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Meteorologist, he participates in the first flight across the North Pole with the NORGE, together with Nobile, Amundsen and Ellworth, in 1926.

Therefore he also is the meteorologist in the second shipping of the dirigibile ITALIA in 1928, with Umberto Nobile. He also falls ion the pack, injuring an arm; some days after, he decides to move from the Red Tent together with Zappi and Mariano to reach on foot the costs and ask for help. He dies during the crossing on foot and his body was never found.

Malmgren e Nobile

We retain important to remember him with the words sculpted on the monument to the missing people of the Umberto Nobile’s shipping with the dirigibile ITALIA in 1928, upright in Tromso:

monumento Tromso

On the Tromso monument is restored in ours specific page:

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monumento Finn Malmgren

In Sweden, Malmgren is remembered with a monument in Uppsala’s park, university citizen just North West of Stockholm, where Malmgren taught. The statue is also visible in internet:



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