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Note: you only have to do this once. Your feed will be reviewed and then approved. After that, the process is completely automatic; any new post you write about the course will be added automatically. Do not enter multiple submissions into this for.

We would like you to share blog posts and other online content with us. Here's how the process works:
- you create a blog or some other content somewhere on the internet
- you find the RSS feed of that content and share it with is here, on the 'New Feed' page
- we look at your feed, to make sure all the links work properly, and then place it on the course feeds page (note that it might take a day or two to approve new feeds)
- you write a blog post or other content using the tag CCK11 (that is, you put the tag 'CCK11' somewhere in the title or text of your post, or as a category for your post
- we retrieve your post and display it here in the newsletter and elsewhere in the course (more on that to come)

If you need more detailed instructions, you can view one of the videos we've produced describing the process for other courses:
- Here it is for the PLENK course
- Here it is for the Critical Literacies course
The only difference between this course and the other courses is in (a) where to add a new feed, and (b) the course tag.

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