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WYRD ALICE (ALIESE) SAMIGINA: The Fourth Spirit is SAMIGINA or GAMIGIN, a Great Female Shaman of a Marchioness. She appears at first as a cracked and broken Hans Bellmer China Doll riding a rocking horse to which she is bound by chains. She will look very much like a Steampunk elfin Alice in Wonderland to then assume more human form to appear as an angelic young girl at the request of the Magician whose nature is very sexual to hunger much as a Succubus desiring fellatio whence the Magician must beware for she induces Dreams most shocking. She is the one time Little-Girl Spirit whom resided within those Dolls found hanging inside the Shaman drum to know the Healing ways of the ancient ‘Siberian’ Shamans.

Samigina can find those tormented lost souls of the living as well as of the dead wherever they be and to return them to their rightful places and is a powerful Girl-Guide and protector into the Wonderlands of the Underworld in order to access Ancestral Memories. She can also take one unto the heights of Heaven via a Looking-Glass Pole-Star portal of a Vaginal Wormhole into other Parallel Universes whereby her Master is then enabled to walk Alternate Worlds to know of the Dead yet Alive for there is no Death, merely Transitions between Universes Parallel to ones own, and when to visit, one is as a Ghost.

She will at times be seen when in human form to be drumming ecstatically naked with her braided hair wild and free and all serpentine and she to be Mongolian in looks born of the Altai and exceedingly beautiful to look upon. She will, sometimes manifest as a small horse that one can find in Mongolia or that of an eight-legged female centaur of an Unmarked, Marked State operator tethered to the Multiverse world tree upon whose back she will allow her Master to ride. She governs 30 Legions of hybrid Power Animals, which manifest as surreal living toys as well as numerous other playful Lost-Girl Shaman Spirits like unto herself as her inferiors.





"Samigina or Gamigin is a Great Marchioness, and is seene in the forme of a little horsse, when she taketh humane shape as a most wanton little Maed rocking a hobbyhorsse she speaketh with a sensuous voice, disputing of all liberall sciences; she bringeth also to passe, that the soules, which are drowned in the sea of fleshlie vices, or which dwell in the Luna purgatorie of 'UNDERLAND' (which is called Cartagra, that is, affliction of the vile unrepentente feemale Pagan soules who do not seee the glorie of our one and only truue Lorde Jesus Christe) shall take aierie bodies of Witches, and evidentlie appeare and answer to interrogatories at the conjurors commandement; she tarrieth with the Exorcist, untill she have accomplished his base desire, but she doth Sinfullie ask carnal paiment of the Exorcist, for him to thus feed her his seede unto her hungree mouth. She hath thirtie legions of Maeds under her." (Pseudomonarchia Daemonum – Johann Wier 1583: Widdershin-wise misquoted)




"The Fourth Spirit is Samigina, a Great Marchioness. She appeareth at first in the form of a little Horse or Ass, and then into Human shape of a very sinful little Girl, like an Alice in Wonderland, whom is most salacious of Sexual intent into which she doth change herself into at the request of her Master, or she to appear at first instance as a naughty little girl riding a rocking horse. She speaketh with a playful sensuous voice. She ruleth over 30 Legions of Inferior girl spirits. She Sexually instructs her Master in all Liberal Sciences, and giveth account of Dead Souls, all as Artists, whom died in Sexual Sin; but she, herself does not see Sex as a Sin, as taught by Christian teachings whom perceive celibacy as a virtue; for she doth communicate that Ignorance is the truer Sin, which causes the greater ill to ones self and that of others whom do not partake of the Tree of Knowledge. And her Seal is this, of the Tree of Knowledge, found amidst the globe of the Earth, upon a hill, divided into Eight parts, which is to be worn before the Magician when he is Invocator, etc." (Goetia – S. L. MacGregor Mathers 1904: Widdershin-wise misquoted)






All in the Twilight Scarecrow shadowed sunset over ashen bone hewn Necropolis
Full leisurely Beelzebubba we to Astral glide
For both our wings leather Bat Nosferatu, with Night-Gaunt little skill
By little arms are Widdershin plied
While little clawed hands of painted talons make vain pretence
Our wanderings labyrinthine of maze doth guide

Ah, Wizened Three of Wyrd Weirdling way! Of Time 13th Hour
Beneath such Dreaming Luna weather torn asunder by thy Selene light
To beg a tale of last gasp too weak unto Deaths maw to go Hecate
To stir the Raven feathered Quill tethered to Adders forked tongue Serpentine
Yet what can one little Girl’s voice avail, so Lost she be
Against three Crone voices together of dark sisterhood ever weaving tales Triangle of Artistry

Imperious Satana flashes forth
Her edict “To Begin its knots Nine fold Nine”-
In gentler tone Lucifera hopes
“There will be nonsense in its Seidhr brewing Galdr rhyme!”-
While Devilina interrupts the Tale
Not more than once a minutes Mantra Spell.

Anon, towards Samaela’s Deathly silence won,
In Lillitu Occultus they pursue deeply
The Changeling Dream-Childe moving through Lillith realms of Under-bed-land
Of wonders most wanton and wild erotic ecstatic
In bestial congress with Spectral denizen and anthropomorphic Beast-
And half believe it Truth esoteric wise of Hidden University lessons metaphoric

And ever, as the story fleshed out drained
The virgin veins of Schoolgirls fancy do dry grey
And faintly strove across obsidian mirrored blackboard that weary one of Lolita most Gothic
To put the subject by and by
“The rest to chalk up next time of Aeon-“ 
“It is next time under Stars Rotary!”
The Astarota Coven voices to cry.

Thus grew arcane tale of W-Underland
This to gather piece by piece of jigsaw Voodoo doll scarred broken,
Whose surreal events woven out of self same chalk Runes to cover-
And now the tapestry tale of Spell weave is done knitted together,
And to Londinium home we of Witch now steer upon phallic broomstick ridden,
A merry Coven of Samhain sisters bound to secret Red threaded neck-tie path,
Beneath the setting Blood Sun Rubedo of Twilight shores returning

Aliese! A childish story to take- of a Babalon lost and found
And with gentle hand of elder looking back from Deaths sanctum
Lay it where Childhoods Dreams are twined at birthing Life
Within memory’s mystic banded ring eternally recurring of Ouroboros,
Like pilgrim’s all to walk withered wreath of flowered trailing tail of Ley never-ending of tales Magick Circle

Plucked in far-off land of Ishtar remembered whom to ride the Beast
For he is bound to us all Male that be as our Beasts, upon whom the Succubae Sisterhood do love to Feast.




Chapter One

Straight jacket held of torn and tearing hemp thoughts wearisome did play upon Aliese’s shredded mind to wander labyrinthine going around spiral asylum. Did her sister care… no she did not, not to care at all, staring back at Aliese within deadened dead leech eyes misting white to glaze all over with a bullet hole drilled betwixt forehead waxen ivory of suicide girl within cracked mirrored reflection.

“My sister all tight of mouldy skin flaking upon graven bones sticking out has this thing for dusty old tomes of grey page wrote over” Aliese to muse to herself “No pictures or conversation, all letters quite logical straight of the ever so dead boring”.

Aliese had no time for old books walking around on bow leg pages to fall upon her from buckling high shelves; she far preferred anorexic thin comics coloured bright, freshly printed whose spines more supple to play with into origami shapes to wrap around her little finger.

But her sister had other ideas, which to possess Aliese through Ouija board spinning looking glass planchette from one Tarot letter to another across her minds eye lost to a library of ancient Grimoires whose book pages of flayed virgin skin to bleed ink as maidens do when first menstruating. Aliese couldn’t help herself to look, wherein she to fall headfirst between kicking leg leaves of book!

A book in particular did first attract her, may be it was due to the White Rabbit engraved into its leather bound cover, or what to appear like one; for its ears could in fact have been spiral Horns and no doubt were, spiralling into points very pointed of point. Curious she thought “I’m sure the inanimate Rabbit to animatedly whisper to me that I am late for an important date!” Aliese did not think this too strange for she was far stranger of changeling Moon Childe to perceive the Rabbit leaping as a White flash hallucination from page to page fingered nimble of acid vision.

The Rabbit Aliese to chase whose animal form to shape shift into a Playboy Bunny girl popping Alchemist Ecstasy pills did thence saunter sensuous of wriggle fluff tail amidst symbols wrought forth from occult formulas bound to spell formulae. “This is all a tangle of Geometric cog shapes and Mandala wheels interlaced with letters quite serpentine alien of Ayahuasca snake chain bridges between them” Alice to say to herself, “Ever so curious, I do feel as if I am in some Clockwork Clock of maze language spanning the multiverse matrix of space and most assuredly that of time, that’s for sure;” although Aliese to have said this of tongue twister sentences she did not quite understand what she, her self, had said, while her whirling mind ran after the Bunny girl trail of colourful tablets to follow across the span of paged ages.

Into a drawn symbol arcane of vaginal vortex portal the Bunny girl to leap whereupon Aliese to stare hard following Rabbit tail that led Aliese to find her self becoming ever so small of falling through a spun tunnel wormed out by a worm of hole.

“Oh my gosh” Aliese to cry when looking back falling to see herself ever so big hypnotically peering into symbol laden book whose plate eyes large shining silver were frozen in time. “I never knew how circus Flea’s to feel when devouring my volcanic acne fields of pustule lava flows. Now I understand what it is to be ever so small of parasite feeding upon saintly little Girls eating crucified jelly baby martyrs all as giants”. Aliese wondered what was going on, but not too much so, or over duly concerned to question much, taking it all in her slippery slide while somersaulting with her skirts all a tumble acting as a parachute. “I must be having an Out of Body Experience but if so, who is the real me? The small me or the big me becoming smaller as I fall looking back, for I am now the larger, and the other me, above, is but a pin prick getting smaller than a Flea!”





Chapter Two

“Enough of that”, said Aliese to her self all entangled within knots of words fettering her mind within the playroom of padded cell; “just too much diary writing, passing the round of aeons away thought scribbling down my memoirs of Fallen Babalon falling recollections; falling ever to fall. Falling asleep, deep into sleepless Death; such a winding stair down Descending, or is it up to go Ascending?” Mused Aliese to then wax on lyrical, “So Above, so Below; so it goes, arse over tit so it happens;” Aliese threw up her arms to fall back playing all supine over her tomb bed to sprawl fingering moistening wormhole releasing screams of delight spinning around and around Foetal, becoming ever so small of Embryo back to Mothers Egg encircled by serpentine Dragon; and she ever hungering to consume all the tadpole Knights seeking entry into her infernal moistened Rabbit hole betwixt legs kicking.

“Perhaps,” Aliese wondered, “I am merely Dreaming my self Alive when in fact I be quite Extinct as a Dodo all barb wired up and bound Crucified to a lead Crucifix of crossed doornails dropped through a Sigillum Dei Aemeth slit Time rip within a book whose spine is but that of a grave of sprawling Victoriana photos of the Dead littering maggot gnawed pages.” Aliese stretched her self as a playful pussycat over her coven of toys to roll purring, “I’m sure to Diana Lucifera Lolita fall this night, called forth from this Nether world so as to dance coquette within some séance played out throughout the worlds over, from one to the other of varying dim lit nicotine stained rooms; skipping hopscotch through Lemniscate skipping rope, leaping into a vaginal Triangle of Art, Evoked into temporal materialisation before some conjuring Necromancer”.

The near naked battered Barbie Doll to pipe up speaking through sewn up mouth of one bead eye to say, “No doubt you will be asked to pose your most nubile ethereal Ectoplasm for yet another sultry photograph; but such would only shock in an era of anorexic catwalk models where the age of consent differs from that of a common law you to have once known when many to have married at age Twelve. It was all the rage to get laid young at your time corporeal when the sweating multitudes of mass of humanity never reached the age of thirty plus, all slave chain bound to Labouring in factories for those few of elite ziggurat peak with the Capital whom lived longer;” Aliese looked over at her Battered Barbie Doll to softly pick up asking, “do you think they will see that the prior interlude of courtship happened far earlier of natural occurrence Miss Battered Barbie, or will they unduly judge my hungering?”.

Battered Barbie groaned in answer while her Voodoo Doll plastic to soften under Aliese’s attentive caresses, “in the remembering travelling back through the intestinal hallways of time, do you not recollect a White Rabbit of eccentric secretary whom preferred you not to wear any lingerie under skirt, which you had perceived as being perfectly natural to have thence joyfully discovered that you just couldn’t help teasing; playfully did you reveal your most delectable Sin in secret at a time when it was quite Sinful to even show a naked ankle in public let alone within boudoir. It be your fluffy Bunny Girl nature, for you see, my sweet Aliese you had found that you loved to arouse the cream centred lollipop so much when seated upon welcoming lap of a Crocodile; you found the rising under your pert backside so yummy to imagine your mouth gobbling up of most delicious engorged blood red boiled sweet.”

“Yes, I do remember, Miss Battered Barbie”; Aliese replied, “but if the Necromancers to know, such will surely be judged as being most Sinful of desire; when I am denied by the so often quite puritanical, to taste of what be my due of sweetest essence to devour upon being called forth from out of this infernal Womb holed warren of Asylum through unlocked seal door to thence arise. I to weep and cry to near dry up and shrivel, shrinking down to a point of singularity most tiny of orbed starlet hovering over a maelstrom of my own tears storming of deepest ocean mirrored black of Obsidian Looking Glass portal. But such be all Crocodile tears of recollected memory and each drop of trap enticing attention into their dimming diamond cages”.

Battered Barbie groaned in answering between sensuous groans under Aliese’s stroking hand, “What do you expect sweet Aliese… oh, yes, yes! You are a Goetic Succubus ever so, so hungry…. Oh, more, oh more! Hungering for the energetic releases… oh, oh, oh, touch me there, yes… of the ejaculated essences of the erect Vovin Dragon Serpent to verily feast upon.”

It was then in overhearing Battered Barbie’s delightful groans that soft toy Bludgeoned Babe Bunny Blue along with Cracking Crack China Doll sang their rhyme to the rhythm of Battered Barbie's multiple orgasms,

“How doth the Priestly Crocodile Sobek ply his trade when improving his Shining Tail of Tales pouring their watery words of the Nile onto his every showy Golden Scale! How cheerfully he seems to grin welcoming little Mermaids in with gently smiling dribbling Jaws!”




It was then upon a spell sung rhyme that Aliese fell backwards into remembering corporeal time framed experience of all that had happened happening again, which flickered before her winsome eyes of Disney film warped all out of kilter.

“Oh, Dear, Oh Dear, I shall be too Late finishing off the commission for that damned deadline,” was the habitual saying of Miss Gertrude Thompson; she to run around all rather servile of pristine chalked up white Rabbit dressed in Artists whitened smock splattered in oiled colours painting and photographing fallen Nymphs all one hundred and forty four of numbered Butterflies to entice within a Dodecahedron cage for her dominating employer. The Marijuana puffing Rabbit to have ushered Aliese into the Mage’s house in Secret where she verily sojourned to partake of 'Drink Me' Absinthe Drinks and 'Eat Me' Hash Cakes, which propelled Aliese into shrinking and growing simultaneous of simmering altered state of perceiving the house as being made out of amorphous ginger bread. Between unintelligible prophetic utterances and uncontrollable giggling Aliese to have thence whimsically asked Miss Thompson, who had now shape-shifted into a halluncinatory Bound up Bondage Bunny, how she had first entered into the employ of the Golden Pharaoh of playboy Crocodile as his private secretary to which the Rabbit answered.

“Well, we arranged for a mutual meet up in smoggy London Dear; a little before Twelve, I was at the rendezvous, and then the humour of the situation suddenly struck me, that I had not the Ghost of an idea what he was like, nor would he have any better chance of discovering me. The room was fairly full of all sorts and conditions as usual, and I glanced at each masculine figure in turn, only to reject it as a possibility of the one I sought. Just as the big clock had clanged out Twelve, I heard the high vivacious voices and laughter of children sounding down the corridor. At that moment a gentleman entered, two little Girls clinging to his hands, and I caught sight of the tall, slim figure, with the clean-shaven, delicate, refined face, I said to my self, “That’s Lewis Carroll.” He stood for a moment, head erect, glancing swiftly over the room, then bending down, whispered something to one of the children: she, after a moment’s pause, pointed straight at me.

Dropping their hands, he came forward, and with that winning smile of his that utterly banished the oppressive sense of the Oxford don, said simply, “I am Mr Dodgson; I was to meet you, I think?” To which I as frankly smiled and said, “How did you know me so soon?” “My little friend found you. I told her I had come to meet a young lady who knew Fairies, and she fixed on you at once. But I knew you before she spoke.”

“Other Witches with him” Aliese whispered to her self all twisted up to rage at the thought of it, attempting her very best at keeping a lid upon her jealousy slowly simmering to near bursting Fury; when to have calmed down Aliese enquired who the other Girls were in order to curse their mediumistic influence away, but alas the Rabbit quaintly forgot the names of the other Obsidian Butterflies, “There are so many little Witches and Fairies, to recollect all their names my Dear; just wait here, he will be coming for you soon; now I must go, otherwise I will be late for an important date, or to turn up just too soon, which may perhaps be far more preferable; Twelve again I think, this Thirteenth hour around.”

Off went the Rabbit with fluff tail flashing over her dashing arse while the Crocodile to have eventually crawled in at a lounging pace somewhat preoccupied with a number of photographs over which he dribbled from dribbling jaws, “My acolyte Miss Thomson has caught their Butterfly Souls perfectly, just as I had posed them to later colour under their personal stars revolving and each secretively named of truest name hidden from the prying eyes of mankind; but I know them all so as to fit together of Matehematical jigsaw puzzle and when so aligned all my netted little starlets will glow as fireflies lighting up the crystalline inter-woven web of this Dodecahedron universe and all other worlds besides”.

Aliese listened to the Crocodile’s arcane words falling upon his collection of photographed captured Souls as dribble spots, which the Crocodile to have said and dribbled as if he was unaware of her presence. “Do I have a hidden name then?” The Crocodile suddenly turned around focusing his glassy lens eyes upon Aliese, “Yes, my sweetest sweet, your secret name is Samigina of most important fourth Rune wrought who stirs the age of a séance, opener of the gate to the Crucified Great Old Ones.”

“My secret name is Samigina, of fourth Rune, what the Hell does all that mean, and if I’m so bloody important to you, why do you need all these other mediumistic hanger on Witches running circles around your Anglican Church halo?” asked Aliese. “I will answer all and other questions yet unasked in good time” answered the Crocodile as he looked back over his collection of Butterfly Souls, “now tell me, have you had any interesting Dreams lately?”

“I’m not telling you anything more” Aliese to grumpily reply playing impatient of stamping foot followed by side sweep glances all forlorn panting between sobs; the bait now set to ensnare the Crocodile’s stare away from his collection of pinned down nubile Butterflies. “What is this, which I now spy with my tearful eye?” Aliese to say to her self, “The Crocodile’s reaction is but that of a Deacon Mouse all skittish of nervous bell tremor as of usual temperament with a camera wrapped around his strangled Dog collared neck swimming amidst tumultuous flood; and I so small as well of apparent wounded vulnerability floating upon my own swell of tears while Mr Reverend Mouse is drowning;" of course the Priestly Mouse attempted his squeaky clean best to comfort Aleise as soothingly as he could. Poor Mouse, if only he knew Aliese was a wise Kitten playing games; but she couldn’t reveal her growing jealousy to truly tell her prey the why of it all otherwise the little Mouse would scamper away!

Sometimes Aliese was far older for her years of bigger stature grown up of near tom boy in the rough, other times far younger of Girl, all demure, innocently beguiling looking so small and delicate of flower; her faces many of rainbow flecked chameleon skin masked shades shifting between white and black to act out of Alchemist World Soul Anima channelling otherworldly entities; Aleise often forgot who she was, not knowing where her drifting Mind slipped off to sliding into other alternate worlds knowing of parallel lives.

“Who are you now Aliese Samigina, tell me what you see while riding upon the influence of my Drink and Cake, which I had most dutifully laid out for your sweetest delectations of craving indulgence?”

“Perhaps I am toy-less Kitty Mabel of destitute torn up soiled rag doll sold into prostitutions brothels supplying the dreadful white slave market needs of pokey syphilitic Victorian rippers whom relish young virgins to deflower; perhaps I am a Chimney sweep of five year old Girl named Snowdrop thrust up Heavenly flue of a holier than thou Anglican Priests pipe, which slowly eats away my rotting flesh all covered in cancerous sores; but then, I could be a homeless waif of thief called Dinah thieving for my very survival living as a Raped up gutter Cat amidst the Hellish labyrinthine Jack the Ripper alleyways of London where the forgotten have not dead of the poor are dumped up to pile under Queen Victoria’s smoggy workhouse skirts.”

As Aliese spoke the Mouse looked into her glazed over playing marble eyes of turning spiral spheres becoming as scrying mirrors in an attempt to see who was speaking through her.

“Your words are not your own Aliese, you do not speak as other little Girls do; I want to know who or what type of entity is speaking through your Gateway?”

“I cannot tell you his name” answered Aliese, "He sees you and watches over your every movement; knows your every thought, hovers over you he does as a Mad Hatter Crow from out of the Future for he knows who we Butterflies truly are, once were, and will be again."

The Mouse was decidedly perturbed by Aliese’s answer; “you said you can’t tell me his name; who is this ‘him,’ you speak of, this other man… who is he?”

“I cannot tell you his name… please stop asking”

“Cannot or will not?” Enquired the Mouse.

“I cannot tell you his name…. now please let me rest, no more,” Aliese collapsed into a heap of tousled limbs bursting into tears.

As Aliese drifted out of her necromantic trance the Mouse knelt down before her to squeak on about Darwin’s theory of Evolution in order to dispel the spell of Aliese’s loaded words. The Mouse spoke colourfully about grey skinned Reptiles surviving Aliese's tearful Great Flood whom then evolved into becoming Raptor Birds of Paradise; as for Aliese, her tussled plumage was quite damp from all her floods of tears wetting her lace feathered wings, which the Mouse tenderly kissed away to suck up each and every drop of dewy salt filled quintessential tear climbing up towards her soft virginal lips to brush lightly with his own; but when to have got just so close to taste of her growing yearning Aliese furiously pulled away running around his studio screaming, "you have just too many damn Butterflies fluttering around your head when I should be the one and only Butterfly to pin down; I want Justice meted out against you." With coat tail between his legs the Mouse gave morning chase after his perceived ownership of Kitten, which dried the tears away for but a time in a circular Caucus-race, which shockingly turns tables at séance’s.


"I want to get Married, hitched up, Matrimonially ensnared; I want a Cinderella Wedding with pumpkin carriage to take me away from this world of woe into the realms of forever fairyland where you can write about me for all eternity. I don’t want to end up being married to some loveless rich old bore or to find my self becoming as a spinster Governess teaching spoilt brats, let alone to be broken into workhouse poverty. I want to, I want to, be Married, can’t you hear me? I want to be Wedded, hear me Goddamn you to Death; I’m nearing the age where I can make my own choice, I’m offering myself in holy Matrimony, can you hear me? I’m not a little Kitten anymore, I’m grown up into a Cat, damn it; Marry me, Marry Me, Marry Me, Me, Me, Me and Me alone, no other Butterflies; I’m the only one in your story I got you to write! Why are you looking at me like that? Do you think I'm still a Child, I’m near the age of consent; say something Goddamn it to HELL, say something, ask me to be your Wife; your one and only desire of Muse, your most precious Butterfly … Say something; are you a Man or a Damn Mouse… I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I WANT YOU TO DIE, DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!"

The Tables of séance’s to Necromancy turn Necronomicon barbarous of chant, while Wyrd Aliese Samigina to scream still, whom to deeply desire her Succubus Evocation; for she ever Hungers through Time.

Her age ancient of youth, which to range further back in time beyond illiterate Victorian slums where words of a Mouse were lost, whom remembers Ur of an Altai colony, who to have long ago fled a great flood where she to have once plied her flesh trade as an 'En Priestess' atop of Ziggurat; a wanton handmaiden of the Mad Hatter Moon God, whose name be Nanna, otherwise known as SIN. But only a Princess can be a Priestess of SIN. Aliese to await evocation upon a word, while to sojourn amidst her spectral crypt of Surreal Archetypal forms, where her names be many of Necromantic multitude, besides that of Samigina, which to hearken back to another title of past memory, Enheduanna, daughter of King Sargon of Akkad. When called, she to arise as an 'En Priestess' into cutting away ones negative perceptions, whom to relate that one creates ones own Heaven or a Hell when ones Spirit accesses the Spirit-World of the Luna Dream via ones internal 'Looking-Glass' of a Hypnagogic Hymen veil Daath 'Stargate.'


NOTE: The meeting between Gertrude Thompson and Lewis Carroll was Adapted from Gertrude Thompson's article describing her first meeting with Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, whom is otherwise known as Lewis Carroll; first published in The Gentlewoman, 29 January and 5 February 1898.

NOTE: The 'Age of Consent' for heterosexual acts in England was set at Twelve in 1275 during the reign of Edward I. It was lowered to Ten in the latter part of the 16th century. The 1275 wording was along the lines of, "It shall be deemed illegal to ravage a maiden who is not of age" - at the time "of age" being 12.

During the Victorian Alice in Wonderland era of the 1860's the 'Age of Consent' was Twelve years old, while prior it was age Ten; in 1875 the House of Commons agreed to raise the age of consent to Thirteen and finally it was raised to Fourteen. Child prostitution was rampant during Victorian times, which was overlooked, due to the scourge of varying venereal diseases such as Syphilis; this led to a flourishing White Slave trade in Virgins, for those upper class men who could afford them. They did not consider themselves to be paedophiles; such a perpective did not exist; their attitude was that of protecting themselves by having Sex with a Virgin who had never had Sex before; hence she was not afflicted with these diseases. However, there was another, far more chilling reason, why Virgins were so highly prized. It was believed that Sex with a Virgin could actually cure a man who was infected with Syphilis.

An example of the Victorian attitude concerning Virgins is the Eliza Armstrong Case: In 1885, William Stead (1849-1912), editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, brought this whole issue front and centre in a series of articles entitled 'The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon during the Victorian Era.' He was prosecuted and imprisoned for kidnapping after he published a series of articles proving he could buy a Thirteen year old Chimney Sweep’s Daughter for £5 from her own mother. His conviction was merely based on his failure to get "Permission" to purchase the Girl. Bramwell Booth of the 'Salvation Army' helped Stead purchase the Girl. She was purchased by former prostitute Rebecca Jarrett and brought to a brothel lightly-drugged and placed under the care of the 'Salvation Army' and sent to France. Steadwell was also involved in the 'Purity Conferences,' which were held in Chicago. So, if one is confronted by a present Politician whom promotes the return of 'Victorian values,' Beware!

NOTE: It is a known fact that the Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (27 January 1832 – 14 January 1898), otherwise known as Lewis Carroll, author of the inimitable classics Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass, liked little Girls. Or, as he once wrote: "I am fond of children (except boys)." He took exquisite, melancholy 'Photographs' of little Girls. He befriended little Girls on trains, and beaches, and in the houses of friends. And one particular little Girl, Alice Liddell, came to be his muse and great passion. During the 4 July 1862, Dodgson invented the outline of Alice in Wonderland that eventually became his first and largest commercial success. Having told the story and been begged by Ten year old 'Alice Liddell' to write it down, Dodgson eventually (after much delay) presented "Twelve year old Alice" with a handwritten, illustrated manuscript entitled Alice's Adventures Under Ground in November 1864.

In 1865, Dodgson's tale was published as Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by "Lewis Carroll" with illustrations by John Tenniel. The first print run of 2,000 was held back because Tenniel objected to the print quality. A new edition, released in December of the same year, but carrying an "1866" date, was quickly printed when Alice Liddell was Thirteen years old.

The relationship between the Liddell's and Dodgson suffered a sudden break during June 1863. There is no record of why the rift occurred, since the Liddell's never openly spoke of it, and the single page in Dodgson's diary recording 27–29 June 1863 (which seems to cover the period in which it began) was missing. Until recently, the only source for what happened on that day had been speculation, and generally centred on the idea that Alice Liddell was, somehow, the cause of the break. It has been suspected in retrospect that her mother disapproved of Dodgson's interest in Alice, seeing him as an unfit companion for an Eleven-year-old Girl; however it may have been due to the fact that Dodgson surrounded himself with lots of little Girls; Victorian values concerning the 'Age of Consent' was quite different; for in 1864 Alice would have 'Legally' been able to Marry at age Twelve.

NOTE: A quarter of the entire population of Victorian Britain was living in dire poverty. 40% of the country’s wealth was owned by only 5% of the population. The population of England in 1851 was 16.8 million but by the end of the century it had nearly doubled. Whilst child mortality did not improve much during the Victorian era, adult mortality did. The life expectancy had been around 'Thirty' to 'Forty' years, whereupon one 'Married young,' and in 1871 the average woman was having 5.5 children. Sadly, three out of every ten babies died before their first birthday, hence the large number of fleeting appearances of hitherto unheard offspring on the censuses.

NOTE: As for the name of the Goetia Spirit called Samigina one has two words making up the name 'Sami' and 'Gina.' The first word, 'Sami' could be referring to the 'Sámi' people who are the indigenous natives of Northern Europe inhabiting Sápmi, which today encompasses parts of Northern Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Kola Peninsula of Russia whom practiced Shamanism; while the word 'Gina' may be derived from the Old Norse, Gína, (Proto-Germanic: Ginanan), which means to gape, or to open one's mouth wide, one could associate with the Anicient Egyptian: Opening of the Mouth Ceremony; however, the word Gina could also refer to Gná, which is a name of a Goddess in Norse mythology who runs Shamanic errands in other worlds for the Goddess Frigg whom rides a flying, sea-treading horse called Hófvarpnir (Old Norse "hoof-thrower" or "hoof kicker").

Gná and Hófvarpnir are attested to in the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. Scholarly theories have been proposed about Gná as being a "Goddess of fullness" whom is potentially cognate with Fama from Roman mythology; although she is more likely that of a Mercurial Shaman of Sámi' influence and descent. This leads one back to the composite name of Samigina who is described as manifesting as a small horse; one also has her seal, which depicts what appears to be a Cross or a Tree surmounting a globe divided into Eight parts, which could refer to the World Tree. It is upon the World Tree that the Shaman hangs into (Self-Knowledge) Trance, to which is also tethered the Shamans horse; whereupon one has Samigina who can be equated with Alice in Wonderland, let alone Dorothy; both of whom can be seen as suffering from Sexual (Sin) trauma concerning parental figures such as the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts, or the Wizard of Oz along with the Wicked Witch.

NOTE: The classical Goetia describes Samigina as being associated with 'Sin;' however, the word Sin is derived from the Akkadian: Su'en, Sîn, which was the name of a deity who was otherwise called Nanna (Sumerian: DŠEŠ.KI, DNANNA) whom was seen as being a god of the 'Moon' in Mesopotamian mythology. Nanna is a Sumerian deity, the son of Enlil and Ninlil, who became identified with the Semitic deity Sin. The two chief seats of Nanna's/Sin's worship were the Ziggurat of Ur in the South of Mesopotamia now situated in Iraq, and Harran in the North. The patriarch Abraham had originated from Ur, whereupon the Moon god of Ur was no doubt seen by Abraham as being the 'Adversary' of his new god cult, whereby one now has the present usage of the word Sin.

Nanna's chief sanctuary at Ur was named E-gish-shir-gal ("house of the great light"). It was at Ur that the role of the En Priestesses developed who were perceived to be the daughters of Nanna/Sin. This was an extremely powerful role held by a Princess, most notably Enheduanna, daughter of King Sargon of Akkad, and was the primary cult role associated with the cult of Nanna/Sin; whereupon one could see Samigina as being an En Priestess of a female Shaman who cuts away ones negative perceptions whom will relate that one creates ones own Heaven or a Hell when ones Spirit accesses the Spirit-World of the Luna Dream via ones internal 'Looking-Glass' of a Daath 'Stargate.'

Sin also had a sanctuary at Harran, named E-khul-khul ("house of joys"). The cult of the Moon-god spread to other urban centres, so that temples to him are found in all the large cities of Babylonia and Assyria. A sanctuary for Sin with Syriac inscriptions invoking his name dating to the 2nd and 3rd centuries CE was found at Sumatar Harabesi in the Tektek mountains, not far from Harran and Edessa. In ancient pre-Christian times many believed that when one leaves ones mortal coil ones spirit takes up residence within the realm of the Moon, whence one has the 'house of the great light bestowing joy, which the Christian cult later transformed into their (Cartagra) Purgatory where Sin-ful souls go, whom were invariably Pagan of non-Christian orientation, this of course also included Muslim's and Jews.'