There are many facts about a huge machine that fights fires. It's called the firetruck,and here's its story. The first firetruck which was invented in the early 1720's, had a waterpump, handpumps, and reservoirs. It is called the Little Newshan. It delivered up to 60 gallons per minute which is equivalaent to the amount of two garden hoses. The wheels were made of wood, and were 2-3 inches wide and about a foot high.

Before sirens, firefighters used to use bells and whistles. They used to have thugs watch the fire hydrants so their fire company could get the hydrant before a competing company. They were called plug uglies.

Then later,in the early 19th century, firemen decided to propel firetrucks with horse-powered traction to make the traveling less complicated. The horses had to wear a special shirt. They wore it so if the fire got on them, they wouldn't get burned.

In 1852,firemen went began using engines, and that was when the steam-powered firetruck was introduced.

Finally,in the early 20th century,the final change was made. A gasoline-powered or internal-combustion engine firetruck(which we currently use today) was invented. In conclusion,firetrucks have had a lot of changes.

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