Use R() to rename if I change a label.

----10/05/12 18:17:07----
* Made so arrays with dimensions in functions args are pass-by-ref.  They were 
not implemented.
* Fixed compiler bug with extern zero length arrays[].
* Added ::/SparrowOS/Demo/Graphics/SpritePutExt.CPP.Z.

----10/03/12 07:59:33----
* Expanded CDocEntry.flags to CDocEntry.flags1 and CDocEntry.flags2.
* Added +BP DOCEF2_BIN_PTR_LINK flag to allow importing sprites from other 

----10/02/12 20:55:02----
* SparrowOS version 1.0 Released
* Change "$PI" to "$SP".  I made an alias in ST_DOC_CMDS, for now.