The Haiti CSME Project

1. Project Objectives

The goal is to accelerate Haiti’s readiness for participation in the Caricom Single Market and Economy as a means of enabling Haiti to fully re- engage in the process of regional integration in the Caribbean Community, after a three year disruption caused by the violent political events in the country in 2004. This is to be achieved thought the accomplishment of the following objectives

  1. the establishment and operation of a Caricom Representation Office in Haiti to manage and implement the project;
  2. expanding the knowledge base of parliamentarians, public and private sector officials, about Haiti’s responsibilities under the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and strengthening designated ministries responsible for specific aspects of the integration process;
  3. the early establishment of the legislative, regulatory and administrative arrangements that will allow Haiti to participate in the components of the single market – i.e. free movement of goods, services, capital, and people
  4. initiating public education programmes that increase citizens’ awareness;
  5. Implementing technical cooperation activities that build capacities and enhance capabilities and engendering people-to-people contact between the people of Haiti and those of the other member states of the Community so as to increase opportunities for building individual and institutional partnerships.
2. Project Activities

These five core Objectives of the Project are to be attained through the implementation of nine components. These are:

  1. Operation of the Caricom Representation Office – Maintain an adequately staffed and resourced office; and undertake the day-to- day management of the implementation of the Haiti CSME Project.
  2. Knowledge and Capacity Transfer- Ensure that the Haitian Government institutions and personnel understand the goals and operation of the Caribbean Community.
  3. Trade in Goods – Ensure full and active participation in the CSME’s regime on Trade in Goods.
  4. Public Education – Ensure that the Haitian public is informed about and understands the goals of the Community and that the public in the other Member States of the Community are informed of developments in Haiti and gain a greater appreciation of Haiti’s structures and institutions.
  5. Movement of Skilled Nationals – Enable the Government of Haiti and other Member States to draft protocols and agreements to enable Haiti to participate in CARICOM’s regime on the Movement of Skilled Nationals.
  6. Trade in Services – Enable the Government of Haiti to participate in the CARICOM’s regime on Trade in Services.
  7. Right of Establishment – Enable the Government of Haiti to adopt the necessary legislative and administrative arrangements that will allow for the operation of CARICOM’s regime on the Right of Establishment for companies, partnerships, etc., in the Community.
  8. Movement of Capital –Enable the Government of Haiti to participate in Caricom’s regime on Free Movement of Capital
  9. Functional Cooperation – To assist Haiti to participate in functional cooperation activities of CARICOM and so strengthen linkages among the people of the Community.