From Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch, c. 1581
Transliteration and translation © 1999 by M. Grasse

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Von allerley Zucker Confect
Ausz der Apotecken.

Of assorted sugar comfits
(as) from the apothecary

Eventually this will link to Thomas' pages with the German transcriptions, but since this file is not webbed there yet, here a link to my transliteration. (Any errors contained therein are my own.)

I also did an SCA A&S project based on this, a rough technique may be found here.

I. Almonds coated. (in this chapter/page coated stands for coated with sugar or sugarcoated)
2. Anise coated.
3. Cinnamon-bark coated.
4. Cloves coated.
5. Coriander coated.
6. Caraway coated.
7. Fennel coated.
8. Pinion nut coated
9. Walnuts coated
10. Hazelnut (Filbert) kernels coated.
11. Peach kernel coated (I assume only the soft kernel inside the pit)
12. Citron peel coated.
13. Apricot kernel coated.
14. Assorted plum kernel(s) coated.
15. Assorted cherry kernels coated (is there a soft center to a cherry pit?)
16. Chestnuts coated.
17. (Sauer) Orange peel coated.
18. Lime peel coated (there is debate if Limonien were limes or lemons)
19. Eichorium (unsure what this is... perhaps oak???) root coated.
20. Pimpernell (Pimpinella saxifraga L) root coated. (greater Burnett???)
21. Glockenwurtz or Helmenkraut (Inula helenium L) root coated. (Elecampane is an expectorant, root also dyes blue)
22. Sugar root coated (sugar beet root)
23. Violet (or pansy) (Viola odorata L, Viola tricolor L) root coated.
24. Ginger coated.
25. Of assorted roots/ that have a welltasting scent/smell.
If you wish such comfits to coat with sugar/ so take a
clean copper vessel/ that has two handholds/ hang it in the height on a
rope at both handholds/ set a glow kettle with glowing coals thereunder/
put the comfits into the vessel/ and make it fine warm/ pour nice clarified (clean)
sugar thereto/ and stir it often therewith/ till the confits the sugar
takes to it/ so it becomes nice white and dry. Also coats one assorted
grains (do they really mean wheat, rye, etc? or are they talking about kernels as in individual anise seeds?) with sugar/ and assorted spices/ so it becomes good and also welltasting.