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The public is invited to review the Draft Legislative Environmental Impact Statement and other documents developed during the NEPA process.

All documents on this page can be made available in an alternative format by contacting the LEIS Project Manager Ms. Kelly Finn, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest, at 619-532-4452.

small Notice of Intent image   small Newsletter image   small Newsletter image   small Newsletter image
Federal Register
Notice of Intent

pdf, 52 kb
  Newsletter 1 -
November 2010

pdf, 466 kb
  Newsletter 2 -
October 2011

pdf, 1.9 MB
  Newsletter 3 -
August 2012

pdf, 1.3 kb
small FAQ Handout (English) image   small FAQ Handout (Spanish) image   small Federal Land Withdrawal and NEPA Processes image   small LEIS Studies image
FAQ Handout (English)
pdf, 452 kb
  FAQ Handout (Spanish)
pdf, 362 kb
  Federal Land Withdrawal
and NEPA Processes

pdf, 183 kb
  Summary of Alternatives
pdf, 99 kb
small LEIS Studies image   small Scoping Report image   small Draft DLEIS image    
LEIS Studies
pdf, 1.4 MB
  Scoping Report
pdf, 7.0 MB
  Draft LEIS
pdf, 35.9 MB
Note: Large file size will
require extra time to open.
small DLEIS Front Matter image   small DLEIS Chapter 1 image   small DLEIS Chapter 2 image   small DLEIS Chapter 3 image
Draft LEIS
Front Matter

pdf, 1.5 MB
  Draft LEIS
Chapter 1

pdf, 5.5 MB
  Draft LEIS
Chapter 2

pdf, 2.3 MB
  Draft LEIS
Chapter 3

pdf, 12.0 MB
small DLEIS Chapter 4 image   small DLEIS Chapter 5 image   small DLEIS Chapter 6 image   small DLEIS Chapter 7 image
Draft LEIS
Chapter 4

pdf, 1.3 MB
  Draft LEIS
Chapter 5

pdf, 1.1 MB
  Draft LEIS
Chapter 6

pdf, 248 kb
  Draft LEIS
Chapter 7

pdf, 206 kb
small DLEIS Chapter 8 image   small DLEIS Appendix A image   small DLEIS Appendix B image   small DLEIS Appendix C image
Draft LEIS
Chapter 8

pdf, 225 kb
  Draft LEIS
Appendix A

pdf, 77 kb
  Draft LEIS
Appendix B

pdf, 100 kb
  Draft LEIS
Appendix C

pdf, 2.1 MB
small DLEIS Appendix D image   small DLEIS Appendix E image   small DLEIS Appendix F image   small DLEIS Appendix G image
Draft LEIS
Appendix D

pdf, 121 kb
  Draft LEIS
Appendix E

pdf, 129 kb
  Draft LEIS
Appendix F

pdf, 413 kb
  Draft LEIS
Appendix G

pdf, 9.2 MB
small DLEIS Appendix H image   small DLEIS Index image        
Draft LEIS
Appendix H

pdf, 371 kb
  Draft LEIS

pdf, 223 kb

The following maps offer basic information to orient you to the CMAGR. Click the map title links for an enlarged view of the map.

Land Ownership   Restructured Boundary   Restructured Boundary    
Vicinity Map
pdf, 24.7 MB
  Military Ranges
pdf, 537 kb
  Training Support Facilities
pdf, 6.5 MB