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Pocket TV on Kickstarter

Over on Kickstarter, I just backed a cool looking idea: a smart TV operating system that fits in a HDMI dongle.

The Pocket TV looks like it can be added to any HDMI-equipped television and runs a full version of the latest Android. That means you can run any browser, games, apps, and other things designed for a phone. They offer two different remotes as well. I like the idea that it could be forever upgradeable by the user instead of having to wait for your TV manufacturer to update an existing TV's functionality. I'm not a huge fan of Android on a TV, since it looks pretty complicated and could use a simpler living room UI, but it does look pretty impressive in a small package that will work with most any TV. Looks like their target price after the Kickstarter campaign will be around $160 and availability looks to be this Fall.

It's already 2/3 funded so I suspect it will have an easy time making it over its first run goal in the next month.

by Matt Haughey June 4, 2012 in Products