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Eagle's Nest Meissen "Red Dragon Pattern" Porcelain China Cake Plate, Cup and Saucer Set

This is the very elusive -- and very desirable -- china used by the Adolf Hitler and the German High Command in the Adlerhorst ("Eagle's Nest") on the Kehlstein mountain above the town of Obersalzberg in Berchtesgaden, near the Austrian border.

This was the site of the Berghof and the summer homes of the key members of the German military and political hierarchy. There are a number of photographs that show this china in use, some of which are shown here. These particular photographs are from the German published The Eagle's Nest: From Adolf Hitler to the Present Day, published by Plenck. The photographs are credited to the National Archives, Washington DC, and are among the 150,000 Hoffmann glass slides still retained by the US government. As the photographs were adapted for printing, some detail is lost. In the originals, the detail is much sharper, however, they are sufficient to see the distinctive dragon pattern as seen on the pieces in this offering. In the photograph below, Joseph Goebbels is seen talking to Adolf Hitler at the left. Albert Speer is seated between them. The Meissen china is shown in close-up immediately below.

The numbers vary from piece to piece. This pattern has been in production at Meissen since the very early 1700s, with very subtly distinctions in the pattern and design over the years. It was known to have been favored by royalty of Europe for centuries. The German High Command was certainly no different in that regard.

Please note there are distinctions between this 1930s Meissen pattern and current Meissen Red Dragon pattern and design. Most obvious is that the teacup lip flares outward in the 1930s pattern rather than curving inward as in the modern pattern. The handles are different. The saucer is much shallower, and flares outward instead of upward, and so forth. If you look carefully at the shadows in the photographs, this outward curve is apparent. Further, the floral knot in between the dragons is much more pronounced in this pattern than it is in the modern pattern, which is also apparent in the photographs. For comparison purposes, a current Red Dragon setting which shows the teacup and saucer shape differences well is shown below:

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Cake plate top Cake plate bottom

Saucer top  Saucer bottom

Cup top Cup side  Cup bottom

Floral detail  Dragon detail  Bird detail

Each piece is marked with red numbers and incised numbers, all under glaze. The numbers vary, depending on the piece. Each piece is marked with the crossed cobalt blue swords under glaze of the Meissen company.

These pieces were brought back to the US by a member of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division, which was the designated occupying force securing the area. Several of the more enterprising and foresighted individuals took advantage of the opportunity to acquire war souvenirs.

The cake plate measures 7-1/8 inches across. The saucer measures 5-7/8 inches across. The cup stands 2 inches high and measures 3-7/8 inches across.

Price: $2,499.99 for a set of three pieces: One tea cup, one saucer, one cake plate, as described and pictured above. Several matching sets are currently available, please email us for details.

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Eagle's Nest Meissen "Red Dragon Pattern" Porcelain China Coffee Service for Two Set

This is a small coffee service set for two.  It comprises a covered 8 inch tall 4-1/2 inch diameter coffee pot, a 3-1/2 high by 3-1/2 inch diameter covered sugar bowl, two (2) small 2 inch high, 3 inch rim to handle, 2-1/2 inch diameter cups, two (2) small 4-3/8 inch diameter 1 inch deep saucers, and two (2) larger 7 inch diameter 1 inch deep shallow cake plates. The red numbers are unique to each piece, and one will differ on each of the items there are two of.

All pieces are complete, intact, with no flaws, chips, cracks, flakes or repairs of any kind.

Other views: Right side -- Spout side -- Meissen maker marks

Other views: Side -- Bottom with maker marks

Other views: Right side -- Left side -- Bottom with maker marks.

Other view: Bottom with maker marks

Other view: Bottom with maker marks

All eight items (total of ten pieces, including lids) are offered at $12,499.99