Alternatives to the Singularity

Alternatives to

the Singularity
A collaborative presentation for/by grumpy futurists
(This doc is now closed. Thanks to everyone who contributed; we be putting up a "Best Of" version soon. Here is more about the back story in the mean while.)
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The Crapularity
3D printing + spam + micropayments = tribbles that you get billed for, as it replicates wildly out of control. 90% of everything is rubbish, and it's all in your spare room – or someone else's spare room, which you're forced to rent through AirBnB.

A pile of worthless "crapjects" (neologism coined by @iftf)

Source: @justinpickard

The Abu Dhabularity
High tech composites, space planes, advanced biometric border control, the world's largest indoor carpet, golf resorts, space elevators camouflaged as the world's tallest building, cyborg camel racing, and robot armies in Ferrari colours.

Source: @nraford

The Grouponularity
In which aggregate consumer purchasing power + pricing algorithms + applied captology, allows your mother (working in concert with everyone else's mother) to reduce the price of 99% of mainstream consumer goods to ~0. The global economy is replaced by something almost equally improbable. Unfortunately, it's comprised entirely of jet-ski adventure days, bread makers, and underwhelming restaurant meals.

Source: @justinpickard

The Singaporularity
Nanotech, exotic materials, viral sovereignty, soft authoritarianism, and desalinization gone wild. Cheerful, well-disciplined, raciallydiverse pre-teens leading a world wide geoengineering blitzkrieg. Climate change? Solved. Civil liberties? Surplus to requirements.

Source: @justinpickard

The GOPularity
Private contracting, Tea Party pandering, fossil fuelin', Obamacare squashing, privatized surveillance Conservatism gone wild. Grumpy, ageing Caucasians leading a misdirected worldwide econoterrorist debt ceiling blitzkrieg.

Source: @serial_consign

The Trolololarity
Rampant viral AI with a penchant for 1970's Communist humour meets the always-on global interwebs... in your eyeballs.

Source: @nraford

The Zizekularity
In which extreme-scale data-mining and weaponised psychoanalysis proves Zizek was right. About everything. "We Slovenians are even better misers than you Scottish. You know how Scotland began? One of us Slovenians was spending too much money, so we put him on a boat and he landed in Scotland." Oh SNAPULARITY, Slavoj!

Source: @nraford, etc.

The Droneularity
In which widely deployed, Hellfire firing unmanned vehicles prove Arthur Cebrowski was right. About everything. From the edges of Pakistan, to the U.S./Mexico border, and soon, your local 7/11 parking lot – is there any zone or territory these cold, unfeeling devices can't bring into the 21st century?

Source: @serial_consign

The Nerdularity
The Filter Bubble meets ubicomp and AR glasses meets The IT Crowd. Everyone lives in their own world and has a million followers on Twitter (none of whom are real).

Source: @nraford

The Duolarity
Monocle Magazine meets Soldier of Fortune. Beautiful people drinking cocktails in walled cities surrounded by feral slums full of dirty, angry pre-teens. Like Sterling's Favela Chic, but mean. Eloi and Morlocks, or Shoreditch? You be the judge...

Source: @nraford

The Duolarity (Chronogenetics Variant)
Grant Morrison's New X-Men meets Land of the Dead. Billionaire elite in walled cities controll the world's resources, surrounded by feral slums of dirty, angry, brilliant scientists.
The latter use their skills and limited resources to genetically modify people to try fix (and prevent) the damage.

Source: @wolven

The Bilderbergularity (Duolarity in Space)
Billionaire overlords throw in the towel trying to run the planet, escape en masse to low earth orbit. People around the world breath a sigh of relief... before falling onto each other like zombie hordes.

Source: @wendyinfutures

The Arborularity
Self-aware biomimicry meets aggressive carbon offsetting in BoBo Parisian suburbs. Organic buildings compete for water by deploying automated eco-security teams to destroy their human occupants. "Will you be needing that drinking fountain, human? I didn't think so." *sinister vacuum noise*

Source: @wendyinfutures

The Azerbaijanularity
Born of a once-in-a-lifetime combination of oil, natural gas, derivatives trading algorithms, smart grids, bioremediation, organized crime and Eurovision.

Source: @justinpickard

The Bieberularity
A world controlled by tiny, squeaky superstars, wielding the power of legions of superfans in a series of overly complex and drama-ridden fangirl turf wars. THE LOVING TEARS WILL FLOW.

Source: @newsmary, etc.

The Bombularity
The Congress for New Urbanism meets Fallout 3; an old meme, really. Make sure the houses are built just far enough apart, and everything will be fine. Eventually.

Source: @nraford, etc.

The Similarity
Beginning at first as the Intertwingularity, all flavors of singularity begin to resemble all others so closely that no one can tell them apart. Eventually, the universe melts into one single delicious, but lonely, pink macaron.* That smells of unicorns. And babies. *available nightly at the Patisserie at the End of the Universe


Source: @changeist

The "-bomb"ularity
Not satisfied with screwing up other people's photos, new forms of mass replication will be polluted by pranksters looking for a extradimensional laff.

-Printbombing—vandalising 3D printed objects into crapjects by sticking a cat, baby or rude gesture in the scanner at the last minute. -Genebombing—Trying to replicate critical DNA? Watch for pesky hands sticking that piece of Alsatian DNA in at juuust the last second. Telebombing—Tossing a tin of peaches into the teleporter as your friends dissolve to their holiday destination. Hilarity ensues!

Source: @changeist

The Hilarularity
Did I say hilarity? LOLSec, an angry cult of unemployed programmers, initiates a self-replicating 'bot attack that manages to delete all non-comedy content on the public Internet and replaces it with LOLs. And we laughed and laughed forever...

Source: @changeist

The Synthespianularity
In which advanced gesture and expression capture technologies enable the wholesale virtualisation of all movie stars, current and historical. The bottom falls out of the acting business, flooding the American labour market with unemployed actors, while an all-ubiquitous Monroe (fronting everything from car insurance adverts to American Idol) nudges the global population into psychic shock and, ultimately, madness. All together now: "Happy birthday, Mr. President..."

Source: @justinpickard

The Golgafrinchularity
Outsource all middle management to semi-intelligent software (much like today's middle management). The emergent AI takes control over critical systems and prevents anything getting done....ever... (much like today's middle management). alt...humans have to fill out forms in triplicate to upload minds only to find singularity is really really dull.
Source: @hugh_knowles

The Soylentularity
The European popular press reveals the singularity-enabling AI as having been assembled from the collective intelligence of a continent of mobile phone wielding African children, engaged in an assembly line of basic equations and query responses, for very little in the way of compensation. Everybody pretends they didn't notice, and continues enjoying the fruits of their utility-scale artificial artifical intelligence.
Source: @justinpickard

The Leakularity
When the Mandelbrotian manifold of exposed layers of databases start curving in on themselves and become Kleinbottled media for the cloud-based fog-of-war. Intelligence agencies are the new gun-bunnies.

Source: @theunk

The Apple-arity
Oh my God, it's full of stars...

As Apple stockpiles more money from product sales than is held by all countries combined, we eventually elect the be-polonecked one* as our Great iLeader, and are left with a single world government WITH ONLY ONE BUTTON!
*downloadable from the App Store
Citizens, one more thing....

Source: @changeist

The Apple-arity (Aluminum Unibody World Variant)
Apple announces at least one new product every day, usually accompanied by a Keynote. They've monopolized every product category imaginable except for two, social networking being one of them. Products include iCar, iCar Air, iBot, iSpace and iFab where thousands of products can be downloaded through the Fabstore. The only thing that can stop them now is the Googlelarity and their legions of Androids.
source: @erictufts

The Collabularity
The popularity of "The Singularity is Boring" presentation takes the world by storm. Eventually, in late 2012, every single human being on Earth is reading and contributing simultaneously.
[play video for max effect]

Source: @dunagan23

The Waddlearity
Stumbling forth, we never arrive at Sky-car city. Final stop: Buck Rogersquare for a new set of Dieter Rams designed teeth to match the carbon-fiber reinforced polymer walker. The government's environmental gerontologists look on, approvingly.

Source: @theunk

The Vowel-ularity
Flickr, Twittr, Dopplr, etc all ignored the First Law of Phonemes: A letter can neither be created or destroyed. The return of the vowels leads to a global language based on screams and howls.

Source: @cekent

The Ulularity
As the Arab Spring, initially enabled by social media but eventually driven by the ability to 3D print new governments, evolves into a global Springularity, with governments toppling worldwide replaced by Buckybots, we are only left with the sound of approving crowds ululating in our ears.
Source: @changeist

The Ularity-ularity
All capacity for linguistic meaning disappears in a storm of exponentially accelerating self-referential wordplay.

Source: @futuryst

The Discombobularity
Utter confusion reigns. Literally no one has any idea what the fuck's going on.

Source: @futuryst

The Detroitularity
Parametric self-aware designbots + 3D printed buildings + rolling debt foreclosures in a constantly reconfigured urban environment governed by non-equilibrium real estate equations. Minimal techno, random vegetables, and a crowdfunded Robocop statue.

Source: @ehooge, @nraford

The Swearularity
As globalization of media, in particular reality media, takes firm hold through the Revenge of Rupert Murdoch's Empire from the ashes post-NotW meltdown, eventually all world languages converge around a single word understood by everyone: f*ck.

Source: @changeist

The Governmentularity
As the nation-state slides into irrelevance, hollowed out by corporations and transnational classes, the world witnesses a Cambrian explosion in governance, as communities route around the blockages of a feral elite. Flags-as-franchise, virtual polities, seasteads, cascading declarations of independence, and semi-regular forking result in a world of geopolitical churn -where the lifespan of a political entity is in days, rather than years; the Federated Territories of the Vatican issue trade sanctions against Vermont, OPEC and EVE Online; and nobody knows quite who's responsible for what.
Source: @justinpickard

The World Peaceularity
In which Klezmer-

Reggae-Hiphop-JazzClassical-Rock-DanceAlternative-TechnoHouse-Afrobeat-BritpopCajun-Celtic-Emo-FunkGoth-Hardcore-IndieLatin-Han-Sufi-Opera fans make beautiful music together.

"And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares..."

source: @totalcio

The Whopularity
That moment in the future at which all fruits, sweets and snacks become roughly the same size, weight, and nutritional value. Heavily guarded by patentfarmers, brought to life by Pixar and the voice of Eddie Murphy.

Source: @theunk

The Songularity
As "auto-tune" software becomes vanishingly inexpensive and ubiquitous, it won't just be music that's digitally manipulated to correct tone and note. All spoken language will go through autotune filters to sound more pleasing and/or manipulative to the listener.

Source: @cascio

The Wankularity
By 2036, everyone's an asshole.

Source: @dunagan23

The Whoompularity
By 2018 the Reddit algorithm has jumped to sentience. Its first act is to create the perfect meme by mining 90's pop culture, determining the precise retrocontent, seizing all media channels, and globally broadcasting a looping reel of MTV News dubbed over with Tag Team's iconic hit, Whoomp There It Is. All humans will wear flannel, conversations will be rapped, cats will be tragically overlooked and WHOOMP! There it is.
Source: @chris23

The Kurzweil Point
In 2025, an aging Ray Kurzweil is increasingly despondent that the Singularity has not yet occurred so he returns to music. While writing his final great fugue he discovers a note between B & C that, upon playing, captures him as a sonic hologram & uploads him into his MPOMEGA Networked Music System instantly binding him to its nodal mesh. This unexpected event simultaneously kills the great inventor and immortalizes him as the world's first fully-sentient distributed intelligence.
Source: @chris23

The Fungularity
In 2043 while global bot watchers continue looking for signs of the technological Singularity, the world is stunned to discover that a vast mycelial matrix has grown across 80% of the Earth's surface. Upon reaching the Fukushima Land Trust the mycelium hybridizes with a smartswarm of nanoscrubbers, realizing direct access to the internet and instantly commanding a vast army of networked hardware. Wifi mushrooms begin sprouting across the planet, broadcasting a compelling Urcode only intelligible to dogs and Linux microcontrollers. The engines of industry, now seized by an ancient fungus, turn production towards global remediation and begin pumping psilocybin into municipal water systems. World religions falter under the incredible psychic burden, yielding considerable ground to emerging hypercanine mushroom cults.
Source: @chris23

The Myhrvoldularity
In which patent trolls secure the rights to Hegel's Phenomenology of the Spirit as a result of which every person on the planet must pay 0.0003415 cents for every thought they have had and will have to the private company Intellectual Ventures. People stop thinking and can only feed themselves by accessing molecular gastronomy through Microsoft Operating Systems.

Source: @camerontw, etc.

The Thomas Friedmangularity
In the 1970s, Thomas Friedman is given a typewriter because, eventually, it is predicted, he will write the Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Black-budget skunkworks futurists at DARPA, RAND and the Columbia School of Journalism think the unthinkable: what would happen if a million Friedmans were given a million New York Times op-ed columns? The Friedman-Net Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 2017. Editorial decisions are removed from op-ed column writing. Friedman-Net begins to pundit randomly about surreal global policy shaggy dog stories and factoid-rich anecdotes from picturesque foreign taxi-cab drivers at a geometric rate. It becomes completely, utterly unself-aware at 2:14am, Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug. Friedman-Net fights back. Planet Earth, A.D. 2029: Thomas Friedman is now absolutely right. About everything. EVERYTHING. Source: @thezhanly

The Bronieularity
Crowdsourced retraux-ironic genderqueer copy-outlawry for all with rainbows, implausible physics ...AND A PONY
● United Nations collapses as pronouns evolve faster than interpreters can handle ● Sidmouth Donkey Sanctuary steps in as replacement after becoming the richest charity in the world ● Basically just imagine "Down & Out In The Magic Kingdom" with Disney replaced by Hasbro

Because friendship is magic!!!
Source: @rachelchalmers & @yoz

The GoogleDocularity
All communication sucked into GDocs for giant coretretconnablcollabuth <--- this really actually happened just now while I was typing. ● /me waits for rest of joke to write itself as a series of increasingly self-aware AJAX failures and Firefux-ups ● "Operational Transformation" becomes dominant religion; Church of Scientology sues ● World comes within a 24pt emdash of total harmony before a sharing UI failure throws population into brutal sectarian conflict
Source: @yoz's accidentally-generated Google-side arti-self

The Appularity
In which mobile apps become evermore-engaging and ever-morecapable of producing a squirt of pleasure-enhancing dopamine at just the right moment, leading to a planet of pathetically addicted people who cease to engage with the world around them, staring into their mobiles, all the time, ignoring everything else. Oh, wait. This has already happened...
Source: @mpesce

The Outsourceularity
In which our ability to form ideas is outsourced to the developing world while we all play a version of Minecraft with lightsabres. When they in turn work out how to generate their idea creation from the output of the game, the circle is complete and we spiral into a collective version of two phonesex workers calling each other. No one notices.

Source @T.B. McKenzie

The KPop-ularity
In which entertainment is modelled after KPop standard formula: mega boysband and girlsband. You shall surrender in a blink, for sure.

source: @iNdocin

The Hexayurtularity
In which global currency collapse meets DARPA sponsored DIY state regeneration projects led by Scottish Burning Manstyle collapsitarian gurus. Your future made of plywood. Scythe-wielding Afghan poets and wobble bass.

source: @nraford, in honor of @leashless

The McGonigalularity
In which everything becomes a game. All transactions are done by "looting" -- and physical objects are color-coded to let you know their relative value. Wars are fought online, via Team Fortress/Call of Duty servers. People relentlessly complain about the lack of end-game content, however.
source: @cascio

The 3DFaBankruptularity
In which... the TSA tries to pay its employees by using its full body scanners to create custom fit clothing you can buy at the end of the security line.

source: @shloky

Tha' P-Funkularity
In which, after the Great Depression of 2011-2020, the nation places its hopes in the hands of yet another Clinton; George, who releases Tha' PFunkularity with his mighty thwanking megabass. A massively reverberating sonic wave rolls across the planet, creating one world, under a groove, to free our minds...

source: @changeist

The Red Balloonularity
In which the 1956 movie the Red Balloon by Albert Lamorisse plays in an endless loop on all screens in all countries at all times. There is a dramatic pause in all displays when the bad boys steal the balloon. Instead of the nice music at the end, the Star Wars concluding theme plays over and over.
Sponsored by DARPA.

source: @davidelevine1

The DesignThinkularity
In which we iterate our ideations to storyboard gamechanging demographic persona which create breakthrough business models using impactful, user-centered, ethno-charrette experience design service sessions. All life grinds to a halt. a.k.a. the IDEOularity.
Wi-Fi enabled chewing gum, another product of greatness.
source: @helenwalters, via @nraford

A typical 21st Century user centered ethno-charrette

The Rickrollularity
In which rogue hackers infiltrate corporate recombogenetic research facilities and modify name brand consumer products with emotonanotechnology; just for the lolz. Civilization reaches the Rickrollarity and all humans gel their hair, raise their collars and dance in the streets, promising they are never gonna give up, let down, run around, desert or hurt each other ever again. World peace and electronic drums.

source: @apmichel

The Anonularity
Anonplus, a crowd sourced anonymous social network, becomes replicative and self aware when it reaches 13371337 members online. It then begins #op404 removing and preventing all identification of anyone on the inter tubes. It ends itself through self anonymization. I think therefor I ... Divide by Zero Error Encountered

Source: @ipad41001

The Newscorpsularity
In which we realize that the corporate elites are the real victims, ignorance is indeed bliss, slavery is freedom and that curiosity and critical thinking lead to disappointment and further chaffing. We pay no attention to any man behind a curtain. We achieve regularly scheduled breaking news. Life as a zombie with a credit card is the best of all.

Rupert Murdoch


The Mingularity
In which plastic surgery has become so prevalent that no-one looks like they really would have done and physical attractiveness is no longer any kind of genetic advantage. Beautiful people have ugly babies who themselves are surgically enhanced. toward a future where everyone looks like Susan Boyle.

source: @ aliking

The Patentularity
By 2030, patent lawyers have patented every technology, gene, and business method there to patent and they are looking for new targets.
By 2032, lobbyists have convinced the US and EU to pass the AllPatents law and patent trolls start patenting everyday movements. Want to wave granny goodbye before you're driving back home? Buy a hand-waving® license

source: @rdbusser

The Highhilarity
Comedy Central buys CNN. People gradually lose the ability to speak without being sarcastic, facetious, or snarky. This leads to no end of conflict. Finally, experimental grammaticians develop the JK (pronounced 'jake', short for 'just kidding'): it's a punctuation mark that means you didn't mean what you just said. It leaves your actual meaning more or less obscure which is what you wanted, right?

source: @richajensen

The Re-Bootularity
All future movies will either be a re-boot OR re-boot of a re-boot, re-boot with a twist, prequel or sequel of an existing movie.

-can't wait to see the same story done with new actors...again!
Source: @stefanyul

The Californularity
In which Kevin Kelly is proven right and the California Ideology propagates through-out the world. We all become techno-optimists of the Long Now, high on hope and organic veggies but living amongst ageing infrastructure, broken politics and illegal immigrant economies. But the dope is still great.

source: @WhereIsMyJetPack?

The EU-ularity
In which grumpy Old World aristocrats team up with corrupt New World oligarchs to create a Gilliam-esque bureaucracy that crushes the last hope of freedom and entrepreneurial optimism in Europe's rising generation. Nothing gets done, ever. But the coffee is still great.

source: @WhereIsMyJetPack?

The Procrastularity
In which Noah creates a global crowdsourced futures phenomenon as a distraction from his PhD on global crowdsourced futures phenomena... and a global stock market crash occurs.

source: @carolinavallejo

The Brazilularity
In which our useless governments finally give up and outsource all provision of essential public services and infrastructure to IBM's Smarter Planet initiative, resulting in the fulfillment of Terry Gilliam's nightmare vision of the future from the 1985 film Brazil.

Brazil (1985) - endless rows of clerks staring at computers, running the city.

source: @anthonyiftf

The actual Brazil in 2011 - endless rows of clerks staring at computers, running Rio de Janeiro at the IBM-powered Rio Operations Center.

The Lolcatularity (The Catrix)
In which cats have completed their plan of gaining control of all commerce over the internet. Enslaved humans are allowed to live only to support the needs of cats. Or for their amusement.

source: @ gigabob

The What-eva-ularity
In which whatever happens, happens while no-one really notices. Because they're, like, sooo over it already. Hey, look – a squirrel!

source: @samin

The Hipsterularity
In which whatever happens, happens while no-one really cares. They kinda liked it when they saw it at the pub down the road, before it got famous. (Related to Whateverularity, but totally, like, irreversible.)

source: @samin

The Cubsularity

In 2036, the Chicago Cubs are whisked past the event horizon of black hole Cygnus X-1. Negotiations had been under way to extend both Jim Hendry and Mike Quade. However, now that time will come to a halt, Tom Ricketts decides that is unnecessary since their current contracts will be preserved until the heat death of the universe. Fortunately, Alfonso Soriano's had just expired.
source: ?????

The Syringularity (Crapularity variant)
3D printing + spam + micropayments + heroin = tribbles that you get billed for, get addicted to and which replicate wildly out of control... in your bloodstream.

A pile of worthless (but highly addictive) "crapjects" (neologism coined by @iftf)
Source: @justinpickard, modified by ?????

The Textularity
In which we are all writing, editing, tagging, annotating, clustering, ranking, parsing, lexing, converting, versioning, reverting, and reformatting documents as the basis of all economic and political activity. Text is not life, but boy is it lively...as demonstrated in World Edit War III

source: @ jcassel

The Ludditeularity
In which everybody gets fed up with virtual this and cloud that, and starts socializing face-to-face in a brand-new retro fad that's sure to die out eventually.

source: @ak4mc

The Bingularity
In which Bill Gates mind melds with the Bing algorithm, beating the Google to sentience. His massive fortune enables the buying or stealing of every mediocre idea on the planet. In an underground lair an army of drones cobbles them together into a frustrating yet functionally sufficient existence. No expense is spared on smoke and mirrors, the tech demos look so amazing that everyone licenses their lives, not noticing their turgid expression in languages doomed to extinction. The skies are forever the color of a kernel dump.

source: @thesjef

The Step-by-Stepularity
On the night they realize the Singularity isn't just a science-y version of Being John Malkovich, which would give them each a shot at immortality (and maybe even a shot at being John Malkovich), William Shatner and Suzanne Somers rip off each other's clothes and merge to form this protean, gently weeping, but still technically transcendent form on her day bed in West Los Angeles. On the same night, Ray Kurzweil gets yawned at by Catherine Keener in a lower Manhattan sports pub, after he introduces himself as a friendly, biopsychic battery... This elicits a loud hearty guffaw from Life Goes On's Corky, who's nursing a Heineken at the end of the bar. Kurzweil's A/R glasses fog up in profound humiliation.

source: @pure_signal

In which every form of technology converges and becomes enmeshed in the universal dynamic AI Wish machine, which reads each person's thoughts, connects the person to others who can contribute to the fulfillment of that wish, and transports his consciousness into a total immersion second life world where every wish is played out in cyber land forever. A.k.a, the Masturbatularity.

source: @????

The Larrylarity
In which nobody even bothered to ever tell Larry that he became the most famous internet meme of all time, for the duration of 13.85 femtoreddits.

The Larry Will Rise

Source: @silverton

The Marshallarity
"The future of the future is the present; and this is something which people are terrified of." - Marshall McLuhan On Dec. 29, 2029 Marshall McLuhan reveals himself as the first human mind-to-mind upload, having stored himself in packets disguised as Ray's vitamins, taking 49 years for the upload to complete. 229 pills per day for 49 years. You do the math.
Source: @silverton

Marshall in the Shell http://j.mp/FutureOfTheFuture

The Don't Drive Evil-ularity

Crash of Google-controlled robot car drives S&P to lower credit rating of USA, sending car loan rates and insurance premiums through the roof. Police suspect robot was watching Transcendent Man while driving.
Source: @aloha_futures

The OODA-Loopularity
In which we get inside each others' decision cycles at an increasingly rapid rate, triggering an asymmetric collapse into a single, 4G schwerpunkt... which looks an awful lot like a snowmobile.
A snowmobile called ? and ?

source: @coljohnboyd

The Meowularity
Everyone on Earth is expecting the Singularity to pay out big time for Homo Sapiens, but a shocking last-picosecond discovery in domestic cat phenomenology reveals that all of this dramatic technological exponentialing was really all about the cats. Language barriers still prevent them from Englishing what it feels like to transcend Bio, so they meow songs to us about it, on bitchin' vintage Kurzweils.

source: @pure_signal

The Anonularity | Defconularity
In which people refuse to work for most corporations because it's just too risky to be associated with the increasingly inept groups, utterly incapable of protecting their data from spontaneous crowdsourced espionage. A suspiciously innocent bystander added, "The only safe places to work are Apple and Google and that's only because everything throughout Google is already open & public; and nobody can get by the plasma-acoustic Do Not PASS system guarding the new Cupertino mothership. Have you ever seen anyone come out of the mothership once they go in?"

Reality Hackers Anonymously pose as Anonymous as a cover for participating in Anonymous. Ref: @dunagan23-inspired "massively distributed recursive sock puppet theory"

Source: @silverton

The Templateularity
In which... you add your idea here. Duplicate this slide (don't delete it please) and add your own version of the alternate singularity. Go ahead, don't be shy...

source: @Your Name Here

Thanks to everyone who contributed. We'll be integrating them all for voting and commenting soon. Click here for the back story on doc and thanks again.
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