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Estethica Guidelines


  • How can you use intelligent design to reduce the social and environmental impact of a product’s lifecycle?
  • Do you consider the environmental effects of the colours and prints you choose for your collection?
  • Can you create a longer-lasting and better-functioning product, thereby reducing the need to replace it?

    Raw Materials

  • How much water does it take to produce your fabrics?
  • Are you aware of the sustainable alternatives to the raw materials you are currently using?
  • When selecting your fabric range, do you think about the end of life stage, such as the implications of disposal?


  • How well do you know your supply chain?
  • What are the social costs of your production process?
  • Have you ever considered using recycled pre-consumer/post-consumer waste in your collection?

    Packaging & Transport

  • Are you able to reduce the amount of solid and hazardous waste in your packaging?
  • Have you considered a local supply chain to decrease mileage in the production process?
  • Could you reduce the weight and volume of a product by using fewer or lighter materials to optimise transportation?

    Consumer Use

  • How durable are your products, is it possible to increase their longevity?
  • How can you encourage the customer to form an emotional attachment to your product, thereby discouraging disposal?
  • How does your product need to be cleaned and what impact will this have on the environment?

    End of Live

  • Can the product have a second life?
  • Could you offer an upgrading and/or a repair service to your customer?
  • Can you reduce the waste impact of disposing your product by making it recyclable or biodegradable?

If you wish to know more please download 'The Sustainable Thread of a Product Lifecycle'