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Dan Millman - World Champion

Flying ColoursToday, Dan Millman is author of eleven best-selling books, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Body Mind Mastery, The Life You Were Born to Live, Everyday Enlightenment, The Laws of Spirit, and Living on Purpose. His books have inspired millions of readers in more than 20 languages world-wide, and his talks have influenced leaders in the fields of business and finance, health, psychology, education, politics, entertainment, sports, and the arts.

Before he became an author, however, Dan won the First World Trampoline Championship (London, 1964), went on to national and international gold medals in gymnastics, served as co-captain of Cal-Berkeley's 1968 NCAA Championship Team, served as Director of Gymnastics at Stanford University (1968-1972), and Professor of Physical Education at Oberlin College (1972-1975).

Dan has said that he owes much of his success to his early training in trampoline (and gymnastics). For most of his life, it all seemed far more like play and performance than training and competition. His "career" began as a boy, when he discovered a love for climbing trees, swinging Tarzan-like from trees, and somersaulting. A middle-school trampoline/tumbling club, followed by several years with Jess Robinson at Trampoline Inc. in Burbank, led to a scholarship to the University of California, a successful career from trampoline to the all-around, and his eventual coaching and teaching work.

Eventually, his horizons expanded from physical training to the larger arena of personal and spiritual growth, leading to travels around the world and meetings with remarkable mentors.

Looking back, Dan says, "I never once competed with anyone -- to me, it always seemed more like a performing; the scores and awards seemed incidental."

While Dan continues to write and speak internationally, he still drops by local gymnasiums, and has recently considered, after he completes his next novel, opening a trampoline and tumbling school, returning to his roots.

To contact Dan, or for further information about his work, you can visit his website at: http://www.danmillman.com

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