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Vallis junonis, a valley of the Ainbilici,

in Noricurn, bet. Dravus fl. and the Alps.

Valobria, a town of the Astures, in Tarra-

conensis, s.w. of Asturica Augusta. Valva m., a N. ridge of Phrurasus m., in

Mauritania Caesar., leading to Garus m. Valvata, a town of Etruria, on Arnus fl.,

R., above Pisae (9). Fornacette. Vanuaijanda, a district of Bactria, s. of

Babacene, under Caucasus Indicus N. Vandai.i, i. q. Vindili. Vaxdalii m., m. of Northern Germany, at

the source of the Albis. Riesmgebirge. Vaxuogar.a (Vanduaria), a town of the

Damnii, Brit., near Clota fl., R., towards

its mouth. Paisley. Vanesia, a town of the Auscii, Novem Po-

pulana, bet. Elusa N.w. and Elimberris

S.e. Vangaxia ins., an isl. of India i. Gangem,

s. of Milizegeris. Vangiones, a people of Germania I., on the

Rhine, E. of the Treveri, N. of the Ne-

metae, about Borbetomagus. Vanienses, a people in the mountains of

Northern Histria. About Venzone. Vaknia (Vennum), a town of the Bechuni,

in Gallia Transpad. A municipium. La-

vezine. II. capital of the Vanienses, in

Histria. Venzone. Vapanes, a town of Corsica, on or near

Tavola fl., L., above Larinum. Vapincum, a town of the Caturiges, Narbo-

nensis, bet. Eburodunum N.e. and Mons

Seleucus. Gap. Vara .(EsTUARum, the mouth of Vara fl.,

bet. Alta-Ripa and Tuseris ffistuar. Frith

of Cromarty. Vara fl., a r. of Britannia Barbara, falling

into the German ocean at Vara aestuar. Varadetum, a town of the Cadurci, Aqui-

tania I., bet. Divona w. and Caranto-

magus E. Varaye. Varjs, a town of the Ordoviceg, Brit., bet.

Conovium (19) and Deva. Bodfari. Varamus fl., a r. of Venetia, falling into the

Adriatic E. of Tilavemptus fl. Stella. Varbari (Varvani), a people of Venetia.

About Valvasone. Varcia, a town of the Sequani, Maxima

Sequanorum, bet. Andematunum N.w.

and Segobodium. Varciani, a people of Pannonia Sup., bet.

Savus fl. and Illyria, E. of the Colapini. Vardacatexsium, postea Gavardatensium,

a town of the Cenomanni, in Gallia Cisal-

pina, N. of Brixia. Gavardo. Vardanus (Varadanus) fl., a r. of Sarmatia

As., rising in Caucasus, s. of Corusia, and

falling by several mouths, one of which is

Atticitus fl., into the Mseotis palus and the Euxine, towards Phanagoria. Kuban.

Vardo fl., a r. of Narbonensis I., falling into the Rhone E. of Nemausus. Gordon.

Varduli, a people of Tarraconensis, bet. the sea v., the Iberus s., the Caristi w., and the Vascones E.

Varia, I. a town of the jEqui, in Latmm, on Anio fl., R., bet. Tibur (10) and Man­dela. Vicovaro. II. (Vcrela), of the Be-rones, Tarraconensis, on the Iberus, R., above Calagurris, over against Contrebia. Varea. III. of Messapia.

Variaxa, a town of the Moesi, in Mcesia Inferior, on the Danube, bet. Regianum (12) and Castra Nova.

Variance, a town of the Oseriata?, Pannon., bet. Siscia (23) and Menneianse (2G).

Varianum. Vide Vicus Varianus.

Varica, a town of Iberia.

Varh, a people of Germany, s. of the Chauci.

Varini, Germanias, i. q. Pharodini.

Varisti, i. q. Naristi.

Varni, a people of Bactria, E. of the Zari-aspae.

Varsa, the district of India about Taxik.

Varus fl., a r. of the Ananes, in Liguria, falling into Padus fl. at Ad Padum. Stura. II. of Alpes Maritimaj, falling into the Mediterranean w. of Nicaea.

Varutha, a town of the Taochi, Arm., s.w. of Chorea.

Vasala, Lycaonia:, i. q. Caballicome.

Vasama, i. q. Uxama, Tarraconensis.

Vasampus, a town of Numidia, bet. Flavia Marci and Mora.

Vasanda, a town of Iberia.

Vasates (Vasarii), a people of NoTem Po-pulana, N.e., about Cossio.

Vascones, a people of Tarraconensis, bet the Pyrenees N., the Iberus s., the Var-duli w., and the Ilergetes E. Large num­bers of them were driven over the Py­renees into Gaul. Biscay.

Vasidica, a town of Numidia, bet. Thagura and Ad Malas.

Vasio, capital of the Vocontii, Viennensis, E. of Ad Lectoce. Vaison.

Vasoda, a town of Lycaonia, near Misthea.

Vassei, a people of Novem Populana. About JBasas.

Vatari, a town of Numidia, bet. Velefis and Flavia Marci.

Vatedo, a town of the Bituriges Vivisci, on Duronius fl., bet. Condate and Burdigala. About Mont Vassia.

Vaticanum prom., a pr. of Bruttinm, at Portus Herculis. Capo Vaticano.

Vatrexus (Vaternus) fl., a r. of Gallia Cis-

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