What does EmeraldPOS do?

We offer consulting, technical support and retail sales for a variety of software platforms and point of sale hardware.
We use a variety of GNU Licensed Open Source software.
We do not sell the software itself. But we sell upgrades and changes to the code as well as installations, training, and support.
We cater to medical marijuana co-ops and dispensaries.

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Upgrades (2) »

  1. PHP Point Of Sale EmeraldPOS version - EMERALDPOSupdate_4.2.0 is based on PHP Point Of Sale 9.1. We changed the customer table, items table, and sales tables and added a few fields to the database, and added a PHP Datestamp to the beginning of the sale, (addsale.php) to the end of the sale at the sale_ui.php file. Try the original at: http://www.phppointofsale.com/downloads.php We added some graphics, and some stylesheets. Our ganjapharm style sheet is my favorite. Be blessed!!
  2. PHPPOS Customer Photos - Edits to the customer files, added two database tables for pictures.

Full Version Software (1) »

  1. OpenBravo POS - We do not store openbravo on our server. Please download open bravo from http://www.openbravo.com/downloads/

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For support go to:  EmeraldPOS Support Forums

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By having us install your POS software, you understand that we only offer our time and expertise. If hardware, or hosting is required for the installation, you (The client) must make arrangements for those things. We will give you a list of things that you will need, and then we will install the software on up to two PCs at a later time, when all of the requirements are met.
We do not offer free support to free clients. If you have downloaded POS software and need assistance, you may use our forums, or you may pay us $65 per hour billed by the hour for our support.

Our forums are great, check them out!


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