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7 Nokia world records that will blow your mind!

Published by 1000heads on February 15, 2011

You might have read the report that came out recently, showing that an amazing 65.2% of Chinese mobile subscribers are buying apps from the Ovi Store. (This is nearly three times more than Android Market and Apple Store users combined.) We don’t know about you, but this figure really blew our minds. And it turns out that Nokia holds plenty more amazing records. Here are seven that made us go wow!

The world’s most listened to tune

The Nokia tune comes from the composition Gran Vals, by the Spanish composer Francisco Tárrega. Anssi Vanjoki who, along with Lauri Kivinen, selected the famous excerpt brought it to Nokia in 1993. It is now heard worldwide an estimated 1.8 billion times per day, or about 20,000 times per second!

The world’s most popular mobile game

Snake, now over thirteen years old, was originally programmed for the Nokia 6100 series of handsets. Adapted for mobile phones by Taneli Armanto, who still works for Nokia, it’s now embedded in over 350 million devices worldwide, making it the most popular mobile game ever.

The world’s biggest manufacturers of digital cameras

There are now more than 4 billion people worldwide taking pictures with their mobiles. The camera phone is already the most widely used type of camera in history. Consequently, since 2008, Nokia has been the world’s largest manufacturer of digital cameras.

The world’s biggest cinema screen

The world's biggest cinema screen

Last year in Rosengård, Sweden, Nokia constructed a cinema so large that it had to be assembled and watched outside. The 1,428 square metre (that’s 51 metres x 28 metres) screen was hoisted up in front of a tower block and held in place by two giant cranes, while four XLM HD30 projectors, each weighing 140 kilos, projected the Prince Persia movie onto it.

The world’s most popular mobile phone

Nokia 1100

Of the estimated 5 billion cellphone users worldwide, only a lucky minority have smartphones. But the Nokia 1100 is owned by an incredible 250 million people worldwide, making it the world’s most popular phone.

The world’s smallest stop motion character animation

In an ambitious project the makers of Wallace and Gromit, Aardman Animations combined the might of the Nokia N8′s image capture ability with the concept behind Professor Fletcher’s invention of the CellScope. The result was the fabulous story of Dot.

The world’s most capable multitasking phone

Okay, this one isn’t confirmed by the Book of Guinness World Records, but we’re yet to see any evidence of it being broken. In September 5th 2010, the Nokia E5 ran a massive 74 apps simultaneously. This smashed the previously record of 62 held by a Samsung Omnia HD running on hacked firmware. Now that sure is an amazing amount of multitasking!


  • evolution1g

    Woah! :D

  • rodakk

    I was kinda surprised to see my little 'record' in here (E5 multitasking capabilities) :) Cheers, guys!

    • Nokia Nseries

      That's no little record Rodakk! You guys at Mobile Geek Inc are world record breakers and we think that's something worth celebrating :)

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    • Ahemd

      Hmmm .I don’t want to sound cynical, but stimoemes you, as a Company, have to make a decision. And mostly this decision is not always right (which you will see in the future when your Company died or you are losing customers in high numbers).But in every decision there is a new opportunity. Let me sum up:1. There is Google + Android, they are not producing phones, but the OS itself. It’s linux, and many phone manufacturers are happy with it.2. There is HP + WebOS, IMHO when HP is doing it right, they take WebOS to higher level. Hopefully HP will push WebOS to some other hardware vendors. The underlying system is Linux (as for Android) and the API looks interesting (especially the JS API).3. There is Nokia. They do produce phone hardware and they have at least 2 promising phone OS’ (Symbian and Maemo/Linux). They have a great developer library (Qt) which runs on many hardware systems, including small form factors.4. There is Apple and its IPhone and’s BSD and well, despite the fact that BSD is normally open, iOS is very closed source and nothing for the happy opensource dev.Android will survive, because Google can concentrat on the Software, they don’t need think about the hardware.WebOS will survive, with HP in the background and thinking that HP will do the same as Google, concentrating on the software, it will be a good competitor to Googles Android.Apple will survive (even with a smaller market share), because of their design, not their technique, eventually it’s better for them to take android or webos on the iphones and just design the form of mobile devices.Nokia will go away, after several years of expanding, Nokia will come to its EOL.Nokia is an elephant in regards to their production. Hardware production + Software production is a way you can’t go anymore.But what about Nokia and Qt?Thinking in terms of a KDE developer, when time comes they should fork the Qt project and do their own things. KDE has a lot of Qt core developers on board, so it shouldn’t be a problem.Anyways, Nokia had to make a decision, if they didn’t IMHO their business will die much faster then it will now.

  • Yash Maheshwari

    The world's most popular game, and yet Nokia decides to dump it from their phones.

    • Nokia Nseries

      Yash, Snake's going nowhere. It's too good a game. Manu, muchas gracias por su apoyo. Somos muy afortunados de tener amigos como usted!

  • HT

    @ Yash,do u know anything else rather than complaining? I feel pity on you that have you ever searched on ovi dat there's snake for almost every phone even on my N8 device,though it is my first Nokia,I ain't noob like you LOL… god bless you!!

  • devgenius


    nokia rocks……………………………………….

  • ManuVenezuela

    The world’s smallest stop motion character animation <—- Que impresinante!! 11años siendole fiel a nokia

    • Henry

      Fae7o do Fe1bio minhas paaavrls. Sou jornalista e comando programa de re1dio das 06h as 10h em uma emissora no sul do paeds. Uma de minhas patrocinadoras e9 revenda de celulares. Comprei ha 2 anos meu N95, tenho ele ate9 hj, porem, esses tempos recebi de presente desta msm loja um Iphone pra que eu possa brincar com ele e ir contando a experiencia aos meus ouvintes. Cara, confesso que sou mais NOKIA, porem, ela sf3 esqueceu de seguir o caminho, parou de vez. Sorte que ne3o quis um N97 quando me ofereceram, se ne3o estaria ate9 hj falando mal, je1 que foi isso que led aqui msm no seu blog. Ne3o sei se a NOKIA tem alguma carta na manga, mas pelo visto je1 je1 vai perder ate9 pros shing-ling. Abrae7o

  • Sigh

    Yes, well done Nokia, especially on the last one. Now let's kick symbian in the nads and push windows phone 7, right?…

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  • shreyas

    Nokia rocks!!

  • nic

    What about the biggest brainless corporate decision ever: deciding to kill a platform that attained so many world records to become an OEM for WP7.

    • Nokia Nseries

      Hi Sigh, we'd never kick Symbian in the nads, even if they did have any. It might have many detractors but Symbian will always have a special place in our hearts.

      I'm not sure the Book of Guinness World Records have a category for that Nic. If they do they'd doubtless be plenty of contenders. We're as confident as can be that we won't be one of them.

  • Daz

    Some pretty impressive records. The E5 must have been on it's knees with that many apps running surely!? Nokias aren't renown for their speedy processors! The camera and cinema screen is pretty amazing. Personally I'm bored of the Symbian OS but love my Maemo N900 and am apprehensive about WP7, so a Meego device can't come soon enough!

  • gyan

    great……n symbian was, better is best os for smartphones….knows android is just one step behind cos of its UI….

  • Venkatayuvaraju

    I am so proud to have Nokia for communication purpose. Its connecting people.

  • Budz3510

    Wow to E5..

  • Marco Leite

    I'm Nokia user since 2005, I'm sure that Nokia has the best communication hardware. Good luck with Microsoft.

  • almasry

    محمد حمدى

  • bABAR

    dere's just no alternativ, da most reliable handsets nokia hav
    cheer up :)

  • iEdge_odchigue shaybob_john

    Woah.,.,. My mother has an E5 then I play snake a thousand times, maybe everyday!! Well.,. Why not post Bounce Tales that game is pretty awesome too right?

    • Nokia Nseries

      It's a great game iEdge_odchigue shaybob_john. We totally understand you loving it so much. Bet your mum's pleased you're always on her phone :)

  • Kathiravan

    "Nokia" it is not a word. For me it is the HEART. I cant live without it.

  • Lad

    Nokia forever! Still use my 6310i everyday charge it up every other week, wonderful

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  • ankit ganguly

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwww,dats amazingggggggggg………………..

  • Telugu Cinema Wallpapers

    I still use the Nokia tune :)
    Nokia rocks!!!

  • lanujang

    i miss my Nokia 1100…. :)

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  • Timir

    Nokia RM217