Social Informatics Resources

Title: Social Informatics Resources
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Description: Social Informatics Resources is a wiki managed by Per Arne Godejord, Nesna University College, Norway. It aims to provide a guide to research resources and teaching materials for lecturers and students in social informatics and includes "video lectures, sound lectures, slideshare lectures, text based lectures, relevant search pages from Google, suggestions for curriculum and a guide to lecture SI". A student page has been established for "thoughts, comments and resources" contributed by students and others who wish to participate. The references are mainly in Norwegian. There are links to other social informatics wikis.
Keywords - controlled: internet; information research; social information; information theory; information society;
Keywords - uncontrolled: social informatics; ICT
Type: Bibliographic databases
Classification: Social sciences > Sociology > Knowledge, communication and learning
Country of origin: Norway