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In a bold first-day speech, the BBC’s new boss says the corporation must stop thinking that online innovation means repurposing broadcast content and instead ‘create genuinely digital content for the first time’. Read More »

Viral site BuzzFeed has a new retro-channel that taps into nostalgia cravings. The new vertical shows once again how BuzzFeed’s content and advertising savvy are pushing it to the front ranks of media powers. Read More »


With Janus Friis’ online video start-up still in stealth, Vdio is getting a leg up to launch by merging many staff with music service Rdio, paidContent learns. Read More »

Twitter has argued that it doesn’t own a user’s tweets, but at the same time the company wants to control what users do with their content so that it can monetize the network. There’s an inherent conflict there that is becoming increasingly difficult for Twitter to … Read More »

An appeals court granted a stay in the copyright dispute between the Authors Guild and Google so it can review a lower court’s decision to let the class action advance. The literary community is watching to learn if Google’s book scanning will be considered “fair use.” Read More »

An economist argues that “three myths” are driving the popular notion that online piracy is inevitable and can’t be stopped. Here’s a quick summary of those “myths” and why dispelling them is important to having a more nuanced discussion about how to handle unauthorized online content. Read More »

If you think fake online reviews are bad now, just wait a few years. Gartner predicts that in two to three years, 10 to 15 percent of all online reviews will be bought and paid for by businesses. Read More »

A judge has preliminarily approved the states’ $69 million ebook pricing settlement with publishers, but consumers won’t receive any payments until after a hearing is held in February 2013. Payments would range between $0.25 and $1.32 per ebook. Read More »

Research claims three billion songs were illegally downloaded via torrent between January and June. The problem may remain large, but it is likely shrinking. Read More »

Announcing our initial speaker lineup for our 2nd RoadMap conference! Our focus this year: design in the age of connectedness. It is scheduled for Nov. 5th in SF. Some of our speakers include Kevin Systrom, Evan Williams, David Karp, Tony Fadell, Yves Behar and more. Read More »

Only six months after its first digital release, the VHX team is now actively looking for creators with independent projects to distribute. What is VHX looking for in potential clients, though — and what do its clients get out of it? Read More »

For years Reddit has been used by journalists as a source of stories and ideas — but most outlets have preferred to keep their addiction quiet. Now, thanks in large part to President Obama, it doesn’t have to be their dirty little secret any more. Read More »

More Must Reads

Kobo is partnering with Brazilian bookstore chain Livraria Cultura to sell e-readers and ebooks. Ebook sales makes up less than 1 percent of book sales in Brazil but are expected to grow fast. Kindle also plans to launch in Brazil this year. Read More »

A new report from the Hudson Institute, a conservative think tank, shows that the number of jobs created by startups has fallen sharply since 2010. Small businesses are hiring again, so what is the particular problem with startups — and why are they suffering even in … Read More »

Looking for a job in digital media? Each week we highlight some of the most interesting positions posted to paidContent’s jobs board. Check out the latest gigs at media companies across the country. Read More »

Some proponents of newspaper paywalls — including a columnist in the Columbia Journalism Review — argue that charging readers for content results in better journalism than the free and advertising-supported model used by many digital publishers. But the evidence for this assertion is dubious at best. Read More »

A recent wave of lawsuits show that Time Warner is getting more aggressive in targeting DVD rings that use Amazon to sell unauthorized copies of HBO shows like True Blood. Read More »

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