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I got back from Auckland on Wednesday evening after delivering my talk with Murray Wills of Maxsys on the MOT deployment of MOSS intranet. The conference had a great lineup of speakers and the two days was full of new ideas and thoughts. I came away with a good feeling that intranets in the future are going to be very dynamic and exciting! Best quotes from the conference.. "a blog is an unexploded bomb!" - Paul Reynolds. Read Michael's blogscript of the event. "wikis in - blogs out" - Helen Baxter (mohawk media) Again Michael has his blogscript. What Helen meant was wikis for internal content with users taking ownership and blogs for communicating with an external audience. Michael blogged all of the event except for (7th Annual Intranets and Enterprise Portal Management Summit) his own session but his slides o ...[Read More]
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I will be attending and presenting a session and case study on MOSS at the "7th Annual Strategic Intranet and Enterprise Portal Management Conference" in Auckland New Zealand on 28th and 29th of August. The session is on the deployment of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 at the New Zealand Ministry of Transport.   Session details are as follows. Case Study: The NZ Government Embraces SharePoint 2007With the recent release of the new Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) platform, many Public Sector organisations are now considering deploying MOSS technologies as the foundation for their Intranet. This session looks at New Zealand’s first ever Intranet deployment using MOSS technologies. Following the project from design through to deployment, the presenters will talk about their approach to solving the Ministry ...[Read More]
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Developers who are already building SharePoint solutions should check out the latest CTP. This has been posted on the SharePoint Designer Team blog. You can get hold of the VSeWSS 1.1 CTP here. The team has put a lot of thought into this build and has taken feedback from developers. The main new feature for 1.1 is what we call "Solution Package editing". In version 1 of VSeWSS, when you are building an application, the tool is implicitly creating a .WSP file behind the scenes for you, which you can think of as a SharePoint "installer" file. When you hit F5/Debug, VSeWSS automatically installs this WSP solution package, as the mechanism for deploying the project files to the local SharePoint box. While this design has some nice benefits (e.g. VSeWSS doesn't have to hard-code knowledge about where to install fil ...[Read More]
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It's been a bit late but here are some resources from my presentation of OFC 418 that I co-presented with Brendon. I have collated a list of links for IT Pros and SharePoint administrators. MS TechNet Content Newly published content for Office SharePoint Server 2007 (TechNet Updated regularly) Planning Guides and Administration Topics (TechNet) Podcasts: Microsoft IT: How Microsoft IT Manages SharePoint Disaster and Recovery (3/22/2006) Podcasts: MS IT: How Microsoft IT Manages SharePoint Operations (4/20/2006) Webcast: How Microsoft IT Plans SharePoint Capacity and Growth (Level 300) (5/23/2006) WhitePaper: Joelo: SharePoint Performance at Microsoft (12/23/2005) WebCast: Joelo @ MS IT: Managing SharePoint Products and Technologies Performance at MS (5/26/2006) Podcasts: How Microsoft IT Implements Encryption Using S ...[Read More]
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Zamdes User Group at TechEd NZ [ Posted on: 15-August-2007 ]

If you are interested in Silverlight and WPF the "ZAMDES" user group will be having it's inaugural meeting in Auckland at TechEd! Time 4PM. Meet near the Hands on labs! Nas Khan is organising a Wellington event soon! Check Nas's Blog for the announcemet!   Technorati Tags: TechEdNZ07, Silverlight, WPF, Events ...[Read More]
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Just finished my first session at TechEd New Zealand "OFC 304 Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Upgrade and Migration". Here are the session resources and links related to the session. Sites based on site templates: Site Template Upgrade Kit PreScan Errors and what they mean More upgrade methods After upgrade you can only create publishing sites as subsite can be changed Resources and Recommendations for Upgrading Site Definitions and Site Templates Upgrade Content IT Pros may not have seen Other Upgrade Topics from Joel’s Blog Slide Deck: Download Slides (5MB Zip file) New Zealand Technical Communities, Webcasts, Blogs, Chats & User Groups Technorati Tags: MOSS, WSS, Upgrade, Migration, TechEdNZ07 ...[Read More]
Xamlgirl at TechED NZ [ Posted on: 11-August-2007 ]

Yes the rumor is true! Xamlgirl will be at TechEd New Zealand this year! Who is Xamlgirl? Good question.. Head on to and see who Xamlgirl is. Xamlgirl is Nas Khan and she is starting "ZamDes" - the WPF and Silverlight user group based in Wellington run by designers for designers! Nas works at Infinity Solutions and has been working on WPF/Silverlight applications. This year at TechEd NZ there will be a few sessions on Silverlight. Nas's sidekick and PA is none other than Isha Hartono of Provoke. Isha has done some cool Silverlight apps and a few of these will be on show at the Provoke Carnival at TechEd NZ! John-Daniel from Mindscape will also be there. Mindscape has just released "LiteSpeed" "LightSpeed is an innovative, high performance .NET domain model and O/R mappin ...[Read More]
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Most read SharePoint posts on my blog [ Posted on: 10-August-2007 ]

I did a quick check of my logs for the period of 1st May 2007 to 1st August 2007 and these are the most read "SharePoint" posts on my blog. I get about 100~ visits on average daily. How to setup and Configure Forms Based User Administration Feature Release 1.0 Beta A Guided Tour Through SharePoint HTML, CSS, and Master Page Resources (Session from Sydney Asia Pacific SharePoint Conference) How do I develop for SharePoint? SharePoint Deployment(s) who should be involved what should be considered? Upgrades and Migrations, now is the time to get it right (Quite topical as this is a session I am ...[Read More]

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