When the trailer for Sam Mendes's "Skyfall" was released, many were shocked to see actor Javier Bardem transformed into the eccentric, blond-haired Raoul Silva. So, how did the Academy Award-winning actor -- best known for his role as Anton Chigur in "No Country For Old Men" -- prepare to play another villain with a bad 'do? A lot translation.

Bardem covers GQ's fall issue, in which director Sam Mendes testifies to the actor's "obsession" with his roles.

Mendes, with whom Bardem spent eighteen months on-set filming, confirms the actor's obsession: "He does want to work very hard, to go over every full stop, every comma, every word. He would take his lines from the Bond script, translate it to Spanish, understand it, feel it, mold it, and translate it back again into English."

While it seems that the "No Country For Old Men" star can make any role sing, it turns out that Bardem is quite discerning when it comes to which ones he accepts.

Steven Spielberg courted him for a role in 2002's "Minority Report" but Bardem turned the role down. (The part ended up going to Colin Farrell.) As to why, Bardem said simply, "I don't see myself running on roofs."

SPOILER! No rooftop running scenes in "Bond"!

You can read the entire profile over on GQ.com or in the October issue of GQ. "Skyfall" hits theaters on November 9.

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