JUNE 20 2008 19:12h

PHOTO: Flares and Flags on Monuments in Vienna

Croatian football fans invade Vienna.






Monuments in Vienna cheer for Croatia too. Flare smoke is what is left from this afternoon’s skirmished, and songs are sung with every step.

Thousands of Croatian and Turkish football fans are flooding the Austrian capital city just before the quarter final match between Croatia and Turkey. 

-.--.-Most of them will follow the game in the one of the city squares where video walls have been set on occasion of the European Championship. The big TV screens have already been decorated with Croatian national colours. Croatian flags adorn monuments, fountains and pillars in Vinna, and football t-shirts, hats and scarves are a must for all present supporters.

Foreign agencies said that, just like in 1683, the Turks have reached Vienna, but this time they entered the city just to find out that the Croats were the first to arrive.

A few Turkish supporters passed through a sea of Croats, bravely waving their flags. The atmosphere is hot, but after this afternoon’s ‘meeting’ between fans, no accidents have been recorded.

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