look for something that changed as far back as when he started having problems at work.

Red Lake School Shooting  This recent event copies the Columbine, Pearl Mississippi, and Conyers Georgia shootings. Only someone on the scene with the ability to inspect the shooters home study and computer workstation can make the connection to the phenomenon on this site. I plan to call the tribal council when I have an explanation page up.

A picture of the bedroom computer workstation of Finnish school shooter Pekka-Eric Auvinen is now available on the Redlake shooting page. It is the first picture evidence of Subliminal Distraction as the cause of a school shooting.

Campbell County High School Shooting -- Posted at the bottom of the Red Lake Shooting page.

Mass shootings at schools such as Columbine are a new phenomenon. In that case and many others computers were involved. It has not occurred to anyone that workstations are also involved. Some of the shooters in prison still have psychiatric symptoms. One hears voices. These psychiatric problems argue that he had a mental event to cause the shooting.

Matthew and Mary Winkler   Not a mass shooting but a very strange event. Details are unfolding as the page is written. Nothing in the current information indicates that this shooting was caused by exposure to Subliminal Distraction. But accounts from psychologists indicate a mental event happened. There is another strange shooting reported at the University of Toledo, Andrew Brown and  Michelle Danielle Mielecki.

Missing Students

When students sit for hours studying or using a dorm room computer they have essentially created a workstation. A shared dorm room becomes a two person cubicle. There are several cases of the unusual disappearances of college students. Is there a common element to cause this?

Student Disappearances 2006  The disappearance of four students near Halloween captured attention because they happened geographically close together. The disappearances are still happening but they are scattered in time and place.

The Modern Cubicle

Over  fifty years ago an accidental discovery changed the way office workspace must be designed.

Mysterious Disappearances

Dissociative Fugue is a diagnosis in the DSM. In some countries it is called Running. This diagnosis is based on finding someone who had suddenly left family, job, and friends then established a new life with no memory of the previous life. How many have not been found? There are news reports of events, sometimes involving suicides, apparent murders, and sudden disappearances, which just do not have an explanation. Are all the different events linked?

Perry March has been deported from Mexico and returned to Nashville Tennessee. Janet March disappearance.

What happened to Jennifer Wilbanks. New page.

Dissociative Fugue Cases,  associated with mysterious disappearances.

An epidemic of Fugue cases happened in 1880's France then spread to other countries.

Personal Experiences

In the summer of 2002 Connie Tucker's office in University Payroll moved to the basement of the Rose Administration Building. Within about thirty days she began to exhibit bizarre behavior. Central to this behavior was extreme anxiety and psychotic paranoia. They had moved the office coffee table from the break room to her office. It was placed so that as she worked she would subliminally detect movement in peripheral vision as staff came to the coffee service table. This page is a severely abbreviated case history.  We have  been unable to find any mental health professional with knowledge of this psychiatric injury. That fact along with the knowledge that  the phenomenon could have happened anytime in history so long as the conditions are met leads me to believe the phenomenon may be at the bottom of much more than temporary dissociative or psychotic disorders. (DSM)

Psychotic Mental Illness

Wrapping it all up. Does a conflict of human physiology, unknown by the mental health establishment in the US, lie at the bottom of most cases of mental illness? (Exclude genetic, chemical, drug caused psychosis and physical brain injury.) Read the presentation and you decide. The presentation is not finished but you can easily follow the thread.

The examples of mental problems in Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga are used to model Schizophrenia.

Article - A text only page  without the index card style format has been written. You may be more comfortable reading about the cause of mental illness starting here.  



PTSD is believed to be caused by witnessing or being a victim of trauma. It replaces Combat Fatigue as the new term for dissociation and psychosis that is created in battlefield situations. But the symptoms happen other places where there was no trauma. Onset is sometimes as much as six months after the trauma that is believed to be the cause of PTSD. How is that possible? (In one cited case the "trauma" was the holocaust sixty years ago.)

Cubicle Level Protection in the military   Military released photos are used to illustrate Cubicle Level Protection

...Prevention ... 

A small text section  at the bottom of most pages. Simple precautions in homes, dorms, student apartments, and small business offices will provide Cubicle Level Protection, FREE.

QiGong Psychotic Reaction 

"zou huo ru mo" = the body is catching fire & "pian cha"= deviation  There is a history from those who have serious mental and physical problems associated with long term use of this slow motion martial arts exercise. Case histories from China say victims become addicted to Qi Gong and can't/won't stop gathering others to exercise with them. Exposure to Subliminal Distraction only happens when the exercise is done in groups.   Subliminal, Accidental, Operant Conditioning causes both the beneficial and detrimental effects of this exercise.


Schizophrenia is preventable with simple changes in behaviors and changes in how classrooms are designed and used. The theory of Schizophrenia is separated from the Cause of Psychotic Mental Illness page.


Subliminal Peripheral Vision

The facts of human physiology involving subliminal sight and peripheral vision reflexes are so bizarre that even college students in psychology classes have a hard time believing them the first time they hear them.

Subliminal Peripheral Vision Psychosis, SPVP

A coined phrase to describe the condition of a narrowly focused altered mental state. This condition is undetectable unless the victim does or says something that obviously contradicts normal reality.  Example: Yogis who profess the ability to levitate, dematerialize, read minds, move objects with thought, communicate and direct the actions of others through mental telepathy, function normally within their community of common belief set and are revered as enlightened.


Virginia Tech Mass Shooting

The psychobabble has already begun. Experts are primed to go on national TV programs to explain why Cho Seung-Hui was driven to commit the murders. A few words by a suite-mate explains it all. He had behaviors that would have exposed him to Subliminal Distraction. The unknown exposure would have caused his disturbed behavior that led to the event.






Use your [back space] key to return to text. [Home] will return to the top of the page.


Prevention:  This  section is now repeated at the bottom of every page.

The rare occurrence of the injury establishes that is difficult to create enough exposure to cause an injury. But when it does happen the consequences are serious, possibly fatal.

 Our personal experience was intermittent human traffic during eight-hour workdays for thirty calendar days.

If you have a tower CPU mount it under your desk. That's the way they position it in a cubicle. The hard drive busy light is about the height of your low peripheral vision if you put the tower on the desk. Desktop reading of text or writing notes beside the keyboard on the side of the monitor away from the tower makes the blinking hard drive busy light appear to approach from behind when you turn to view the screen again.

If you have a computer work station/desk in which you turn ninety degrees to write or do other non computer work, turn off the monitor when you turn aside. Remove screen savers in this instance. The movement, animation for example, in your screensaver, two-dimensional movement, might well be detected by your peripheral vision at close range. Alternately cover the monitor screen.

All home, apartment, or dorm computer workstations are in unprotected workspace. To change that put the computer in a quiet room with no possible movement. If that is not possible in a dorm or apartment position the computer so that your peripheral vision can see only stationary walls as you use the computer in a busy room. In Cubicles and 'Systems Furniture' these protective features are achieved with peripheral vision blocking panels and corner seating positions. It is called 'Cubicle Level Protection.'

If you use computer or CD-ROM games for many hours day after day, the game playing position should follow the same rules as the computer workstation. Battery operated games will not run long enough on a single rechargeable battery to cause a risk for SPVP.

Although a laptop does not have a visible blinking light in peripheral vision the same rules apply to your work position.  There should not be human traffic moving to you from behind. There should be nothing behind you, which could enter your subliminal peripheral vision field as you turn your head while working at the laptop and be mistaken for threat movement.

Only movement coming from behind you into your Subliminal Peripheral Vision can cause a peripheral vision reflex. If the movement source approaches you from ahead then enters your Subliminal Peripheral Vision from conscious sight there can be no peripheral vision reflex.


Repeated for Emphasis:

A single session or rare sessions will not cause this problem.

It is the same day after day long hours of play or computer use with detectable movement in ‘Subliminal Peripheral Vision,’ which would form the basis of a risk for SPVP injury.

Exposure can be cumulative 

The brain’s detection system only evaluates movement. There is little recognition of the nature of the object in peripheral vision. If you have several hours exposure from human traffic at the library, while reading at an open table or seated in a reading room chair, followed by long hours watching TV with a critically misplaced ceiling fan sweeping detectable shadows around the room, the combination of those two behaviors might cause the problem. The suggestion is that either activity alone would not consume enough exposure time even if the critical movement is present.


Copyright 2003

This URL home page is VisionAndPsychosis.Net. Please include it if you print out portions of text or the whole page for off line reading. Please read the copyright page on this site. Do not duplicate the one copy allowed each reader. We want everyone, even non-computer users, to have the information but do not want old versions of revised material in circulation.



Tell everyone you know and send them to the site.

If you have information or comments leave a message on site or email the Webmasters.








Definitions: (Edit Wednesday August 22, 2012 08:55:26 -0500)


This material is contained in first semester college psychology lectures under psychophysics. It may appear in textbooks with slightly different wording but the basic facts of physiology are the same.


Conflict of Physiology

Humans have the ability to ignore things in their vision field but we cannot "stop seeing" any thing in that vision field. These two facts are in conflict with each other. When you ignore something in your vision your conscious mind attaches a zero level of attention to it. But there is no on/off switch for the sensor cells on the rods and cones of your retina. They continue to send neural impulses to your brain. This might be harmless except for a subliminal, vision driven, warning system. (This term, using the facts of the physiology of sight, is unique to VisionAndPsychosis.Net.)

Subliminal Sight

A thin portion of your vision field functions subliminally to detect only movement. Stationary objects in this area are invisible. Perform the psychology Demonstration to experience this.

Peripheral Vision Reflexes

Every human who ever lived had subliminal sight and peripheral vision reflexes. If you have startled when someone stepped up beside you or reacted when you caught something 'out of the corner of your eye,' that was a peripheral vision reflex. This is a primitive system to warn first evaluate second. Only movement and position information are included in the impulse to cause the startle. You identify the object, with shape and color information,  when you turn and look.

The vision system to detect threat-movement can be said to function below thought, reason, and consciousness. If that were not true we would have a very complicated vision system. The fields of conscious sight overlap giving us depth perception. But the fields of vision in far-peripheral vision, subliminal peripheral vision, are different.

Subliminal Distraction

Subliminal Distraction arises from these simple facts of physiology. In the United States acoustic distraction is usually the meaning of subliminal distraction. This refers to the sounds you subliminally perceive in an office situation when you are dissociating slightly to perform knowledge work. It is believed to be a fatiguing factor. Visual Subliminal Distraction is usually unknown in the field of psychology although the facts that explain it are taught. (It was included in the course I took in about 1990. This course had been developed for a nursing program but was taught to all students.)

When you dissociate to concentrate on an activity, perform knowledge work, or even daydream your subliminal vision detection system will break your concentration with a startle if movement is detected in far-peripheral vision. The cause of that movement (nature of the source of movement) is not included in the warning.

In the field of Design that threat-detection and your brain's efforts to create the startle is called Subliminal Distraction. In psychology the information is the same but only elemental distraction is included in the definition. There are few references to the 1960's accidental discovery that mental breaks can be created when this system is constantly triggered for days or weeks.

Sensory Adaptability

Sensor cells in your eyes and ears function through chemical action to create the neural impulses that are sent to the brain. When there is intense stimulation it will exceed the cell's ability to recycle those chemicals causing depletion. The impulses will decrease in amplitude. Micro movements of your eyes refresh cells in your retina preventing sensory adaptability.

Repeat: Hearing has sensory adaptability but not sight. That means that the subliminal detection system does not decrease intensity of the neural impulses to trigger a peripheral vision reflex with repeated use.