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Week 2 - Patterns of Connectivity

Dates: January 24 - 31, 2011


Unfortunately, it's difficult to find a comprehensive introductory resource detailing structures of networks online. Many excellent articles exist...but are behind pay walls. (If you have access and are interested in exploring, start with Barabasi, Watts, Granovetter). The articles listed below will provide a bit of an introduction. We will go into greater depth during our live discussion this week (time to be posted). During the live session, we will explore in greater detail terms such as: strong/weak ties, hubs, scale-free networks, small worlds, centrality, etc.




1. Network terms and related concepts

This week provides a foundation for many of the terms that we will continue to visit in this course. Network-related concepts are evident everywhere: medicine (how a virus spreads), information flow in society, connectedness and influence in social networks. A basic level of network literacy is important for any member of society. As part of your activity this week, spend time looking for network terms and related concepts. Tag resources that you encounter with CCK11 on Delicious, Diigo, or post listings on your blog. We will use this list to collaboratively create a network-term glossary toward the end of the week.

2. Network diagrams

Find diagrams of networks (eg., the network of the sciences, the network of songs on last.fm, community networks, etc). Here are some examples of network diagrams. Post your diagrams (or links to them) in Delicious, Diigo, or on your blog.

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