Mégane Renault Sport 

Exhilarating performance and handling

Launched in 2009 and restyled in 2012, Mégane R.S. tops the Renault range of sporting vehicles. Its powerfully evocative exterior styling expresses high standards in performance and technology.


Mégane R.S. sports an impressive front end with its wing extensions, front bumper equipped with an F1-inspired aerodynamic splitter and LED lights. At the rear, a specially designed spoiler and diffuser illustrate the strength of this powerful design. A wide choice of 18-inch or 19-inch wheels, the exclusive Sirius Yellow colour and the “RS Design” packs let buyers select an exclusive vehicle configured to their requirements.

An interior designed for performance 

Mégane R.S. ships with sports seats with reinforced side support. It can also be equipped with Recaro bucket seats for frequent track use. At the same time, the steering wheel, meters, gear lever and aluminium pedal assembly have been designed for enhanced performance and efficiency. An onboard telemetry system, R.S. Monitor, lets users track and adjust various vehicle parameters.

A spirited engine and high-precision chassis 

Mégane R.S. ships with a 2.0 16v turbocharged petrol engine developing 265 hp (195 kW) at 5,500 rpm with torque of 360 Nm from 3,000 rpm. The sound of the engine has been reworked to achieve a more satisfying pitch both outside and inside the car.


In terms of running gear, Mégane R.S. features an independent steering-axis front axle for an efficient transfer of power to the drive wheels. An optional limited slip differential pushes back the limits of the chassis still further.


R.S. Dynamic Management gives the vehicle several facets. In normal mode, all safety functions are active and fuel consumption is limited. In Sport mode, the brake booster is deactivated and ESP parameters adjusted for a sportier drive with a faster pedal response. ESP can also be deactivated, letting drivers give free rein to their talent.


Mégane Renault Sport is built at the Palencia plant (Spain), an ISO 14001 certified site.

Enthusiast Days, sharing the experience 

By developing high-performance, affordable vehicles, Renault Sport wants everybody to (re) discover motor sports. This passion for sport can then be shared at events such as the Enthusiast Days, which enable members of the public to try out their track driving or ice driving skills or follow driver training.

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