Mitered Granny Square

Update:  I now have a diagram for this.

These are the directions for the blanket I first showed in the Crochet in Progress post, here is a better photo (the colors look a bit washed out, the sun was bright):

And a closer look, remember it is posed on a chair, instead of lying flat so the squares look less than square.

I’m sure that there are variations of this kind of square out there.  Here is another one I did, I really like the off centered square, definately going to make something with these!

Ok, back to the subject at hand…these are easy to do and have many possibilities with different color combinations.  For my blanket, I was going for a half log cabin quilt sorta thing, with a modern look.  I decided to do as many variations of the 5 colors I chose as I could, with an off white to border each square.  I am using Loops and Threads Impeccable, as I didn’t want to spend lots of money on all the yarn I need for this.  It is worsted weight and I am using a size 7 (4.5mm) hook.

Start with a basic Granny Square

Round 1

Make a Magic Circle, pull up a loop and ch3 (counts as first dc here and everywhere).  2dc in circle, ch3.
{3dc, ch3} 3 times
Slpst to the top chain of the beginning ch3,  Do not end off.

Round 2

Ch3, in the next chain 3 space {3dc, ch3, 3dc}
{3dc, ch3, 3dc} in the next 2 ch3 spaces.
In the last ch3 space, 3dc, ch3, 2dc.  Slpst to top of beginning ch3.  End off.  Basic Granny Square accomplished.

Now, the Mitered Part

Attach a new color in any ch3 corner, I prefer to attach with a beginning dc, or you can use a slpst and ch3.  Choice is good!
2dc in same space.
3dc in the space between the 2 groups of 3dc of the previous row
3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch 3 corner space
3dc in the space between
3dc, ch3 in the next corner space.  Now this part is a teeney bit tricky…turn.  Now we are working as if it is rows, doing them along 2 sides of the square.

3dc in next space.

And continue across, doing 3dc, ch3, 3dc in the corner and 3dc between each to the end.  Dc in the top of the stitch on the end, and end off.

Flip it over and attach a new color with a dc or ch3.

Carry on as before, along the 2 sides you did before.

Do as many rows as you desire.  This was how many I desired : )

Around We Go Again

Now to do the border around.  With the beginning center square right side up/face up (the yellow in the picture above), attach white in the space at the beginning of the row, as before and do 2dc, ch3, 3dc to make a corner.

Continue on across to the other corner, 3dc, ch3, 3dc as usual for a granny corner, and go on to the next. and do the corner.

Now you should have reached the sides of the rows.  Still going to do 3dc’s, they go into the same space that the bottom of the dc’s of the sides are, it’s easy to tell, it’s an obvious space…

Continue along, (you may have guessed) by doing the 3dc’s and the 3dc, ch3, 3dc corners.

And finally, we reach the end and slpst into the top of the first stitch and we are done… phew!

To join the squares together, I use this join as you go method, it is a very nice tutorial on the things to make and do blog with clear photos of how to go about it.


  1. Brigitte · · Reply

    Thank you for this granny


  2. Amazing! Linking up tomorrow at Tangled Happy. Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

    1. Thank you, that is very nice. I am so glad others are enjoying my idea.

  3. Charlien · · Reply

    This is such a lovely blanket.

  4. gracias!!por enseñar el procedimiento!!!!me encantan estos grannys!!!bellisima la manta

  5. Precioso, me encanta el modelo, realmente ha quedado preciosa…
    “Gracias por compartir”

  6. Dear Sue,
    Thank you for this lovely pattern. I found you thru’ Tangled happy”. I hope to make this Mitered square blanket someday, was just waiting for the right pattern.

  7. Wow, saw this on tangled happy and came over for a visit. Love the granny squares – I am making a throw at the moment using a normal granny square – want to finish it as quickly as possible now, so that I can make this one! Thank you for the great tutorial. : o ) x

  8. Thank you all for the lovely comments, I truly appreciate every one : )

  9. mandymomof2 · · Reply

    I think this will be my next project! Question what size it the blanket above and how many squares did you have to make?

    1. My blanket isn’t finished yet, still in progress. Not even big enough to be a throw yet. Each square measures 6 1/4 inches, including the white border if that gives you a better idea of the proportions. I was thinking of making it big enough for my bed (queen size) but I might just make it large enough to look nice on the end of the bed, since I will probably still be working on it this time next year for bed size : )

  10. Angel laforme · · Reply

    I just love this variation of the granny square. Thanks so much for sharing not only your pattern but for making your directions so easy to understand.

  11. hiya, thanks for the variation pattern.. i love it.. am currently trying it now, but found it hard to make the tricky part not tricky. LOL…. i dont get the straight edge corner like what you did. I think I’ll find a way.. maybe because I am using a thicker ply of yarn.. :) and I put a screenshot of your page on my blog as reference and bookmark. :)

    hugs. Dee


    1. If you can post a photo of what you have done, I’ll be glad to take a look. I find that it squares up nicely once I do the white border around. Maybe my directions aren’t as clear as I had hoped and need tweaking…

  12. Merci pour ce tuto, c’est très sympa.
    J’aime beaucoup ce modèle.

  13. Bonjour it is a lady fom GrannyMania blog who talked about your plaid and tutorial;
    So I am discovering your blog.
    And what achet with them. I also like your tuto and the motif of your sqaures! Bravo! supride, I see that you also use a ETIMO TULIP GOLDEN ERGONOMIC HOOK! I have the set of 11 hooks, I love crochet wuth them. FleurBelfge

    1. Thank you! I do love the tulip hooks, I have carpal tunnel and wouldn’t be able to crochet without them.

  14. I also love teh tuto you are sharing with us , the motif of this square is so nice ,
    bravo for the lovelly Blanket!

  15. Well, thanks for this fantastic tutorial (I discovered it thanks to the French collective blog Grannymania.
    I did 2 of this squares today, and I like them very much ! thanks again.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely squares, I like the gradient colors you used. : ) granny mania has lots of wonderful crochet! I’ll be stopping by there again!

  16. superbe, je crois que je vais essayer (i love it, i try to do it !!)

  17. Merci pour les photos tres claires ar l’anglais et moi ca fait 2, j’essaye aujd meme lol

  18. And also I see your crochet is an Etimo Tulip golden ergonomic hook, just like mine( I bougth all the set of 11 hooks in it bag ,with sicors and needls).

    1. Yes, I love my Tulip hooks. I got a set of 8, in a folding case, with scissors and needles and a little ruler. Thinking about getting a steel set too, if I get into doing thread crochet again.

      1. Yes , I also think of maybe needing the other numbers in steel… , Merci for your answer.
        FleurBelge ( sorry for my English, I speak French normally)

      2. Your English is wonderful! I have to rely on Google translate when I visit sites in other languages, sometimes that turns it into some very strange things! : )

  19. Muy buena explicación !! y me encanta cómo queda!!
    Un abrazo

  20. Merci pour ce magnifique modèle….j’aime beaucoup je vais l’attaquer pour faire une couverture Amicalement
    Bonne continuation

  21. Hello, I found the original model and very beautiful.
    I just can not seem to understand.
    Is it possible to have a diagram?
    Thank you and hope to see your beautiful rélisaions.

  22. I’m excited about your blog!

  23. This is beautiful! As to ‘optional dog hair’ – if your puppy is anything like ours – sort of ‘obligatory’ :) Thanks for the laugh!

    1. LOL, yes, it is only optional in theory. In theory, I would be sufficiently obsessed about cleaning up all the dog hair, that there wouldn’t be much. That theory has never worked out too well in real life. It was much worse here when I had shelties too, Zip only has a fraction of the fur of one of them!

  24. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Rosalie McCreary · · Reply

    This is so beautiful! I connected to you through Knit and Crochet for a Cause. They shared the photo and your site. I love miters and will keep this pattern for a near future project…so many patterns … so little time! Thanks for sharing!

  26. Pratima Kapoor · · Reply

    Greetings from India.
    Found your beautiful blog through pinterest. First of all i thank you for your tutorial for better rectangle granny start up. At present i am half way through granny stripe shawl and i am very much interested in making a rectangle granny. Love this mitered granny square.

  27. I am making this into a baby blanket. It is working up wonderful!!! Love this pattern. Thank You for sharing.

  28. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts on my granny square. It is so wonderful to hear that it is working out and blankets are being crocheted (nothing better than a crocheted blanket : )

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