The name means the brand, and we take that seriously.

Introduced in 1995, the Hardcore line was available one year after the launch of Montana Colors S.L. in Barcelona. Through the years, this synthetic glossy formula has been the staple of boutique spray paint.

Unlike other spray cans, Hardcore was the end result of years of artist feedback. Utilizing what the masses want, Montana Colors crafted a premier spray paint line that is both cost effective and surpasses the industry standard of what makes a great spray paint.

In our industry, there is always a standard, especially amongst the tastemakers…..customers. Hardcore is the measure that competitors try to emulate or surpass. Ultimately, after 15 years, Hardcore is the most beloved and thus, most ordered spray can.
Aside from our breakthrough formula, the Hardcore line boasts a unique female valve that allows for any cap fitting. Need a certain skinny line? Prepared to take down a whole wall with one can? Well, the female valve allows those dreams to be a reality. One can, so many valves….you know the story.

Even more so, consistent pressure allows for streamlined spraying and an even paint flow. This helps reduce skips, drips, and other nasties that impede master work.

We are so confident with Hardcore, we ask you to see it cover 32 square feet! You read right, 32 square feet of exceptional durability and lightning fast quality. Now that’s Hardcore!
Standard tip which comes at point of purchase is the Banana Yellow Dot cap. It is a special cap with the ability to produce clean lines much like the NY Skinny and Universal Caps. The Hardcore valve will accept all caps.

The top four caps recommended are Banana Yellow Dot, NY Skinny, Pinkdot fat cap, as well as the Astro fat cap.
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