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Tanga Tourism Guide

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This website gives an overview of interesting information on the Tanga region; Tanga, Pangani and the Usambara Mountains.

RESTAURANTS: Good food recommendations Mbuyukenda Lutherans
HOTELS: Mkonge Hotel; Tanga International Study and Conference Centre
Fish Eagle Point at Mkadeni Beach; Tanga Beach Resort; Tanga Yacht Club
SHOPPING: Supermarkets; Bread; Wines & Spirits; Katani -Sisal products
WORDS OF ADVICE 2 TOURISTS: Behaviour; Money; Safety; Health & Time
LEISURE: Live Music & Disco; Cafes; Bars SPORTS: Swimming; Tennis; Cycling
Places of interest; Amboni Caves; Tanga Museum
Tanga Tourism Network Association (TATONA): Tanga Regional Government
List of Secondary Schools Tanzania (check for Tanga), Tanga International School
The name "Pangani is named after the river which end up in this small town, The river Pangani is being fed by the mountains Meru, Kilimanjaro and Usambaras, and ends up in the Indian Ocean. The town Pangani is 50 km from Tanga town by road. Like other Tanzanian coastal towns Pangani has historical buildings, plantations and factories established by their colonizers; Arabs, Germans and British. Unlike Zanzibar Pangani is less visited and this makes it a unique place for a calm tour where one will enjoy clean water and white sand beaches and friendly people.
Bahari Pori - (10 km N) Birdwatchers' Paradise and heart of nature.
Pangani Tourist Information Centre: Tel (+255) 027-2630006 at Pangani town
Mkoma Bay Tented Lodge: (4 km N) trademark is their luxury tented accommodation.
Tinga Tinga Lodge: (2 km north of Pangani) ten luxurious and spacious bungalows
Peponi Beach Resort: (18 km N) Peponi is Swahili for Paradise, among coconut palms.
Pangani Beach Resort, 2 km north of Pangani, tel (+255) 027 2630088
Stop Over Hotel at Pangani Town, tel (+255) 0784 498458
Sea Side Community Hostel at Pangani, email: alcposs.spiritualcentre@yahoo.com
Safari Lodge at Tanga Town, tel: (+255) 0788 286265
USHONGO BEACH -16 km south of Pangani
The Ushongo beach is one of the little known secrets of the Tanzania coast. It is quiet, has a beautiful white sandy beach fringed by coconut palms, and generally is an ideal place in which to relax. The beach is protected by three reefs, the furthest one with excellent snorkeling and scuba diving.
Ushongo Beach Cottages Nestled among the baobabs on the Indian Ocean lies this hideaway...
Kwetu Retreat Centre Kwetu is designed to welcome mostly groups of people wanting to share some time together for leisure, personal development or organisational growth.
The Beach Crab Resort perfect mix between adventure, holiday and action on pristine, white and sandy beach.
The Tides Lodge: on one of the top 6 best secret beaches of the World.
Tulia Beach Lodge: Enjoy exquisitely prepared Swahili cuisine.
Emayani Beach Lodge: Tucked away in a lush and stunning coconut grove.
Capricorn Beach Cottages: Nestled among the baobabs on the Indian Ocean lies a hideaway...
Tembo Kijani-Pangani Eco Lodge: Relaxing on the beach with a good book you will only have to step out of your room.
Drifters Lodge : email: drifters@mtnloaded.co.za
Kaskaz Beach Lodge: tel (+255) 0784-489248
Saadani National Park The place 2 see elephants on the beach! No banana beer joke.
Saange Beach Lodge; 11 km north of the park. Saadani Safari Lodge
Tent with a View; at Mkwaja just outside the Park. Kisampa Lodge
Kasa Divers: situated 30 km south of Pangani Water sports Centre
The Beach Crab Resort perfect mix between adventure, holiday and action on pristine, white and sandy beach.
General information on Usambara Mountains Lots of info here
Handy map of the Usambara Mountains; Mambo View Point EcoLodge
Accommodation around Lushoto; Let's climb the Usambaras; Rural Usambara Tourism; Mullers Mountain Lodge
Irente Biodiversity Reserve is a nature reserve with a difference. Owned and managed by North-Eastern Diocese of the Lutheran Church in Tanzania, it incorporates both environmental conservation and sustainable organic agriculture.
The Amani Game Reserve was created to protect the unique, biologically important submontane forest ecosystem of the East Usambara Mountains in Amani, Tanzania. The East Usambara Mountains form part of a chain of isolated mountains stretched in an arc around north-eastern Tanzania. The East Usambara covers an area of about 1300 km² (130,000 ha).
Amani Butterfly Project helps 400 rural Tanzanians from 6 villages in the East Usambara Mountains farm and market native butterflies. The mission of the project is to reduce poverty and create incentive for forest conservation.
Korogwe Cultural Tourism activities; in the Usambara Mountains.
Protected Forest areas in the Usambara Mountains. Emau Hill Forest Camp
Mkomazi National Park Tanzania's new national park, good scenery and wildlife.
George Adamson Trust: Mkomazi; Wikipedia info on establishment of Mkomazi
Accommodation near Mkomazi National Park: Babus Camp (in the Park); Elephant Motel ; Tona Lodge, Pangani River Camp and Zebra Camp.
EMERGENCIES: Police; Hospital; Consular Services
Lugala rock
HEALTH: Hospitals; Dispensaries; Pharmacies
BANKS: Barclays, CRDB, NBC, NMB, TZ Postal Bank
INTERNET; TTCL and most mobile phone service providers, check: TIGO, Vodacom, Aritel and Zantel
Postal Services (postage rates); TANESCO Electricity; TTCL (Telephone connection & Internet)
Development Organisations; bado kidogo
ENVIRONMENT: The Tanga Cultural & Tourism Involvement Coalition (TACTIC) is a non-governmental organization that has come out with is a relatively new initiative on strategies to conserve and promote tourist attractions in Tanga Region.
HEALTH: Agha Khan; Tanga Aids Working Group

Want to learn Swahili? Crack local jokes? Know when to use the expression “ulimi juu ulimi chini”? Ever tasted Ubuyu? It is all here: Mwana Simba (Lion’s cub) A great source of information not only for beginners but for anyone interested in the language spoken all over East Africa.

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