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“The Department of Education and Skills recognises the importance of fostering and cultivating attitudes and skills in children that will help to promote enterprise, critical thinking and communication skills.”
Ruairi Quinn, Minister for Education and Skills in a mail to BizWorld

Schools benefit from running BizWorld workshops in various ways:

  • Children enjoy the workshops and are motivated
  • They learn 21st century skills
  • They get to use existing knowledge and skills in a new way
  • Schools enhance their reputation by running this innovative programme

To give you an idea what you need to provide so that BizWorld workshops can run in your school we have put together the requirements :

BizWorld and BizWiz:

  • An interactive smartboard (if possible)
  • No other resources necessary
  • Everything else that is needed will be provided by BizWorld Ireland

For BizMovie you need to have:

  • 8 PC’s or Laptops
  • Wireless internet
  • Adobe Flash installed
  • An interactive smartboard (if possible)
  • Everything else that is needed will be provided by BizWorld Ireland

Before your pupils attend a Bizworld workshop we ask them to fill out this pre assessment.

And after they attended the workshop we would like to receive this post assessment.

Please leave a comment below if you want to share your experience and any feedback you got from running BizWorld workshops in your school.

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