Constitutionally Limited Government

  • Government has a specifically designed role in our society.
  • We need leadership in Topeka that understands this and is not afraid to take a stand and protect our rights under the 10th amendment.
  • Quality education has been one of the strengths of Johnson County. In order to ensure this continues, I would support legislation that revises the current state funding formula.
  • Equally important is the need to increase the visibility and accountability over where our education dollars are being spent.
Fiscal Responsibility
  • Just as families learn to live within their own means, government must learn to do the same.
  • We need fiscally responsible leaders in Topeka that are going to rein in spending, lower taxes and encourage both consumers and businesses to do business in Kansas.
  • Life is precious from conception until death.
  • I will fight to see that late-term abortion laws are being enforced.
  • I will work for the protection of family values and that includes support of a parental rights amendment for Kansans.
Rule of Law
  • I support and stand behind the rule of law when it comes to immigration.
  • I would support legislation that calls for stricter penalties on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants.
  • I would also support legislation which encourages all immigrants to fully assimilate themselves into the American culture which would include its traditions, language and heritage.
  • I strongly support the 2nd Amendment. The U.S. Constitution guarantees us the right to keep and bear arms. I believe this is one of our fundamental rights as an American.