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Wireless Infrastructure

The wireless broadband market is at a fundamental inflection point, as today’s overloaded networks struggle to accommodate the explosion in mobile traffic using limited available spectrum. To overcome the challenges faced by network OEMs and mobile network operators, Mindspeed has leveraged multi-core technology proven in its carrier-class Voice-over-IP (VoIP) processing solutions to create the Transcede processor family. Transcede processors replace traditionally expensive and inflexible sets of general-purpose DSPs, FPGAs and NPUs to help simplify the Mobile Internet’s massive in-progress migration from a voice-centric, macrocell-focused 2G/3G network to a data-centric, multi-platform 3G+/4G/LTE network.
Transcede on board

Mindspeed's flagship Transcede 4000 features an unprecedented 26 programmable processors in a single device, including two ARM® Cortex A9® multi-core symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) reduced instruction set computer (RISC) processors, 10 CEVA® digital signal processors (DSPs) and 10 DSP accelerators. Transcede processors enable equipment manufacturers to fully support the complete processing needs of single- and multi-sector base stations using the wideband code-division multiple access (W-CDMA), LTE-FDD, LTE time-division duplex (TD-LTE, in China), time division synchronous code division multiple access (TD-SCDMA, in China) and/or WiMAX air-interface standards. Transcede-based designs feature substantial processing headroom for value-added software features that developers can also readily port to other Transcede-based platform.

With the global resources we added as a result of our 2012 acquisition of Picochip Ltd, Mindspeed enables customers to fully capitalize on the rapid acceleration of the small cell market as the industry moves toward fixed/mobile broadband convergence.  Mindspeed features one of the largest small cell software, systems and SoC development groups in the wireless infrastructure sector today, with the complementary IP scale and expertise to deliver the advanced solutions this fast-moving market demands.

For more information on the Picochip 3G/HSPA product line, please visit http://www.picochip.com/product-guide.

Mindspeed also serves the growing mobile infrastructure market through its High-Performance Analog (HPA) business unit. We offers low-power physical media device (PMD) chipsets that include all necessary components required for CPRI-based optical transceivers that economically connect 3G/4G wireless base station servers to one or more remote radio heads (RRHs) over optical fiber. This family of products will allow base station servers to transmit over longer distances and at significantly higher data rates than can be supported with copper links. Our new devices for the wireless industry build upon a legacy of success in supporting the world’s wired backhaul networks for more than a decade.


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