Ahmad Alzafeeri

Turkish Soap Opera and Kuwaiti audiences


Supervisors: Prof. Martin Barker and Dr Jamie Medhurst


The Turkish soap opera has emerged as a social phenomenon attracting the attention of commentators who, in their turn, tried to identify the various aspects and associations of this phenomenon. In 2008, Turkish soap operas started to replace and takeover the Arabic soap opera which had been dominating Arabic TV channels. Accordingly, the Turkish soap opera put an end to the domination of the Arabic soap opera on Arabic TV channels. 

However, the domination of the Turkish soap opera over Arabic viewers was accompanied by a strong opposition declared by several commentators and religious men. Hence, the rejection of the broadcasting of the Turkish soap opera came in line with the increase of its popularity among the Arabic audience.

My PhD thesis will investigate how Kuwaiti audiences interpret the Turkish soap opera in general and the 'Nour' soap opera in particular. In this respect, such a study helps to understand the ways in which the audiences make meaning from soap opera. I will apply a focus group methodology to attain a direct communication with the audience to identify their reception. According to the thesis question and methodology, my purpose is to explain the reasons behind the high popularity of the Turkish soap opera in Kuwait.