Wearing A Coat In Summer

Take an old air conditioner rated for 2.5 tons:

Replace it with a new air conditioner that's also rated for 2.5 tons:

If the story ended here there would be no happy ending. An old air conditioner rated for 2.5 tons doesn't cool any better than a new one rated for 2.5 tons. But I didn't stop with the air conditioner. I took out this old evaporator coil and furnace rated for 2.5 and 3.0 tons respectively:

And I installed this new coil and furnace rated for 3.0 and 4.0 tons respectively:

The result? This picture was taken in an upstairs office on a hot July day:

While that's obviously not her face, she was indeed very happy that day - coat and all. The summer before office personnel were sweating bullets any day the outside temperature reached the nineties. The newly added servers and workstations were too much for the old air conditioner, coil and furnace blower to handle. But now they have enough to cool themselves, the computers and a decent chunk of the downstairs as well.

The astute competitor would seize this opportunity to criticize. They'd say that having to wear a coat means the system is unbalanced. But in fact the real reason for the coat was that a coworker liked it much colder in the office than the coat wearer. Nevertheless she was quite happy to be wearing a coat instead of sweating bullets.  They'd also say that having to install a furnace with a 4 ton blower on a 2.5 ton air conditioner means the ducts are too small. Under normal circumstances they'd be right to criticize. In fact, many of my competitors would have forced the issue by offering no options other than to upgrade the ducts. But High Performance Heating & Air will give you choices whenever possible.

I discussed upgrading the ducts with the customer. But in this very old building it would have cost many thousands to do so. So instead of spending thousands on new ducts they spent a couple hundred on a more powerful furnace blower and a bigger coil. It's not the textbook solution. And there are some minor disadvantages to this setup. But it worked like gangbusters. I was able to take a poorly performing air conditioner and replace it with one that was rated the same nominally but that outperformed it phenomenally.

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