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ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC-99)

November 3-5, 1999
Denver, Colorado, USA
(at the same time as OOPSLA)

Sponsored by: ACM Special Interest Group on E-commerce (SIGecomm)
with financial support from the IBM Institute for Advanced Commerce

The first annual ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC-99) will feature invited talks, panel discussions, and refereed paper presentations covering all areas of electronic commerce. Although a natural focus will be on computer science issues, we expressly welcome technical research contributions from economics, law, and other relevant disciplines. Topics within the scope of the conference include but are not limited to:

    Auction and negotiation technology
    Automated shopping and trading
    Commerce-oriented middleware services
    Computational markets for information services
    Cryptographic techniques and applications
    Economic analysis
    Formation of supply chains, coalitions, and virtual enterprises
    Intellectual property license management
    Languages for describing goods, services, and contracts
    Legal issues
    Marketing and advertising technology
    Network pricing and differential QoS
    Payment and exchange protocols
    Privacy issues
    Reputation and trust mechanisms and issues
    Security issues and methods
    Social implications
    Software requirements and architectures for e-commerce
    Visualization of market activity

General Chair:
Program Chair:
Program Cmte:

Stuart Feldman, IBM
Michael Wellman, Univ Michigan
Jack Breese, Microsoft
Sverker Janson, SICS
Manoj Kumar, IBM
Jeffrey MacKie-Mason, Univ Michigan
Pattie Maes, MIT
Mark Manasse, Compaq
Clifford Neuman, USC/ISI
Noam Nisan, Hebrew Univ/IDC-Herzliya
Andrew Odlyzko, AT&T; Research
Michael Reiter, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Tuomas Sandholm, Washington Univ
Arie Segev, UC Berkeley
Doug Tygar, UC Berkeley
Jane Winn, SMU
Yechiam Yemini, Columbia

Inquiries and requests to join the mailing list for further information may be directed to: