EVE Online The Alliance Tournament X

Alliance Tournament X

The EVE Online Alliance Tournament is the ultimate battlefield in which the top pilots in EVE Online fight for the glory and honour of their alliance. 64 Alliances compete over 4 weekends of intense, explosive action.


  • 64 team Pre Qualifying Round 1 - Saturday 30th June, Sunday 1st July
  • 64 team Pre Qualifying Round 2 - Saturday 7th, Sunday 8th July
  • 32 team Group Stages - Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th & Saturday 21st July
  • 16 team Finals - Sunday 22nd July


Congratulations to Verge of Collapse, winners of Alliance Tournament X!

Watch the explosive finale match on YouTube.

Latest News

Tune in for the final weekend of Alliance Tournament X | 21 July 2012

EVE TV will bring you coverage of the final round of matches in the group stage of Alliance Tournament X to decide which 16 teams will advance to the Grand Finals on Sunday, July 22. With many groups still undecided there is everything to play for. Our viewers will also be able to take part in our "Predict the Winner" competitions which will be run before each match in the Alliance Tournament Discussion area of the forums and players can win PLEX or goodies from our friends at MMM Publishing and Logitech.

Alliance Tournament X finals weekend | 17 July 2012

Alliance Tournament X will bring the final round of group stage matches along with last 16, quarter finals, semi-finals and final this coming weekend. The tournament this year has seen some fantastic matches, expensive set-ups and unexpected twists and turns as well as some technical difficulties on our new streaming platform. Read the dev blog talking about some of those issues, what has been done to address them and what you can expect to see this coming weekend.

Studio weekends begin today | 14 July 2012

With CCP Soundwave returning triumphant from the 'Feet of Fire' dance tournament we are ready for the first weekend of Alliance Tournament action from our brand new studio. Tune in to catch all the action on EVE TV from 15:00 UTC today and keep an eye on the forums for our 'Predict the Winner' competitions to win PLEX as well as Logitech and EON goodies. Our commentators have arrived safely and will bring you analysis from the studio throughout the day.

CCP Alice and Loxy have been working to provide you with the most stunning studio to date and we really hope you like it. Our friends at the Interstellar Correspondents will be bringing you up to date match reports and statistics so check out their page for the latest news. The full schedule of matches for this weekend can be found here.

Tournament continues this weekend! | 06 July 2012

The first weekend of Alliance Tournament X pre-qualifying rounds has seen some intense action with over 27 billion ISK of ships and modules destroyed, and now it's time for more! The second pre-qualifying round of the Alliance Tournament starts tomorrow at 15:00 GMT and will be streamed here and available at the CCP channel on own3D. You can visit the site and click the 'Follow' button to get alerts when the stream goes live. Our friends in the Interstellar Correspondents will be providing details on matches, ranking, statistics and in depth reports. You can visit their page by clicking here.

The replays of the first weekend's matches are available on the own3D website.

Dev Blog announcing schedule, prizes and streaming changes | 01 June 2012

Alliance Tournament X will start in a little over four weeks on Saturday June, 30 and we are here to tell you about what you can expect to see in this upcoming event. The Alliance Tournament team and commentators are ramping up to bring you the biggest and most exciting tournament to date.

Read the Dev Blog

Randow draw results | 10 May 2012

On Tuesday, May 22 the tournament team visited the new set for this year's tournament, which is still under construction, and the draw was made by hosts CCP Soundwave and CCP Sunset. The draw was recorded by CCP Loxy and supervised by CCP Sreegs, CCP Alice and CCP Navigator. Watch the video below to see the draw in full:

Commentators announced | 10 May 2012

This year we had a wonderful group of players apply to be commentators and we were awed at their knowledge of EVE and enthusiasm. It was a very difficult choice for us as we want to maintain familiar faces who have done a great job in the past along with some fresh blood. As a result, the following will be your live on-air commentators:



Lazarus Telraven
Lazarus Telraven


Michael BoltonIII
Michael BoltonIII




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