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This is a list of active stock exchanges. Those futures exchanges that also offer trading in securities besides trading in futures contracts are listed both here and the list of futures exchanges.

Major Stock Exchanges : as at 31 December 2011 [1]

Rank Stock Exchange Economy Headquarters Market Capitalization
(USD Billions)
Trade Value
(USD Billions)
1 NYSE Euronext  United States/
New York City 14,242 20,161
2 NASDAQ OMX  United States/
New York City 4,687 13,552
3 Tokyo Stock Exchange  Japan Tokyo 3,325 3,972
4 London Stock Exchange  United Kingdom London 3,266 2,837
5 Shanghai Stock Exchange  China Shanghai 2,357 3,658
6 Hong Kong Stock Exchange  Hong Kong Hong Kong 2,258 1,447
7 Toronto Stock Exchange  Canada Toronto 1,912 1,542
8 BM&F Bovespa  Brazil São Paulo 1,229 931
9 Australian Securities Exchange  Australia Sydney 1,198 1,197
10 Deutsche Börse  Germany Frankfurt 1,185 1,758
11 SIX Swiss Exchange  Switzerland Zurich 1,090 887
12 Shenzhen Stock Exchange  China Shenzhen 1,055 2,838
13 BME Spanish Exchanges  Spain Madrid 1,031 1,226
14 Bombay Stock Exchange  India Mumbai 1,007 148
15 Korea Exchange  South Korea Seoul 996 2,029
16 National Stock Exchange of India  India Mumbai 985 589
17 Moscow Exchange  Russia Moscow 800 514
18 JSE Limited  South Africa Johannesburg 789 372

[edit] Africa

[edit] Algeria

[edit] Botswana

[edit] Cameroon

[edit] Cape Verde

[edit] Egypt

[edit] Ghana

[edit] Kenya

[edit] Libya

[edit] Malawi

[edit] Mauritius

[edit] Morocco

[edit] Mozambique

[edit] Namibia

[edit] Nigeria

[edit] Rwanda

[edit] South Africa

[edit] Sudan

[edit] Swaziland

[edit] Tanzania

[edit] Tunisia

[edit] Uganda

[edit] Zambia

[edit] West Africa

[edit] Asia

See also List of Mideast stock exchanges, List of East Asian stock exchanges and List of South Asian stock exchanges.

[edit] Afghanistan

[edit] ASEAN

  • ASEAN Exchanges, ASEAN Connect Cross Border Trading, consist of most 30 major and liquid stocks of each of all ASEAN Stock Exchanges, currently 210 stocks from 7 Stock Exchanges

[edit] Bahrain

[edit] Bangladesh

[edit] Bhutan

[edit] Cambodia

[edit] China

[edit] Hong Kong

[edit] India

The list maintained by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is not current as of 2010.[1][2]

Commodity Exchange

[edit] Indonesia

[edit] Iran

[edit] Iraq

[edit] Israel

[edit] Japan

[edit] Jordan

[edit] Kazakhstan

[edit] Kuwait

[edit] Kyrgyzstan

[edit] Laos

[edit] Lebanon

[edit] Malaysia

[edit] Maldives

[edit] Mongolia

[edit] Nepal

[edit] Oman

[edit] Pakistan

[edit] Palestine

[edit] Philippines

[edit] Qatar

[edit] Saudi Arabia

[edit] Singapore

[edit] Sri Lanka

[edit] South Korea

[edit] Syria

[edit] Taiwan

[edit] Thailand

[edit] United Arab Emirates

[edit] Uzbekistan

[edit] Vietnam

[edit] Europe

See List of European stock exchanges for more information.

[edit] Pan-European

[edit] Albania

[edit] Armenia

[edit] Austria

[edit] Azerbaijan

[edit] Belgium

Belgium stock Exchange Boro Dhudu Stock Exchange

[edit] Bosnia and Herzegovina

[edit] Bulgaria

[edit] Channel Islands

[edit] Croatia

[edit] Cyprus

[edit] Czech Republic

[edit] Denmark

[edit] Estonia

[edit] Faroe Islands

[edit] Finland

[edit] France

[edit] Georgia

[edit] Germany

[edit] Gibraltar

[edit] Greece

[edit] Hungary

[edit] Iceland

[edit] Ireland

[edit] Italy

[edit] Latvia

[edit] Lithuania

[edit] Luxembourg

[edit] Macedonia

[edit] Malta

[edit] Moldova

[edit] Montenegro

[edit] Netherlands

[edit] Norway

[edit] Poland

[edit] Portugal

[edit] Romania

  • Bucharest Stock Exchange (Bursa de Valori Bucureşti or BVB) (indices BET, BET-C, BET-FI and ROTX)
  • SIBEX (formerly known as Sibiu Monetary Financial and Commodities Exchange)

[edit] Russia

[edit] Serbia

[edit] Slovakia

[edit] Slovenia

[edit] Spain

[edit] Sweden

[edit] Switzerland

[edit] Turkey

[edit] Ukraine

[edit] United Kingdom

[edit] North America

see List of stock exchanges in the Americas for more information.

[edit] Bahamas

[edit] Barbados

[edit] Bermuda

[edit] Canada

[edit] Cayman Islands

[edit] Costa Rica

[edit] Dominican Republic

[edit] Eastern Caribbean

[edit] El Salvador

[edit] Guatemala

[edit] Honduras

[edit] Jamaica

[edit] Mexico

[edit] Nicaragua

[edit] Panama

[edit] Trinidad and Tobago

[edit] United States of America

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) maintains a list of national securities exchanges registered with it or subject to exemptions from registration.[4]

[edit] South America

See List of American stock exchanges for more information.

[edit] Argentina

[edit] Bolivia

[edit] Brazil

[edit] Chile

[edit] Colombia

[edit] Ecuador

[edit] Guyana

[edit] Paraguay

[edit] Peru

[edit] Uruguay

[edit] Venezuela

[edit] Worldwide: Internet-based

[edit] See also

[edit] Notes

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