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“Taking part in the BizWorld Workshop was an engaging and rewarding experience for all the 6th class children in Our Lady of Lourdes N.S., Goldenbridge.”

“The project managed to incorporate English, Maths, SESE, SPHE, Art, Music and Drama in a realistic practical setting. The challenges for the students encouraged them to co-operate, problem-solve, think critically and constantly re-assess their progress. At all times the children were involved, regardless of ability, and they were using skills that would be vital for adults in post-Recession 21st century Ireland.”

- Lee Kavanagh, Our Lady of Lourdes N.S., Goldenbridge – Teacher

“…There is a wide range of abilities in the class, from children with diagnosed learning difficulties and emotional and behavioural disorders to the high achieving. The Bizworld programme must be applauded for its inclusiveness – every child, regardless of ability, was fully engaged at all times.”

“The feedback from the participating pupils was extremely positive and they would relish the opportunity to participate in this programme again. The programme integrates well with many curricular areas including literacy, numeracy, visual arts, SPHE, SESE and ICT. This highly structured and well delivered programme provided the children with the opportunity to develop their skills of reasoning, communicating, interpreting, predicting and persuasion. It also allowed them to enhance their IT skills in a meaningful and real life context. The programme exposed them to the world of business and the various roles in any company….”

You can read the full text of the St. Gabriels Testimonial as pdf.

- Marion Mc Loone, St. Gabriels NS, Dublin 7 – Principal

Our school Blessington Educate Together NS took part in the Bizworld Movie programme over two days. We are a mixed class of boys and girls from second to sixth class.

Each pupil had the opportunity to explore the world of business through fun, dynamic and exciting activities. The pupils had to face take on the challenges of working together, solving disagreements, sorting finances and working creatively.

At the end of the two days the groups and their businesses had produced independently a variety of movies which were shown to the rest if the school. The pupils were extremely proud of their hard work and achievements.

The bizworld programme gave the pupils the opportunity to learn new skills and encouraged them to think critically. The facilitator was well organised, experienced and delivered the programme in a fun and exciting way.

All of the pupils were able to reflect on their experience and talk about things they would do differently the next time. It was a brilliant, fun and creative experience thoroughly enjoyed by all!

- Mandy Grennan, Blessington Educate Together NS – Class Teacher

The pupils teachers and SNA were very impressed with the workshop. The pupils really engaged and enjoyed the 2 days. Many thanks.
I will make the other schools in the area aware and they will probably be in touch.
We would welcome the opportunity to have the workshop again next year.
Oisin did very well to engage this particular class.

- Terry McCarthy, Inchicore NS – Principal

“…I was very impressed by the structure, content and delivery of the workshop. The children were thoroughly engaged throughout. The activity was focused on group-work and thus challenged them to work as a team and achieve results.

It was very challenging to all pupils yet enabled all regardless of their strengths and weaknesses a chance to actively participate in the process. The content was delivered through the full range of curriculum areas. It also provided a practical basis for how we can implement maths, English, art and ICT etc. in everyday life. The children learned a great deal about the structure of business and in some ways de-stigmatised business as something only for the ‘rich’ or ‘privileged’.
We all found Oisin to be an excellent tutor. He managed the two days very effectively. Every activity progresses seamlessly from one to the next. He encouraged the children to be professional and ‘business-like’ and discipline was not an issue at all. The competition aspect meant that the boys were very motivated throughout and they worked hard so as to do the best job for their company.”

You can read the full text of the St. Pauls CBS Testimonial as pdf.

- Philip Howard, St. Pauls CBS, Dublin 7 – Class Teacher

The two days that Bizworld spent with my sixth class were productive, exciting, innovative and challenging, exposing the children to a whole new experience. The BizWorld programme allowed the children to use and develop a whole range of skills in a very realistic and practical manner.

It challenged them on an artistic, social, literacy and numeracy basis. All children were engaged in the projects and with the support of John even the more challenging of behaviour was kept in check by a fast paced and focused programme of events throughout the 2 days. As a teacher, I found it so interesting to see children that I have taught all year shine in so many areas. The skills of accounting, negotiation, team-work, compromise were called upon to complete the tasks set successfully. I would love to bring this programme into my school on a yearly basis as almost a “rite of passage” for 6th class. A fantastic and new way to bring practical and entrepreneurial skills into the classroom!

- Cora Flynn  – Griffith Barracks Multi-Denominational School – Class Teacher

The children really enjoyed the two days workshop and teachers were very impressed – a great programme and thank you for including us.

Thank you too to Oisin, it was two exhausting days for him, firstly because the class teacher was absent on Day 1 due to a bereavement and secondly because of the number of pupils with Special Ed difficulties in that group, which means that new activities are difficult for them to settle to. However, that didn’t prevent the programme from being very effective and enjoyable.

- Anne McClosky – Our ady of the Wayside NS, Bluebell – Principal

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