Websites of the Month

Living with fibromyalgia

Called a visibility project, the site artistically documents the experiences of three women with fibromyalgia. Their messages portray the frustration of the mystery surrounding the disease. Visitors are met with background images conveying the common difficulties of having the disease, including invasive and uncomfortable X-rays, myograms, bone scans and blood tests.

Adding minor animation and creative use of scrolling bars, the site seeks to capture the essence of living with fibromyalgia. Designer and visual artist Susan Harman says her goal is "to give voice to the unspoken and express the invisible through art."

Exploring winning streaks

Created and maintained by psychologist Alan S. Reifman, PhD, of Texas Tech University's Department of Human Development and Family Studies, this site is intended to spark further research as well as interest in statistics involved in athletic "streakiness," or winning or losing consistently.

Reifman describes 15 years of "hot hand" (streakiness) research, includes instructions for conducting personal analyses and offers links to other social science statistics Web sites. He also details his most recent analyses of National Basketball Association three-point shooting contests.

"I believe this topic can capture the interest of students taking courses in research methodology, statistics and probability," says Reifman.

A textbook-like site on child development

This searchable site is an outreach and informational tool of the Child Development Institute in California, founded by child psychologist Robert Myers, PhD.

Aimed at parents of children at any stage, the textbook-scope information includes details about development, disorders, learning, parenting and health/safety issues. Tools are offered through discussion in specific help topics such as bed-wetting, shyness, homework, sibling rivalry and sleep problems.



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