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Programme 33: 26th April 2007
Athlone Institute of Technology Postgraduate student Miriam Kelly on research into ' gender bending' chemicals in water (Click here)

Whatever happened to the hole in the ozone layer? (Click here)
Atmospheric chemist Prof Howard Sidebottom of University College Dublin (Click here).

The mystery disappearance of honey bees: Philip McCabe on the puzzling 'colony collapse disorder'

Fighting liver fluke infection:  Prof Grace Mulcahy (UCD Veterinary
College)  tells reporter Terry Flanagan about a possible new vaccine. (Click here)
And the Burren is in full bloom, 3-4 weeks ahead of its usual time. (Click here)

Programme 32: 19th April 2007
This programme is a special programme from the Met Office in Glasnevin. The guests are Evelyn Cusack on the history of the Met service, Michael Cleary on how the daily weather forecast is assembled, Michael McAuliffe on the the raod temperature sensors, Seamus Walsh on forecasting weather for spreading slurry and Conor Daly on the Met archives.

Met Eireann website:

Programme 31: 12th April 2007
Dr. Eamonn O'Toole of HP and Prof. Terry Smith of NUI Galway on the new Institute of BioMedical Informatics

Report from Terry Flanagan on how Navan Community TV station P5 is now broadcasting worldwide on the internet.

Gabrielle Walker on a hidden lake beneath the Antarctic (Click here) and her new book, An Ocean of Air (Click here)

Alec Copeland of Birdwatch Ireland on the return of the corncrake for the Summer.
The plight of the Irish corncrake (Click here)

To report any Corkcake sightings/hearings, obtain further information or find out how you can help contact the Crex Hotline ((057 915 1676) or email the Corncrake Project Officer Brain Caffrey on

Programme 30: 5th April 2007
Image of the Morse code embedded in Tubular BellsProf Michael Hauser, University College London on putting a switch into the brains of nematode worms.

George Reynolds on the strange signals embedded in Tubular Bells. (Image of the Morse code embedded in Tubular Bells on right)

Des Traynor of NUI Maynooth on politicians using Bebo. Click here

Padraigh Whooley on what whales are off the coast at the moment.

Programme 29: 29th March 2007
Dr. Ben Goldacre on British universities awarding degrees in homeopathy.  

Prof. Robin Keating of Marshall University West Virginia and Phd student Adam Stewart Smith on the plesiosaur skulls in the natural History Museum Dublin.

Dr Chris Coughlan of Hewlett Packard, Galway reviewing a book 'The New Physics'

And award-winning astronomer Dave McDonald  on the sky at night, and how to get started in stargazing

Programme 28: 22nd March 2007
Special repeat of programme aboard the Marine Institutes research vessel the Celtic Voyager.

Programme 27: 15th March 2007
Prof. John Conway of the University of California, Davis on the possibility of finding the Higgs bosum particle and blogging his results.

Terry Flanagan reporting from Teagasc in Kinsealy on efforts to develop better sycamore trees.

Dr. Ger Manning of the Salk Institute, San Diego, California on sequencing marine bacteria.

Stephanie O'Neill of Discover Science on their Green Wave website.

Brendan Dunford on spring in the Burren.

The caterpillars make clicking noises when disturbed

Programme 26: 8th March 2007
Mary Bourke of the Planetry Science Institute Tucson Arizona about finding water on Mars.

Prof. Carol O'Sullivan on creating virtual Dublin

Aileen Fyffe on the history of women in science. 

Charlotte O'Kelly on what is happening now the seas are warming up for spring.

Programme 25: 1st March 2007
Interview with James Randerson on the brightest source of light in the universe

Visit to the Alchemist Café in Dublin

Review of 'Mismatch' by Niamh Shaw
Click here

Gerald Fleming on Spring weather

Programme 24: 22nd February 2007 
Topic: This programme is a visit to Armagh Observatory.

Guests: Director Prof. Mark Bailey on the history and work of the Observatory

Dr. John Butler on the weather records and their importance in understanding climate change.
Dr. Tollis Christou and Prakesh Attaya on CCTV cameras recording meteorites
Dr.Simon Jeffries on the study of the life of stars.
Presented by Mary Mulvihil
Produced by Peter Mooney

Programme 23: 15th February 2007

Interview with Peter Judge on a new quantum computer.

Dr. Tom Hayden on a survey of the squirrells in the Phoenix Park

Sinead Phelan of Teagasc in Kinsealy researching disease in buddleia

Margie McCarthy on the Week of Wonder promoting engineering.

Programme 22: 8th February 2007

The new centre at the cliffs of Moher, Mark Leslie designer.

Jane Jerry CEO of the new Dublin science centre for children.

Numbers a play at the Abbey about cloning

I/V with Damien Walshe about his Darwin Day lecture.

Programme 21: 1st February 2007
1. Looking for diamonds in Donegal, Barry Long geologist,

2. Blood clot research Prof. Niamh Moran, the College of Surgeons

3. Visual searches of the internet Barry Fitzgerald

4. Microsofts Vista Sean Coughlan,

5. What to see in the sky Dave McDonald.

Programme 20: 25th January 2007

1. Research into improving memory Richard Roche NUI Maynooth

2. Report by Terry Flanagan on smart clothes being made in UCD by Lucy Dunne

3. report on Satellite Navigation systems by Peter Mooney and Leeanne O'Donnell

4. The weather on the Sun Dr Peter Gallagher TCD

Programme 19: 18th January 2007
1.Biodiversity Centre in Waterford IT, Liam Lysaght
2.Satellite navigation report by Peter Mooney I/V with Gary Delaney and Ronan McGurrion of NavTeq

3. Cancer research centre in Trinity College, Dr. Mary Meakin
4. Whale watching season Padraigh Whooley of the irish Whale and Dolphin group

Programme 18: 11th January 2007
Topic: The Young Scientist exhibition and its relevance

Dr. Tony Scott founder
George Reynolds, winner 1968
Jane Feehan winner 1995
Marion Palmer, science education consultant
Brian Trench, DCU

Programme 17: 4th January 2007
Topic: Looking forward to science in 2007-02-07

Leo Enright, space
Siobhan O'Sullivan, Irish Council for Bioethics
Karlin Lillington,
John Sweeney, NUI Maynooth, climate change
James Gillies CERN Geneva

Programme 16: 28th December 2006
Topic: The greatest inventions and discoveries.
Guests: Lynn Parker, Niamh Shaw, Michael John Gorman and Matthew Jebb, John Sulston, Joan O'Connor and Chris Coughlan

Programme 15: 14th December 2006

Programme 14: 7th December 2006
Ita Richardson of the University of Limerick and Caroline Roughneen of Trinity College Dublin about  a new initiative to encourage women in science engineering and technology

Report by Terry Flanagan with Prof. Denis O'Sullivan about the effects of radiation on air travellers and pilots

Michael Philips Dublin City engineer about the original port tunnel

Phone call with Brendan Dunford about winter in the Burren

Programme 13: 30th November 2006
A visit to the Armagh Planetarium.

For more on the mystery star in Cassiopeia that is puzzling astronomers, click here:

If you photographed Cassiopeia in October, then Roger Picard( would like to hear from you.

Programme 12: 23rd November 2006
A visit to Dave McDonald's observatory in Celbridge Co. Kildare (, Ireland's first amateur observatory and Kevin Sweeney, ( who has Ireland's second amateur observatory 

Interview with Brian Trench on Irish people's attitudes to nano-technology.

A visit to the Geocomputational  Centre in NUI Maynooth with Prof. Stewart Fothringham and Dr. Martin Charlton.

Programme 11: 16th November 2006
Review of new nanotechnology game by Terry Flanagan and I/V with one of the developers of the game Keelin Murphy from the CRANN Institute in TCD

Anna Nolan about Science Week events in Limerick

Report on music and superstrings event in the RDS

Brian Foster and Jack Liebeck

David Asher about the November meteor shower - click here

Teagasc new journal - click here

New Scientists 50th anniversary - click here

Programme 10: 9th November 2006
Students of the Science Communications course in DCU talk about Science Week - click here

A Visit to the National Metrology laboratory in DCU - click here

Report by Terry Flanagan from the National Virus Reference laboratory on the Flu virus

Dr Matthew Jebb of the national Botanic gardens on the effects of the long autumn on trees - click here

Programme 9: 2nd November 2006
Special trip on the marine Institute's research vessel the Celtic Voyager.

Programme 8: 26th October 2006
Prof. Ray Fuller of Trinity College Dublin on the causes of road accidents.

Joan O'Connor, architect reviewing two books on Irelands engineering heritage.

Industrial Ireland 1750-1930
An Archaeology
Colin Rynne.

Engineering Ireland
Editor: Ronald C. Cox.

Both by the Collins Press

Peter Mooney visits the national Institute for Cellular Biotechnology talking to Prof. Martin Clynes and Dr. Donnchadh O'Driscoll

Denis McNulty on the Dublin Electronic Arts Festival

Eric Dempsey on the departure of the summer migrants and the arrival of the winter migrants.

Programme 7: 19th October 2006
Interview with Prof. Ingrid Daubechies about wavelets in mathematics.

Report from the annual Hamilton walk from Dunsink Observatory to Broombridge

Interview with Anne Leahy about Bach Mozart music and maths

Interview with Tom Ray about maths and megaliths, with Paddy Power about maths and setting odds and Evelyn Cusack about maths and weather forecasting.

Programme 6: 12th October 2006
Siobhan Sullivan director of the Council for Bioethics on an up coming conference of the ethics of pandemics. Click here

Report from Terry Flanagan on the cryotherapy centre in Wexford
I/V with Patrick Wyse Jackson on his new book on the age of the earth 'The Chronologers' published by Cambridge University Press

Sean Coughlan reporting on what is hot on the web. This week:

Programme 5: 5th October 2006
The Government Green paper on sustainable energy (click here).
Gerry Duggan and Larry Staudt

Report on potato blight by Terry Flanagan

Gerry Douglas of Teagasc in Kinsealy on project to clone ancient Irish trees 

Brendan Dunford on the transition from Winter to Summer in the Burren (click here).

Nobel prize winners (click here).

Programme 4: 28th September 2006
Dr. Nancy Gallagher of the School of Tropical Medicine in the College of Surgeons on the reintroduction of DDT in Africa to combat the spread of malaria.

Radiolarian, a single-celled organism found in plankton of the worlds oceans, model in glass by Blaschka of Dresden, copyright National Museum of IrelandNigel Monaghan curator of the Natural History Museum and Julia Sigwart of UCD on the exhibition and conference on the Blaschka glass models in the Museum.

Cathy Fitzgerald reviewing the book 'Seen and Unseen' by Martin Kemp, Published by the Oxford University Press.

Emer Bruen on the Speed dating event to bring scientists and artists together on October 17th.

Evelyn Cusack on winter weather

Emily Duffy on the Winter sky

Programme 3: 21st September 2006
Rob Edwards of New Scientist on converting carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon fuel.
Terry Flanagan reporting on Junior cert science.
Aadrian Weckler of the Sunday Business Post on keeping your voicemail secure.
Gerry Fleming on how there is no such thing as equinox storms.
Emily Duffy on what the equinox

Programme 2: 14th September 2006
Interview with Richard Smith about medical journals publishing the results of drug trials.

Report on Prof. Tom Hayden of the Mammal study group in UCD studying deer in the Phoenix Park before the rutting season starts.

Interview with Conor Pope of the Irish Times about the Al Gore movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'

Sean Coughlan on what is new and how on the internet

Websites mentioned on the programme

 Richard Smith's book in summary

Sites related to an Inconvenient Truth

Sites mentioned by Sean Coughlan

Programme 1: 7th September 2006
The Middle East War continues in cyberspace, Gordon Smith of Silicon

Royal Irish Academy exhibition of Cynthia Longfield's work. Report by Claire O'Connell

Government's strategy for science technology and innovation debate with Brian Trench and James Wickham

Alan Giltinan of the Cork Institute of Technology on the lunar eclipse

Evelyn Cusack of the Met office on the unusually high tide.

Web links mentioned

Information on the hacking of websites by parties in the Middle East Conflict: Click here

The Governments Strategy on Science Technology and Innovation: Click here

Job as Stephen Hawking's graduate assistant: Click here

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