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According to a new report from research firm eMarketer, Google is expected to lead the US display ad market in 2012, after losing the top spot to Facebook last year. The search giant also dominates in mobile and search advertising. Read More »

The ability to distribute real-time information through social networks like Twitter is a powerful thing, but a new study points out that one of the downsides of this phenomenon is the fact that much of the content that gets linked to eventually disappears. Read More »

Remember the hired gun lawyers who scoured the internet for copyright infringement and then took a cut of the legal settlement? If you thought those tactics vanished with notorious copyright troll, Righthaven, you’re mistaken. Here’s a look at a new form of copyright trolling. Read More »

More Must Reads

Betaworks’ started out as a service to share passages from Kindle books, but with Amazon cracking down on that functionality, the company will now focus on clipping and sharing content from the web. Read More »

Seth McFarlane’s performance on Saturday Night Live became available on Hulu Japan just hours after it aired on NBC in the U.S., and upcoming episodes will be released in the country just as fast. But don’t expect Hollywood to give up on international windows altogether. Read More »

Career site Dice acquired tech media icon Slashdot in the hopes that its energetic commentators will provide a new well of content and insight useful to job seekers. Will it work? Read More »

News-filtering service Prismatic has just launched a new “friend following” feature. Although this may look like a social-networking copycat move, founder Brad Cross says it is all about increasing the amount of data the service has about its users so that it can make relevant recommendations. Read More »

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