Basic Wardrobe Planning
Foolproof 3-Step Process To
Discover What You Want
& Get What You Need

Basic wardrobe planning is essential to revamp our look as we enter our elder years. It's a snap if you follow the three-stage fashion S-O-S process.


Strategy is a systematic way to become a fashionable woman who is appropriately dressed for every occasion.

Many of us are adapting to new roles, and it is time to revamp our wardrobe with these changes in mind.

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Some of us simply fell into our current look without giving it much thought. Over time, it may become outdated or inappropriate for the lives we now lead.

Do you have clothing in your closet that you bought 10, 20 or more years ago? Unless these are fabulous designer fashions that cost thousand of dollars, this may be a clue that it's time for a new you and some basic wardrobe planning.

Step 1: Strategize What You Need and What You Want to Look and Feel Your Best

Fashion strategy starts with analyzing what personal image you want to project.

What Fashion Image Do You Want to Express?

Whether you are a sophisticated urbanite, like Metis, or a gal who would rather be fishing, like Artemis, there are women's clothes that feel comfortable and just right on you.

Visit your closet and figure out what styles you love. This is the start of creating a coherent image.

Fashion After 50's fashion archetype style quiz can spark your thinking about the fashion archetype that embodies the image you want to project.

How Much Time Do You Spend in Lifestyle Activities?

List your daily activities.

Decide what types of women's clothes you need and how many hours a day or week you spend in them.

This helps us see how to best use our clothing budget.

Some of us wind up with too many comfortable weekend togs and not enough for work, clubs, or church. Basic wardrobe planning brings balance into our closets and fashion spending.

Step 2: Organize What You Own: Sort, Discard, & Declutter Your Closet

Now, it's time to ORGANIZE. Declutter your closet. Be tough with yourself.

Identify figure flattering clothes that are in style and fit your lifestyle. Don't be afraid to split up suits. Jackets often outlast skirts and slacks, which receive more stress on the seams and wear on the seats.

Pile #2 is clothing worth keeping that needs minor alterations or cleaning.

Bring a big box for the third pile - clothing to get rid of because it no longer fits your figure, your lifestyle, or is out of date.

Here's the Creative Part: Identify Great Outfits You Already Own!

Now that you know what you have, identify basic outfits for your lifestyle.

Get creative. Try clothing items in new combinations.

Experiment. Find new items that work together.

That old beaded top may be a perfect vest with bling if you wear it backwards with the zipper up the front.

Team it with casual shirt, slacks, and jacket for a new look.

Let your ideas run wild. After all, no one has to see you in the outfit!

What's Missing That Will Extend What You Own?

Discover what's missing from your closet.

I end up with tons of colorful shirts, because they are cheap and easy to buy.

Finding neutrally colored, reasonably-priced pants and skirts takes shopping commitment, persistence, and patience.

Figure out what you need -- such as that all important black skirt or navy blue shoes.

Every fashionable woman needs -- but too often we forget to buy -- a white blouse, a good watch, or a stylish all-weather coat as part of our basic wardrobe planning.

Step Three: Shop Wisely for Multi Use Women's Clothes

Make the best use of your women's clothing budget by buying pivotal pieces of good quality that offer lots of wear.

Never buy anything unless it's figure flattering and you can wear it with at least two or three other items you already own.

Tuck the list of key items that you need into your purse.

I often find a clothing sale when I am shopping for something entirely different. Carrying the list with you is also a chance to make thrift shop and garage sale stops super productive by looking for missing items.

>If you still work, it is even possible to develop a week's wardrobe for Less than $200 with shopping savvy. If you are ready to shop, don't leave without these tips for how to build a wardrobe you'll love.

Look for Mix-and-Match Collections

Jessica London and Ralph Lauren are two clothiers who offer suits as separates, so that you can always get what you need, even your top and bottom and different sizes.

Separates are an easy way to create a closet full of endless fashion variety. Switch the components, assured that all go well together.

It's up to you whether to buy both a skirt and slacks to wear with a jacket. Different blouses and shirts also are available to make coordinating your outfits a breeze.

Jessica London and Avenue specialize in sizes 12-32

If you're enthusiastic about the possibilities that your new wardrobe offers for presenting a stylish you, you may want to consider how to feel better in your chic ensembles.

Visit Fashion After 50's suggestions for your self-care plan and visit some of our Internet partners.

You'll also want to get out and about in your spruced-up wardrobe; here are some suggestions for fun activities for seniors to show off your great new look.

You also might visit lifestyle after 50 to get lots of great of ideas to plan your pre- and post-retirement years.

Fashion After 50 is enthusiastic about your potential to develop your post retirement income by building a website that capitalizes on your very special accomplishments and interests.

To summarize, three principles of basic wardrobe planning are strategize, organize, then shop.

Your All-Time Best Wardrobe Idea

What's the most versatile garment you've ever bought? How many different ways can you wear it? Why do you love it?

Or perhaps you have an important tip about wardrobe planning and discovering figure-flattering clothes.

We'd love to hear from you.

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