My Name is Dennis Knill and I am Running For President of the United States
I am not a Politician!
I am an honest Hardworking American Patriot and statesman
I am America's only and last chance candidate to be able to reform Washington and the bureaucrats

I am happy with the current political enviorment.

I think America needs change

I am currently registered to vote

I believe politicians have my best interests in mind when making

Are you fed up with being over taxed?

Are you fed up with not being able to afford health care?

Are you fed up with the economy being managed so irresponsibly that you are afraid to spend any money?

Are you fed up with being lied to constantly by our politicians and not knowing what  or whom to believe anymore?
Our Mission is simple,  to put the United States of America back on track the way the Founding Fathers intended it to be!
When a politician says ‘we need change and yes we can’, most of us didn’t realize he wanted to destroy our great country, giving away our liberties and rights, enabling other countries to dictate to us what to say, how we are supposed to live, and how we move about on our own soil.

Well I say, Enough is Enough!!!
If you........
  • want frivolous and outrageous spending cut
  • want affordable health care for you and your family
  • want to feel safe and secure in your country again

.......then please help me in my campaign by volunteering or contributing with a contribution.

Our founding fathers and forebearers would be disgraced by what we see today, happening in the land they fought and died for. I say it’s time to bring America back to prosperity and health, the way it once was, being the Greatest Nation on Earth!

The Greatest Nation on Earth!

When WE THE PEOPLE are no longer healthy and prosperous, then this GREAT COUNTRY isn’t either.

Remember that our government is supposed to work for us not against us!

I am dedicated to making sure that happens. The liberties and rights of all American people must be protected!!!!

Because Enough is Enough!!  
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Any donations made are not tax deductible
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The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves ~

George Washington
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