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BizWorld currently offers three programs: BizWorld, BizWiz and BizMovie.

With the BizWorld programme students learn the basics of business, entrepreneurship and money management as they start and run friendship bracelet businesses. By assuming the roles of executive producer, sales and marketing manager and finance director, students work in teams to design, manufacture, market and sell their product. Through this process students make spending and investment decisions, track company finances, discuss debt versus equity funding, earn salaries and pay rent.

During the BizWiz programme students are taught the importance of smart money management as they learn the basics of saving and investing. Playing the roles of analysts, controllers and traders, the students work in teams to set financial goals, analyse economic forecasts, track investments, allocate and trade assets. The BizWiz program is approximately 10 hours in length and is also geared towards students in 5th and 6th class and can be used in conjunction with or independently of the BizWorld curriculum.

The third programme is BizMovie which teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, business and finance by showing children how the entrepreneurial cycle operates in a simulated movie production industry. BizMovie teaches basic computer programming skills to develop the movie and students use a school computer lab or individual computers to complete the movie.

The courses can take place during the day, after school or during their holidays.
Please check out our Facebook Page to find infos about upcoming workshops.

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